Nagoya hideaway Italian ' La vena del renno ' of Omakase lunch


1 in Nagoya、2Ikeshita-Cho in the most famous Italian "il Vecchio Moreno" I was training young chef、Independently of Yuki Uchida、2009March 5 at the wife of confectionary、Italian open with Chie "La vena del legno la vena del renno"Mr.。Yet the 35-year-old and、Our culinary passion and warmth, young chef and his wife、Shop little hideaway。You want to feel the season is about how they、Most of the menu offers seasonal selection。Serving dishes in the sense only to the motto of our chef and his wife complete with marital discord plays。This time the、1In a short span of weeks also decided with Nagoya、Mr. and Mrs. Uchida、To ask me to favorite "roast duck"、When booking the "Omakase course" will vary from even last week we ordered!


Omakase course normally different from the menu can be、Now come a bit late in time、Even to this day on Monday too、Stylish Madam who occupied a large thriving Buri。From the kitchen、Vibrant is overflowing.、Delicious mouth-watering scent was spread around the shop.


"The sashimi appetizer"

Looks very beautiful、Simple expression is fascinating assortment。1Because each product tasted delicious、The close-up by each piece and the comments!


"Cold fedelini shrimp、Italy produced dried mullet roe sauce.

The whipped cream just shook the salt Uchida chef highlights。However,、Suitable for summer work using the sweetness of the shrimp with salt 1.


"Peaches and mozzarella (Buffalo mozzarella) salad of Endive (chicory)、Basil sauce.

By far the best friendly smell so sweet nice firm peaches and mozzarella、Exquisite taste! 1 suggest a balanced combination of quality of the material.


"Instant smoked duck foie gras and Okinawa pork Terrine、With cherries and balsamic sauce.

There and the duck or goose and duck foie gras、Foie gras under the processing and cooking taste varies significantly、And thanks for perfect finish、Later melted in the mouth gently was and remains fragrant smoked flavor is also delicious! Even my boyfriend even are afraid of internal organs such as liver Terrine and agony of cherries too! Now can't stop feeling of excitement already in three species of the appetizer platter.


"Focaccia、Currant soaked in rum and blue pepper bread.

From the shop to the new Assistant、Assistant-Kun made homemade bread。Also I enjoy the texture you click!


See homemade tagliolini with summer truffle"

We went to this restaurant for the first time two years ago to "peach of summer truffle、Boiled egg "was very、Uchida chef last week did the Spiel that you gave us in mind。Great gentle care evolve further, and will select the music。Texture is seen in a thinner pasta containing egg chivalrously even out dust、Solid、So springy feel the youthfulness was overflowing smile。Pasta fits better with the thick cream-based sauce.。1 dish only made fully wrapping based on aroma of parmesan and truffle Bacon flavor.


Sources of France duck breast roasted with black pepper

Firmly come running down excess fat and burnt skin surface、After the oven is immeasurable when、Put out the exquisite fire with control achieved in iteration。See the beautiful pink communicate enough to taste、At the moment put the knife too much softness, surprise surprise。And carry a bite、Along with the gravy flavor of the duck is filled with mouth spread.、Sweet、Flavor、Fragrance、And 1 with a good degree of black pepper spicy long to leave a pleasing。Sweet delicious vegetables、Eggplant、Yellow Zucchini、Served with Baby Bok Choy.


"Fromage blanc Panna cotta served with Basil gelato mango sauce coconut meringue"

By using low-fat fromage blanc Panna cotta is very smooth and clemmie。This seasonal Basil gelato also aroma、It is refreshing。HOBA, mango sauce。


Banana semifreddo chocolate source

1 finished in elegant feel nostalgia for the chocolate banana flavor。Served with almond and coconut.



Late in entering the shop for、The coffee after a meal、Could be the last slow chat and more in 田夫 wife。Omakase course taste immediately delights in gratitude to show、In addition to、Next time have been customers at veal sheep request。Nagoya restaurant is chef are really countless many like、Uchida and his wife loves eating out、Increasing awareness at all times and。Without being too overconfident in my arms、Because of that look good outside and ask for your needs、Hideaway are、Therein lies the reason that fans never will。The next time、I think I could enjoy together a meal on the outside。Mr. and Mrs. Uchida、Best book store (laughs)

La vena del renno
Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku maeyama-Cho 1-57, TEL:052-761-2870
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Third Tuesday、Thursday pm

Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku maeyama town 1-57

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