Ristorantino Epsilon mikatagahara Italian lunch is ¥ 1,000 and a reasonable!


2013On May 17, (gold) mikatahara residential and Santeria Italian 'Ristorantino Epsilon"Let's OPEN this。But since the place is so unclear that address search on Google Maps might be best。If you explain roughly、Eleven intersection hurts Hamamatsu loop line, was to run to the left、3Turn right at the second street。Is the parking lot and left where it was written "Epsilon entrance" into a telephone pole on the left in the back put 7 or so.、A Western-style beige and House、First floor there will be。It seems I missed not yet too busy to sign、At the entrance contains a small easel menu and、Okay from the wreath also decorated.。There was a calm on the front black and white containers general housing is、そちらと間違えてしまう方が多数続出しているとのことですので要注意です!オープンされてまだ2ヶ月ですが認知されつつありランチも大盛況のご様子です♪


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Table 14 seats and a moist and dark space。Our chef Yuji Endo is French and Italian experience and independent、Are conducted on his wife and his three-legged race。On this day、サロンにいらした友人の綾子さんをお誘いして3人で予約してから伺いましたテーブル席は満席でカウンター席に。Our favorite is just the taxis of the kitchen counter, is realized (lol) well、今回もリーズナブルなパスタランチ1,000円をオーダーしました♪

You can choose from the 3-course lunch。
Stuzzichinos (projection)、Misto (starters assortment)、Zuppa (soup)、1000 yen for pasta。
Appetizers、Pasta、The main content is changed、Dolce and Cafe offers a full course 1900 yen and 2700 yen for two courses.。


Along with "Carpaccio with grilled Eggplant with fried foie gras with figs"



「自家製くるみパン」 焼きたてのくるみの食感が楽しめる小振りなサイズのパンおかわりできます


Assorted appetizer

錦爽鶏のテリーヌ三方原じゃがいもと人参自家製菜園キュウリのサラダ もろ味噌風味太刀魚と自家製セミドライトマトの香草パン粉焼き南瓜の冷製スープ。1 品ずつどれも手を掛けた味わいでオーナーシェフの遠藤さんの情熱と優しさが詰まっています♪


To fuel the pasta in the Pan moment Patel!





"Shino native raw sweet potato gnocchi with mushroom ragu '

さつまいものニョッキとうことで甘いイメージがありましたが茸のラグーが香り高く大人な味わいに仕上げていますどちらのパスタも前菜同様にワインに合いそうな予感やはり次はワインのお供に決定です(笑)たった1,000円でこれだけの丁寧な仕事を施したランチとはなんとコストパフォーマンスの高いことでしょう。I want to hear again!

Ristorantino Epsilon
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata-Cho 1854-23 TEL:053-571-5772 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、1-3 Wednesday
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30(L. O.) * dinner upon booking 18.:00-20:30(L.O.)

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata town 1854 -23

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