Lake Hamana "THE HAMANAKO" Great day-trip hot spring plan with French lunch to enjoy Yuto Onsen!

Overlooking Lake HamanaTHE HAMANAKO"The、All rooms are lake view、2014Oriental Modern & It is an adult resort hotel where you can enjoy the open-air bath and the large public bath ONSEN La completely renewed with the design concept of Resort!

This time the、While enjoying Yuto Onsen at this hotel、Enjoy lunch at a French restaurant、We will use the advantageous "plan with day-trip hot spring lunch" that comes with a break in the guest room!

2012The lobby, which was renewed in 2008,、With the theme of "Japan from the East"、It's christmas season.、A huge Christmas tree in the center welcomes you!

"Plan with one-day hot spring lunch"、11:30~ 17:00Up to the time、It is a great plan that allows you to use the hotel comfortably!

Check-in at the front desk、I was guided.、After receiving the room key, head to the restaurant! The restaurant is、1You can choose either Japanese cuisine from Enshu Nada on the 13th floor or French cuisine at Sky Restaurant Bambosure on the top floor!

We select a French lunch at Sky Restaurant Bambosure on the 13th floor boasting an outstanding location! Mr. Water Entrance of Sommelier greeted us!

There are times when eating out has decreased due to corona disaster、It's been a few years since I visited here.。I've been talking about it a lot.。

A bottle of wine lined up with Christmas decorations!

What are the seats that will be Lake View?、Sunny and comfortable、Warmth that can't be thought of as winter。

The beauty that the surface of the lake reflects in the sunlight is dazzling enough not to be suppressed by the image、The view from the top floor spreading like a panorama、We boast the best location of Lake Hamana!

Duc de Montagne Rosé (DUC DE MONTAGNE ROSE)

Here's a non-alcoholic sparkling! Recommended beverage manufacturer of the Belgian Embassy、This "Duc de Montagne" made by Neobül、It is a big hit product that boasts annual sales of 1 million bottles in France、It's made with the same time and effort as wine.、I realize a taste with a high degree of perfection that I can not think of as non-alcoholic!

Surrounded by a small Santa and a tree in Christmas specifications、Christmas lunch a little early!

Hors d'oeuvres
"Deep-fried sea bream wrapped in kadaifu, dried tomato、Red-turnip、Beet sauce"

With the appearance of hors d'oeuvres suitable for Christmas week、A dish with a beautiful contrast of red and green!

Today's fresh fish is wrapped in kadaifu with red sea bream and fried、I enjoy the crunchy texture of crispy and fine kadaifu outside、The inside is a fluffy sea bream! The sauce under the kadaifu is a sauce condensed with the sweetness and sourness of dried tomatoes.、The bright red sauce drawn on the bowl is finished with beets!

"Chicken Roti"

The skin is crispy baked and cooked slowly in the oven, so the body is plump and soft.、Add beef broth to the grilled juice and have it refreshingly with a boiled sauce!

"Pork Grier"

Bake in the oven、The inside is moist and soft! The sauce is boiled down by adding beef broth to the grilled juice as well as chicken!

"Small Roll Cake Fruit Vanilla Glass"

A small fluffy roll cake is in the bowl with plenty of cut fruit.、With vanilla ice cream。Vanilla and cream sweetness with fruit sourness、It is a refreshing dessert aftertastases!


"Fondant Chocolat Framboise Glass"

In the plan of a normal day trip hot spring lunch, dessert is one dish、I got another christmas dessert from the sommelier Mizuguchi! Inside, moist and rich fondant chocolat with sour framboise ice cream!

And、Good news is that、You will also receive a special "Noble Rot Wine" to match the dessert!

"Santa Barbara Winery Zinfandel Essence 2003
(Santa Barbara Winery/Lafond Vineyard Zinfandel Essence 2003)」

Santa Barbara, a long-established winery in the city of Santa Barbara, California's scenic tourist destination。At the time of establishment, it was only the scale of selling dessert wine locally.、Santa Barbara's leading winery now producing more than 20,000 cases。Ripe Zinfandel、I made wine by the chance of the winemaker of the grape which was originally going to be discarded.、Unexpectedly, you'll have a wonderful red dessert wine.、Very rare red rot wine! It has only been produced six times in more than 40 years since the winery was established、In a very rare wine、The original Zinfandel old tree has already been pulled out, so it is a very valuable thing that can never be obtained again except the existing one!In the manga "New Sommelier Shun no Wine" by Mr. Shiro Araki、This Zinfandel Essence has appeared、Kenichi Hori of the California Wine Institute made a lot of headlines with his comments about wine! in a glossy reddish purple、You can enjoy the taste like plum juice with beautiful acid while having a plum and rich taste!

From the window overlooking the east side、Becoming a symbol of the city of HamamatsuHamamatsu Act TowerYou can also capture the figure of]!

The background music has a chanson.、Enjoy an afternoon when the flow of time feels gentle。

The staff who knows the face in Bambosure decreases, too.、I've met Mr. Mizuguchi for the first time in a long time.、I was happy to see a healthy face!

After the meal、With the towel set you prepared in your room、1Let's visit "Onsen SPA" in the back of the floor!

2014Oriental Modern & Resort" is a completely renewed open-air bath and large public bath with the design concept、It has been reborn as a relaxing space with a sense of cleanliness in the atmosphere of a tropical resort!

Take a bath divided into men's and women's baths。This hot spring is、The private source "Yuto Onsen" gushing out from 500m underground is drawn、The name of the hot springs、It is named from the local town of Yuto!

Men's bath "Open-air bath"

An open-air bath like a gazebo (Western-style azumaya) is set up in the center.、Surrounded by tropical trees、Look up at the blue sky、You can enter the bath while feeling the outside wind comfortably!

Men's bath "Open-air bath"

Because it is an outdoor bath、I'm glad that a little hot water is prepared.、Because the hot water temperature changes depending on the place to enter、Let's enjoy the hot water temperature that suits your body! Because the number of customers is overwhelmingly different on weekdays than on weekends、If you want to avoid congestion, we recommend using it on weekdays!

Men's bath "Open-air bath (tea bath)"

In the outdoor bath、A teacup-like bathtub is installed for both men and women.、Tea venue Shizuoka's unique event、You can enjoy a fragrant "tea bath" using plenty of "Shizuoka prefecture tea leaves"! If you take a deep breath while soaking in the tea bath、You will be healed by the fragrant aroma of tea! Because this "tea bath stock" is sold in the souvenir shop、It is possible to enjoy "tea bath" at home!

The "Men's Bath Sauna" installed in the indoor bath、Hot dry hot air promotes sweating、It becomes a dry sauna where you can enjoy the exhilaration when sweat vaporizes、"Women's Bath Sauna" is、A mist sauna with high humidity is installed.。Mist sauna is because there is a lot of moisture in the air、It is possible to use while maintaining the moisture content of the skin!

Also、In the women's bath、You can enjoy a change bath that is nice for healthy and beautiful skin, such as "carbonated spring" that is good for blood circulation and "silk bath" to make beautiful skin、My favorite dish with dry skin is the "silk bath" where the skin after bathing is moist!

After enjoying Oto Onsen、Take a short break back to your room。The guest room that I was indebted to this time is "Room 915" on the 9th floor

There is warmth in a soft color tone、In a Western-style room that becomes a simple and tireless design、36In the area of the square meter、The twin bed is spacious with a semi-double of 120 cm wide!

While taking a break with Shizuoka tea prepared in the room、You can rest your warm body in the hot spring!

While being healed by the scenery of "THE HAMANAKO" which becomes the lake view of all rooms、Hot Springs and Meals、A petit-rich day trip plan where you can enjoy a room break、You can relax both mind and body、It is a plan that can be recommended for those living in Hamamatsu City!

Location:4396-1 Yamazaki, Otocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Parking lot:Approx. 300 units (free of charge)

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