"New Year Maserati Touring 2020" Resort lunch at Ryutoji Temple and lakeside on a tour of Lake Hamana



Reiwa "New Year Maserati Touring 2020" is the first、14 new and old Maserati cars, 20 people in total participated、We were able to hold a good drive day!

This touring course is a drive around Lake Hamana.、The main character of the Okawa drama "Onna Castle Lord Naotora" "Ii Naotora" is popular as a place related to "-Ji Temple(Ryotanji)、Enjoy the plum blossoms at this time of year、A member-only resort hotel nestled on the shore sander of Lake Okuhamana LakeKIARA Resort & Spa Hamana LakeAnd spend an elegant lunch time in、We have set up a course centered on the drive!

From early in the morning、Aichi、Gifu、Where is the meeting place with everyone who participates from the Mie area?、Three days inter exit immediately "JA Mikkabi Specialty CenterSet in]!


The drive course "Okuhamana Orange Road" which meets and goes to、It becomes a wide-area farm road of about 15km following the mountain of Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.、Including the famous mandarin orange field that represents the three days、A quiet scenery unique to the countryside spreads out.。

Winding road popular with riders continues、It's a moment.、You can also meet the scenery overlooking Lake Hamana、Because there is no signal and there is little traffic、Enjoy a comfortable drive!


First destination "-Ji Temple(Ryotanji)、Each of you will enjoy your visit and walkfreely!

In the environment、1Plum blossoms and Kawazu cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom from March to March, are beginning to bloom.、In Ryugo-ji Temple, it is the oldest, and it passes through the "East Gate (Old Bell Tower Hall)",, which is the oldest building of about 400 years ago.、I feel the coming of spring a little early in the fray of the plum blossoms hanging from the side of the main hall!

While enjoying the scenery of the walking path, through the "Ii family grave place"、If you go to the prestigious shrine "Iitani-miya"、Meet the graceful figure of the red plum、I was able to spend a very comfortable time!

"-Ji TempleFrom (Ryotanji), you will get through the streets of Qiga!

We landed on the shore of Lake Hamana.、Run on the Lake Sideway of Lake Hamana with a view of Lake Kuwano、Exit the Seto Tunnel from Seto Bridge!

Member-based resort hotel selected as a lunch place "KIARA Resort & Spa Hamana Lake"To!

While looking at Lake Kuwano、Enjoy "Chef's Whimsical One-Plate Lunch" 2,750 yen (tax included)!

Local brand minced beef and salmon、Meat and fish dishes salads and soups、It is a handy lunch that was included in one plate with amuse!

Accompanied by "Maserati Nagoya Service CenterPlease serve a toast drink from、Cheers everyone!

Because the couple who joined here also met、After the chat time while enjoying the coffee after the meal、Commemorative photo in front of the hall stairs!

After lunch, go back the way you came.、"Beautiful"Qiga Sekisho (Tokaido Sandai Sekisho)Take a break once in the mark]!

At the "Tara Naotora Shop" adjacent to Sekisho、Local souvenirs are lined up、Colorful citrus was sitting in the center!

The route that follows is "Qiga Sekisho (Tokaido Sandai Sekisho)From the ruins, go south along the shore of Lake Hamana and pass through the "Asahiyamaji Onsen"。

In the relay point, seeHamanako Garden Park - Shizuoka Prefectural ParkCommemorative photo in the parking lot! Even though it's winter、It's a busy weekend.Hamanako Garden Park - Shizuoka Prefectural ParkThe parking lot is full!

Departure for the final destination of the touring course、Through Bentenjima、Cross the Racecourse Bridge andBoat Race Lake HamanaFrom the "Hamana Bypass" from] enter!

It's also the final destination.、As a place of dissolution,Road Station shiomi-ZakaArrived in]!

Here you will、There are also shops with local products and shops where you can enjoy snacks.、Also、Because the footbath while looking out at the Pacific Ocean is prepared、It is the best rest ingress to relieve the drive fatigue!

This time the、Still chilly in February touring、On the shore of Lake Hamana, the wind from Enshu was blowing.、We had good weather.、The inside of the car on the road feels warm and comfortable.、While being healed by the surface of the lake that shines brightly、It becomes a perfect drive day.、In addition, I was able to engrave a time of happy memories with one Maserati owner!

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