Birthday lunch in the castle restaurant blooming Crape Myrtle "now and forever".

Sat quietly as mokuren's Hamamatsu Kita Toda、Like feeling the profound sense of presence with plenty of castles "Café & Restaurant now and forever"To! Symbol tree can be viewed from approximately 3000 square meters in plantations and gardens there and forever also became a great location、Have a stately home car shine!

Here is、After an apprenticeship in Tajimi, Gifu "GrandXIV hamanako' In Italian "Grandxiv Hamana Lake luccicore"The experience、Learn the basics of Italy and France cuisineOnoue, ShigeakiAnd I welcome the chef、 2013Since December 3, (Tuesday) as a French restaurant "café & restaurant now and forever" reopening are、Centered on the vegetable garden by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine、Boasts a popular restaurant in Hamamatsu extraordinary atmosphere!

In the spacious premises in the atmosphere, such as the Castle、Other locations that are not made、Taste、Cospa、And the personality of the chef、Excellent balance in all、In Hamamatsu we best and favorite to become the restaurant、Also one of the legs to carry friends from far away and can recommend restaurants。The nice atmosphere of the night、Afternoon still lush gardens with views also feeling better!

Is at the moment.、To spend time overlooking the interior courtyard of Crape Myrtle flowers、8/14Will celebrate the birthday of the 42-year-old husband, book in advance and leave it to the Onoe chef、Special order lunch!

Also、 Lade planning to cheer the Toyama writers from previous series travels with said Onoe chef and also trying to practice for、We will collaborate with works including a new time!

Special Lunch Menu
(1) see with catfish Eska should crash in melon plum meat chili '
The catfish escabeche、Plum liqueur soaked pulp in a refreshing taste and、The winter melon under cooked in spices、Cold put on a roasted pepper with accent strap with tile、Fineness of the food declined, in the summer of recovery with the scent!

(2) "tofu n - r and students" Shirasu "Eclair Asari asparagus Asari zabaglione" x generator:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)(SCHALE Petri)
To smell good and crisp Eclair on flax seed, roasted tofu mousse and raw zabaglione and creamy clams you endured the "Shirasu"! Large clams is fresh meat、Entanglement and a thick Sabayon feel the flavor of the clams well、Enjoy the crunchy texture of the asparagus dish! Black glazed surface of the Petri dish used in reversible 釋 Yong Yue asparagus vivid contrasts so beautifully!

(3) "butternut cold spray-foam plastic soy Cappuccino.
Butternut squash is a sweet cold finishing、 With Allan on soy foam and rich flavor in the dish while a rich finish and aftertaste!

"Aru Boulangerie baguette favorite in our House and our stock from April of this year、In the hot scent and provided with the steam smells good so!
Crunch、Crisp! And it sounds、You will feel sweet!

(4) "crispy baked sea bream scales-dried shredded kombu with drive - LeBron so - Su" x generator:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)(ÁGE Aju) & (new MARS Mars)
Crispy baked sea bream scales is our favorite!
Grilled savory Toyama gift you gave "oboro昆布"、The walls like they likening tilefish! Good crisp texture of finished in parisparis scales、The sting was fluffy's exquisite lighting!
Here you will、Previous、Please fit the griddle Onoe chef cooking provided 直伝 recipes for beurre blanc sauce、Serve potato or okra was soggy and、Crispy 16 with Cowpea enjoy!
釋 Yong Yue masterpiece as the age of a tree-ring patterns、The instrument expressing the harshness of craters on Mars was born in new、It is a collaboration-dried shredded kombu rippling like a beautiful finish!

(5) "Shun - tchachte - RFLP b - list" x generator:Shimoo DesignShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo) / Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)) Floating like round dish & floating like rim plate
Savory roasted marbled thick fresh lobster and scallops、Align the torotoro texture roastitidik、Put the Ratatouille with Eggplant with juicy, red port wine Porc in!
Harmony of flavor is born in all our tableware little deep!
With floating like incorporating negoro fill both technique and beauty of the natural wood look "relief"、Marbled wood stocks to be enshrined.

(6) birthday cake fondant au chocolat
The 42-year-old husband's birthday cake、Freshly baked piping hot one fluffy thick fondant au chocolat can enjoy food! At the finish of the pulp、Rich will be made and in the light and Tau!

(7) with "Dragon fruit and pistachio ice cream.:釋 Yong Yue (THIN thin pots)
As a Hall staff member enter the shop at Yamamoto-Kun was his home made a stunning Dragon fruit and passion fruit sauce with Pistachio ice cream! Dragon fruit with ripe (red pitaya) is thick and rich and sweet, very tasty、Vitamins and minerals、You can enjoy as a treat with no feelings of guilt due to low-calorie, healthy fruit rich in dietary fiber!
Cold beer in thin pots of the honed with sharp features、Fascinated by the bright in stunning shades of bright pink Dragon fruit will! Click here for dessert、With a wine buzz vied with that Petrus Poupille (Uppity)、Fruit flavor is very rich, good acidity and balance enjoy tasteful, nice!

As for the coffee after dinner、Onoe chef and chat time!

I want to hold a party, inviting Onoe chef soon!

Café & Restaurant now and forever
Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00(Last order 21:30-
* Lunch 11:00-14:00(Last order 13:30-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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