We feel the grace of Shizuoka through "KAWASAKI" vegetables and game French

Shizuoka-Shi Aoba-Dori along the、Is the stylish buildings standing quietly, characteristic of antique block BROOKLYN SQUARE (Brooklyn square building).、The collection of this building、Falconry is popular "Passage Falconer"Been involved"Anfiniholmes co., Ltd. INFINI HOMES ' property was planned ago about 4 years or so from now and will。
The anfini homes、Designing and building blends in its place、And to suggest that pique the interest of people watching at the same time、Providing thorough, good sense, has been attracting attention!

"BROOKLYN square (Brooklyn square Bldg.) 1F、Is a group led by European import brands "Giotto".、French restaurant located on the second floor "KAWASAKI"To! This time、Approximately 2 years revisited.

The "KAWASAKI"、He used many years chef in Fujinomiya city's renowned "restaurant bio-s"Yoshinori Kawasaki (Yoshinori Kawasaki)Mr. French restaurant 12/2014 opened on the concept of food self-sufficiency!

Owner-chef Kawasaki Yoshinori,、In Hyogo Prefecture、After graduated from the music school in Tokyo、Started career in Akashi city of Hyogo Prefecture Japanese restaurant。
Since France food in eating out、And you want to learn French、Tokyo Yoyogi "Restaurant Kinoshita"、Omote-Sando "Restaurant leek"、Takadanobaba "Limited"、Marunouchi "Bloosriozami"At the training。
The Tokyo store、Have ingredients delivered organic farm of old shibakawa-Cho (present Fujinomiya-Shi) "Biopharm Eyelash when"And in the、Visit the farm to study、Surprised at the difference in taste and vegetables eating in Tokyo、With dishes made with fresh ingredients and strong desire meet to be、
2007In the decision to move in Fujinomiya-Shi!
In there、Farm-direct restaurants "Restrambios Restaurant bio-s"The loaded experience。
After that、2014And independent in December、"KAWASAKI" Tokiwa-Cho, Shizuoka open!

In "KAWASAKI"、Introduction to game hunted Kawasaki chef owns hunting license (wild birds and beasts meat)、Offered every morning to harvest fresh vegetables dishes!

Its that simple and chic、Table 2 table 8 seats、With 11 seats and the chef's counter is close、Enjoying a meal while watching a live feeling in the open kitchen of cooking counter seats、One woman even casual atmosphere!

Desire goodness of the ingredients you like to know how they、Location of the hotel placed inside cellars and vegetable cold storage warehouse、Can ask the State being groomed as well as good homemade ham。
Kawasaki chef in Fujinomiya city shibakawa-affiliated farmers fields to raise the ingredients say routine。
Even to this day while stocking up on fresh vegetables、She happily told love of food!

This also、Lunch menu "MENU B(Hors d'oeuvres、Soup of the day、Vegetable dishes、Main dish、Dessert、Homemade bread、Cafe)"Order for 2800 Yen!

It's the first、"With 30 months aged homemade ham and summer vegetable Ratatouille poached egg.。
30Homemade ham finished in rich month, ripening and flavor、Gentle seasoning with salt、To enjoy the taste and aroma of the meat becomes "do 's"、Very good sparkling wine, is each other!

The seasonal summer vegetable Ratatouille、Moist and、With the sweetness of the vegetables is finished、While poached eggs、Egg yolks, enjoy!

Soup、Chilled soup of Hasegawa produce mushrooms "。
Home / Netherlands cultivation techniques and equipment、And in Fuji city in unbleached, mushroom cultivationSoul producers introduce Hasegawa farmThe soup was!
Authentic culture in Japan to start about 20 years、The support of the people for real、Hasegawa agricultural fans increased steadily mushrooms、
Became a very famous mushroom widely used in hotels restaurants across the country, including、Its taste and、Once in the mouth once it becomes a fan of aroma and taste!

France and domestic flour blend、The tasteful finishing bucket、Roasted crispy texture.、In moist makes poop pretty、Cook fits even better!

The "Mi-CUIT rainbow trout.、The skin surface from paritto、In the moist and rare finish stunning lighting、Next to Harrah's Rainbow Trout tartar sauce、Cucumber gazpacho in vivid color spread、To see beautiful finish! Bluish EITA to avoid and no flavor whipped cream cucumber sauce is also good!

1 plate of vegetable food offered "and vegetables (vegetable Cook)。
With only salt and butter ingredients:、The Braising vegetables with water only in simple dishes。
Organic vegetable farms of contract farmers directly feet carry has adopted a、In a simple Cook as long as you can、Thoughts of Kawasaki chefs that want to enjoy the taste of the original material though is filled with 1 plate。
So savory butter flavor、Salt is the sweetness of the vegetables drawer、At the finish, fresher, and juicier、This "carrot 2 species、Burdock root、Red Moon、Green beans、Green peppers、Chinese cabbage ' and better color。
You will also enjoy this 1 dish to come to this shop and say!

"Mainland deer roast.、It is a female deer last as well as throughout the year is stable!
You cut in front of me and、Puffy was frenzy of good body and how much stability the beautiful rose color!
The side dish is、Okra、Malabar spinach、And onion、And consider that the appetite to spring summer、The source is、Soup of deer to the acidity of the vinegar add ease-of-eat twist。
My warm feelings of compassion for the chef!

Dessert、Each dessert offered from Fujinomiya city distillery Lees by using "Lees Manger" with "cinnamon-flavored creme Brulee.。
While neither for the coffee in the sweetness of bliss。

This time the、You have to eat at the counter also、Chef Kawasaki and many enjoy chat、You could spend a great time! Mr. Kawasaki、Next time I come、Would you like honey discourse with the Nepal tea! (Lol)

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