The birth of the "Levon le fond" provides authentic French cuisine while a nice casual bistro!

Gosha shrine located in Hamamatsu City Centre East slope down.、257Corner of Hwy intersection to 2017 / 4 / 20 new in authentic French cuisine "Bistro Le Fond(ビストロルフォン)」がオープンしました!

Here is、Piled up training in many starred restaurants、In Hamamatsu House Wedding "AMANDAN RISE ~ amandanglise ~"Have been served as chefAtsuo Mizuno (Atsuo Mizuno)Let's become independent、Feel free to eat authentic French bistro restaurant is open!

Location is is that Street intersection angle、In the vantage point、The location will be、Because there is no parking、From afar are traveling before parking on metered parking around the city we recommend。
Shop、Colours and white、Naked light bulb hangs、In a cosy feel with soft、
6 counter seats and 6 table seats 6 and 12 seats、Seat facing the wall-length couch as seats and spacious building.

Lunch course、Soup and me only "express 1900 yen.、Appetizers and soups and main、Dessert "dejene 2600 yen.、Appetizers and soups and main (fish food、Meat dishes) "compare 3800 yen.、For all 6 chef's offers four kinds of special 5400 Yen course、All taxes and service included price。
This time the、Choose from the main order for "dejene 2600 yen.、We will separate fish and meat dishes!

Choose from three different appetizers、"Pate de campagne"、"Enjoy different parts of pork jelly.、In "antipasti platter.、Assorted choice!
"Antipasto platter.、And thinly sliced、Mouth of the FAT to melt you with Mesclun Salad with Prosciutto di Parma with smooth、Marinated of fresh Red Fuji、And、Mai Hanna from Conger will be along with the mango in a sour Western-friendly NANBAN-Zuke!
Dish weekly、Politely and CHOY、Beautiful platter((Be 艸 ' *))Will miss the wine!

Homemade bread is preparing two、Refills are available。
Aroma rich, crispy and savory、While the manure comparatively fine texture! Well with sauces and dressings are excellent!

The soup of the day、"Rokko Brown mushroom potage soup.、One drool and espuma of milk and fresh olive oil、In the hot, happy!
With Brown mushroom aroma and rich flavor and condensed、Grain grain feel, dare 濾sazu also delicious!

"Porgy of the Hamana Lake with" colorful beautiful fish dish of the day、Savor the freshness of the finish live!
In balsamic sauce with grapefruit acidity with light finish.

Meat dishes、"From Hungary, mangalica pork roast (+500 yen)。
Then baked in a skillet lightly cooked in charcoal、Make Finally, lightly smoked with chips、So soft and smells、Whets the appetite!
Thickness of mangalica、Beautiful with the colors of the cross-section and exquisite lighting、Sweet and great at Jussieu、Good fat!
Sources at two "source of the butchers" and charcuterie sauce that literally with raisin and caper sauce。

Affixed to the main summer vegetables were delicious.、Okra in Eggplant、Potato、Guests can enjoy a taste of the shishito pepper and vegetables.

Dessert is "three kinds of sorbet (peach、Mango、Raspberry).。
According to after-dinner drinks、Petits fours are very moist and Brownie became lunch time!

I previously Este "AMANDAN rise (amandanglise) have been in charge was also、So orimashita views of several Mizuno chef's cuisine、
Independent of this machine、We are extremely pleased to be active as a casual restaurant。
Just、A friend of yours who was rushed independence celebration of the Mizuno chef chef dinner、Store opens up the homey atmosphere.

To the next glass of wine you à la carte、Would you want to bother as much of the night. Mizuno chef、Thank you very much!

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