France restaurant "lagap" conscientious work in the classical style


Located on the corner of Aoba-Cho, fujieda Qingdao junior high street tenantsFrance cooking restranlagap L ' AGAPE in Miyoshi to lunch!

This restaurant is the owner/chefMatsushita, Hiroyuki (Takayuki Matsusita)Mr. Tokyo、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、After France also trained independent in September 2008。Simple white interior colours and、Restaurant seats 10 seats more private feeling.

Lunch menus from casual A course of 1800 Yen、Up to 10000 Yen course with Chef's seasonal ingredients and capable of handling 5-course、In the course of all Pan (pork Rillettes with)、Soup, and Cafe、And the dessert.

This time the、Each order and D 4800 Yen you appetizers and main dishes 2 day only sales offers A courses。To hover the course in a couple、Is welcome so you can adjust the volume!

Chef of the day appetizer on A course offered、This day is a Pate de campagne。
Wearing thick cut and eat everything feeling full! Its delicate taste is good because once more while we concentrated flavor!

D course appetizer choice of 5 types of、Order a cold halfbeak kelp tightening salad and herb jelly served with。Seaweed 〆 vegetables marinated in the halfbeak and konbu dashi offers plenty of mineral、
White wine-based herb jelly fragrance refreshing in a whipped cream stomach over to the Mise en scene! It is a cold feel the spring colors and flavors!

The soup was smooth and、Carrot and potato soup, enjoy the taste of the vegetables。
Go there、Provides a flavorful wheat bread 2 species (these homemade natural yeast bread)、
Comes with 'baguette' bread and at the same time.、Popular "baguette" is possible to go for gift!

The main dish of A course、As well as an appetizer of the day chef next、Choose fish or meat。
We ordered the fish and、Whats the source of sea bass with parsley。Surface finishing to Calipari、The plump and Suzuki finishing 上gata body thickness、In contrast with pale greenish white with parsley sauce tastes。Even sweet potatoes to grilled root vegetables, in the sense of the entrees!

Roast the Lamb with honey-roasted flavoured duck breast entrée D course 2 luxury! Place the duck fat, how crisp finish and distinguished taste of our、
Applying non-not a stunning blow in、From the skin surface、And in a beautiful rose color、With just Hi!
Lamb is moist and has、Bone near the 頬張rimasu beans and untouched by hand!

After the main dish、Was looking forward to dessert platter!
A course is +200 yen in assorted changes can。
For D course hyoka with three baked goods from two choose favorite sorbet、Using "ISO boasts Lees' enjoy the rich flavor and aroma of sake Lees so sweet and fresh Strawberry" red cheek was pettanko "of sherbet's choice!
The pastry of the day、Flesh of the flesh using a fresh "Orange pudding" and dense pistachio tart、There is a close、And the warm white chocolate cake。The sweetness of the white chocolate is very good at is、The surface is crispy and、Dozing off while-I and fondant with flowing white chocolate melts in your mouth!

After dinner、Coffee and petits fours as、For a moist butter cake marble is great too!

Matsushita's dishes and desserts、Without any ostentatious decoration、Politely made the move while move between hands is the work of just what I feel!
Would be recommended for those who like a tender and flavorful French shop ♪ Mr. Matsushita、Matsushita Yuki Keiko-CHAN、I will come again?!













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