Grand Prince Takanawa guest tourney to Ka Kei Yumi dinner show


82 second Katsura Yumiko bridal collection in this "2017 Yumi Katsura GRAND COLLECTION With OPERA "to your guests,、Yumi Katsura is long over public and private together, hanging out with people are conspicuously colourful on decorated main table!

The Yumi Katsura's age of 84-year-old trademark turban wearing look brilliant lame gold fabric dress wraps、And 羽織ra long coat motif JAKUCHU、Chic and gorgeous garments and 纏われて、It was very kind people!

Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's first、Devi Sukarno's Indonesia's former first lady、And served as a representative of the entertainment firm "Titan"、Hikari Ōta's I of Don OTA mitsuyo Kakuta is there with his wife, fashion designer, Konishi Arts officials and there、Events have been accompanied by Wah!

You can't help 憧rezu as the same woman as beautiful, unique charming Devi wife really in love、And believe it or not you can see you thinking、You let me join your photos, thank you very much, very inspiring!

You can achieve your precious photos、After you have cancelled a fun dinner and、This is the beginning of the combines Opera and finally a great bridal show!










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