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France cuisine located on the corner of Aoba-Cho, fujieda Qingdao junior high street tenants 'Restaurant Ragappu"Just showed up flying the flag of France。Main street from fujieda station is approximately 5 minutes away by car is not、I feel like know shop。The other day、Visit my work partner shop here、As soon as the home of the rave。Daily、Is quite rare 120% satisfaction face that when you develop new。So come、Me too early to bother you decided you want to go and take I。That usually turns out in two、This study of the young chef also tries to be... and、Chinese cuisine has drawn much attention in Hamamatsu "EVOLVE CHINA LON 龍"Is it the chef sho Nakanishi and、Newly independent in February in Fukuroi Italy restaurant "Anello Anello"'s Owner is a dinner at the chef Yamada Yoshi-koku kun and four doubles as a study session ♪


This restaurant is open to the 9/2008。Owner-chef Mr. Takayuki Matsushita Tokyo.、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、I was told was trained in France。Interior is simple with 12 seats in the atmosphere、It is a small restaurant。With Chef Matsushita's parents get a little、1Both kitchen and Hall has been Palazzo。Cooking course。Choose from dishes like prefix style。Lunch and dinner is configured on the same menu.、Only lunch main 1 handy provides A course 1890 Yen。Order a light Maine 2 dishes we received my last course menu B 2840 Yen。

menu A (Maine one article) 1,890 yen
menu B (Maine 2 dishes) 2,840 yen
menu C (Maine 3 dishes) 4,210 yen
menu D (Maine 4 dishes) 5,630 yen
menu E (※ To be approximately) 8,000 yen,10,000Circle
Bread、Soup and coffee、Dessert


White wine "Alsace Pinot Blanc" 4,800 yen

Starting from white for first live without hesitation.。Reputation in foreign countries、Paris and New York、The famous restaurants、Even London's Harrod's Department store who is treated。In the mellow umami rich there、Gentle acidity and rich aroma、Watery enjoyment also because it combines the first pick, it is correct.


"Terrine of snow crab and rice eggplant"

Rice soaked fried consomme with crab tossed in herb made by jelly must。Oil-friendly eggplant, fried and、It is soaked in consomme, flavor packed Terrine-cold appetizers。Eggplant puts fire and、A very creamy taste.。I think that was a closest to France Eggplant varieties。Ever have eaten their vegetables Terrine、Somewhere too soggy is to join、Too much solidifies and vice versa, were often feel too good.、Terrine of whole feeling thing、Keep the juicier, yet solid shape、That pulls in good's the taste of the ingredients one by one.


"Foie gras terrine"

The terrine, foie gras marinated in Cognac is made。Jams is attached without let。Faint in agony in the depth of the smooth melt on the tongue and palate。In preparing and cooking method、Taste a very careful job Buri。And bread in addition enjoyed Strawberry and prune jams!


"Putty ankh Route"

Patty wrapped in puff pastry is baked in the oven、Sink consomme put between the Pate and pies。Pie dough is put my knife was hollowed sense of as good you will be glad。Not too hard、Not too moist and。And as fond of the wine to be salty and umami。So if you fancy PuTTY full-bodied taste consomme and the balance is exquisite!


"Sauteed soft stewed Butashita"

Salt finish is confit with vegetables and bouillon pork tongue.。My favorite is beef tongue、Eat better pork tongue。That is the、It is very different from the pork tongue you everyday that I was。Melts the surface is crispy and the inside is cooked because?。I am happy there are low-fat beef tongue。Because it is finished with a giggle in front of a spicy sour sauce、Also there along with refreshing, delicious!


Taste of homemade bread with homemade bread。


'Baguette' here will give a pan。The slick and bruise、Was exasperating not mild flavor。


"Potato soup"

Soup potato variety "Inca Hitomi"。Speaking of Inca awake。This is new varieties selected from the "awakening of the Inca" open pollinated seeds sown the following year.。Less moisture in a butter-colored flesh、Like potato potato。Delicious with milk and whipped cream to mellow finish.


Red wine "To~urudo Curran Graves 2009"

The youthfulness is on the Bank of the spring、It helps somewhat with a sweet raspberry flavor。Cinnamon、Fruit flavors、Besides tannins: firm have meet the drink and is suitable for meat dishes.


"Beef loin steak" (+300 yen)

And order the four were among five species of Maine、Each share.。This is a simple Steak of beef.。This potion is 1 thing I am surprised。We put the fire as a yaki-Niku、Mild impression of the source。


"Roast of Tasmanian lamb loin (yen +700)"

Here is the surprise potion。Elasticity and Jussieu in so always brings a smile。Taste each to flavor lamb smells faintly sweet scent features made in lamb broth filled with sweet sauce will be。


"France Challans production suffocation duck roast and confit (yen +800)"

The last、Is the rave Super duck。Painted breast honey duck with ETFE, roasted、Provide in the confit thigh。And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent.。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。Is that first you bite from a roasted chicken breast、Moderate elasticity and chew, juice comes out overflow。And spread, rich with juice、Body and soft and moist and rich, smooth。The confit、The skin is crispy texture well、Please wear soft。At this time、4Is the request again with 4 people、Roast duck。2Public have an additional order was (laughs)


Today's fresh fish dishes "Poiret source Albert of ocean perch"

Maine fish with fresh fish of the day served in the recipe of the day.。On this day of Menke is a kind of fish in the Pan。Sauteed with shallots and mushrooms、White wine and Vermouth、Menuet I pour the boiled down、Seems that emulsify with butter.。


Dessert、Select a choice from the written on the Blackboard。Each little increments that it's possible、It is likely to ask for more。The hyouka、The choice of two from written on the Blackboard。A look at ice, such as spice and ISO boasts Lees? Also said unusual interest is curious.


"Raspberry mousse、Cattle call (organic butter cake)、Tartfroge、Strawberry (perforated hime) and yogurt sorbet.

I took 1 here、This time four and each dessert all in small chunks to the total domination was。Impressions、Ice cream is extremely delicious ♪ road is of akihime and yogurt ice cream、Available in caramel, hazelnut flavor is different at all。And spices were interested remains faint scent of mint、Would be nice in the summer, refreshing dish。ISO boasts Lees、Lees of unique rich feel a sense of、Bittersweet sweet taste has a kindness。And the traditional sweets of France in a cattle car、4 types of eggs, flour, butter and sugar is compound by four equal parts butter cake、Think like a very nostalgic taste moist and。Tartfroge the cattle call over moist, but taste、The sweetness is not persistent, so、After dinner we only this amount、It is gentle enough so you can instead you。And Sweet-Sour raspberry mousse belongs into melted in the mouth, no longer。In this simple dessert、After a long absence is felt and simply delicious!



Coffee Crema covered surfaces are clean!。Good Crema is more detailed、Stir well away、To mellow the flavor、Scent lasted into the mouth.。


'Herbal tea'

Matsushita by friend from herb specialty shops stock is that as。I am at a beauty salon、Many dealing with the various manufacturers of herbal teas、That is what each and every day and drink、This amazing goodness of herbs is extracted to the location. this time around、Whats the perfect blend of Chamomile mainly after meals and at night. Unfortunately it was never sold in stores.、If was a herbal tea seems to want to buy if you fall in!


Galette Bretonne

Regional pastry place butter in France-Brittany。Will France、Butter is rich with salted butter cookies。Enjoy a crust with texture、Moist and very tasty Galette! is the best dinner with you until the very end.


After a meal、The young chef and we、Managed to catch Mr. Matsushita, elicit a variety of information! To visit better Tokyo Matsushita, and seems to be eating out as a French study、France food in Roppongi "Resupuri Mitani"And it's were named as。French industry stalwart.、And what France serves traditional cuisine and enjoy an exciting shop seems to。Speaking of his mitani's、Hamamatsu in love "Rest mine Emma"And I of EMA's owner/chef was trained in it! can be resonance with savory topics and exchange information in、Very peaceful talks and friendly personality of Matsushita's graces、Around 11 pm I find, was a five-hour marathon study sessions: (laughs) fujieda from Hamamatsu is about an hour and a half away by car is、You can taste dishes and specialist does not feel that distance at a reasonable price is no doubt!

ラガップ L’AGAPE
Fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 phone:054-637-0290
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Fujieda Aoba-cho 3-3-28

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