"Alexander's Steakhouse" with a winning experience one Michelin star is open to Taipei !


In California, United StatesCupertinoTo、
2011-2013The three-year period、Head Office having earned one Michelin star experience、
San Francisco (San Francisco)、Pasadena (Pasadena)And branch offices、
Once again "Li Yu International Ltd."And get the goodwill、
2015/10/16The played the long-awaited opening in Taipei
A group of、And delicate style incorporates the Japanese taste uncommon, brilliantly with has Steakhouse menu structure、
Fit the Japanese tongue! The restaurants will be!
Place、Xinyi and dunhua South Road further along, and、
In the area、Quadrilatero Center "Pacific SOG Department(Taipei dunhua Branch)' , 'eslite store(Atsushi Minami)"And、
Located in the fashionable and glamorous。
Here in Central Asia, Taiwan people living in Taipei、
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"The introduction itadakimashita! (Xie Xie!)


1On the floor、Concierge and a wall of cellars greets!
The vast number of aged meat、Everything becomes a dry beef、Room temperature maintains a thoroughly。
Cannot import the currently Japan beef in Taiwan、
American "T-bone steak"And Australia produced"WAGYU (Japanese beef)"Are addressed.


1In the floor、Serving as Executive ChefJames BrownsmithAnd
"Li Yu International Ltd."The President VGMVanessaAnd、
VIP Service ManagerKyle WuKindly welcome!


This time the、VIP Service ManagerKyle WuPlease charge! (Xie Xie! )
Ready for a wide range of knowledge、There is a dignity to feel smart staff、
A gentlemanly impressionKyle Wu、He is a nice person.


From the Washington State capital in Olympia (Olympia)James Brownsmith (age 33)The、
1982Born as the son of a Baker in、7Wake up in dishes from around the age of。
Specialties of the University in the world "The Culinary Institute Of America"After graduating from、
Across the world mainly Europe and the United States、
Cock hotel、The bartender、Sommelier、Experience as a hotel Beverage Manager、
Technology where everything is reflected in the dishes of his own。
Japan food harmonious beauty、Most famous in the world "NOBU"ofNobuyuki MatsuhisaAnd the chef
Active in ChicagoTakashi YagihashiHe learned to be the chef。
Executive ChefMarc ZimmermanFor under the guidance of、Refine its arms、Get the current playing field.。
Chiharu looks like a Hollywood actor、A nice gentlemanJamesOf so become a fan!


2Rising from the floor、The spread、
To the relaxed chic, modern design with colours black and white.、
Have dignified such as luxury hotel's restaurant。
On the front of the floor、Set up an authentic bar、
Not to mention how to enjoy as an aperitif、Offers cocktails with food。
Even to this day、A celebrity guest in very crowded!


This time、We have a room for、
Serve in charge、Born in half with father born in Osaka of Japan and Taiwan people's mother
Noda Dragon (a.k.a.:Ron-Ron Chan)Could you please respond in fluent Japan language! (Xie Xie! )
Even people who are not good at English、I'm relieved Japan staff had a good!


This also、In TaipeiGraphic designerAnd working with、"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Pop-up coffee stand casual "EAVES COFFEE"Launched
Taiwan people's friendLee Pei-SyunTo ask help in interpreting! (Xie Xie! )


"Sanpellegrino sparkling mineral water.

Red Star with Italy of the characteristics of mineral water "S.Pellegrino" logo。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、A mild throat with bicarbonate granular、Easy-to-fit food in non-aerated water。
We have put Taiwan lemon lime.


We have this from Japan Toyama friends potters in "Gaku Shakunaga"The equipment to bring、
"To travel with the series"With you we present project entitled、
Executive ChefJames BrownsmithOf food and
Using collaboration for his work! (So thanks! )
Being impressed by the craftsmanship of the culture of Japan and Japanese、Also, Japan seasonings very show interestJamesThe、
It is helpful for this!


For starters "Hamachi Shots"The first"Tosa vinegar"Take to complete the dish!
With a very delicate、Beautiful color "Gaku Syakunaga" Of "Black glazed thin bowl"With sauce is also good!


"Hamachi Shots (radish / Apple / verjus).
"Gaku ShakunagaBlack glazed thin Bowl.

He wishes using hamachi appetizer with Tosa vinegar, verjus sauce dish。
Sour Apple 摩ri sat down with Tosa vinegar and elegant match hamachi、
Radish、Do you cracking、Wasabi vegetables、And with salmon ROE、Enjoy the texture、Finish in bright colors!
Feel the sum of its delicate taste is a rarity in Japanese!


"Shigoku Oyster Vanilla (yogurt on gravel / charred cucumber) Miyagi Prefecture, only whole / Herb / Excellent price / Chemical combustion small Wong melon.
"Gaku ShakunagaRing light pots.

"Shigoku" is "Supreme".。
In the United States、Japan's oyster species aquaculture technology to grow based on、
Kumamoto oysters, cultured oysters "Kumamoto Oyster" in the world to be recognized as and、
Shogoku (Supreme) Washington and Canada, see the Kusso (one)", on the other、
The great naming oysters are produced!
Here is、Using raw oysters imported from Seattle, WA、
Yogurt and crushed what was frozen from tailoring to the espuma, and mix the ink, squid is。
Chopped cucumber 燻tta、Served with wasabi Mesclun、
Happy with a vanilla soup!
No smell of fresh oysters with yogurt squid with healthy snack alternative ink accents is an elegant combination!
From appetizers already not that exciting American Steakhouse、
Delicate and refined Gastronomic and feel、I think that a very interesting restaurant.


Every dish to its descriptionJames Brownsmith
He speaks only English.、It is strange that word comes out is Japan!
I have been studying better.


"Steak Tartare Lotus (pickled burdock / cured egg) beef with television / Burdock root / Lotus Hun / Saline 雞蛋 "
"Gaku ShakunagaRing plate (32 cm).

28The days are dry beef tartare、Japanese"Kewpie mayonnaise"Is a Tartar combined!
James BrownsmithThe、Combined with mayonnaise in Japan love it (laughs)
To withdraw that ripen flavor meat、Mountain burdock、Green onions、Pickles、And esyaletto、The finished Tartar mixed together with anise、
And even the salted egg yolk powder、I am wrapping。
Texture accented with Lotus root chips。
Gaku SyakunagaThe well using a large ring plate margins, and Dorchester、It is a beautiful finish!
Mayonnaise is the feel and degree of use、Direct to enjoy the taste of aged meat dish.


"Uni Toast Oxtail / brioche / 1k island.
"Gaku ShakunagaBlack glazed reversible (28 cm) "

On brioche、Using cow bone marrow、Jussieu finish had oneness scent!
Brioche in hot, provided、And Braised ox-tail (ox tail)
Taiwan green onions, finished with fresh high-quality sea urchin from the Hokkaido Sea Urchin toast!
Outside the curricula and in moist brioche、
Opens up the taste of beef with a creamy richness of sea urchin and flavorful dish!


In using the Nambu cast iron work will be fragrant mushroom soup!
In this imagined "dish"? And he told us、JamesThe、Don't know 'Dobin Mushi' was (laughs)
However,、I will be happy for me on the menu using a Nambu cast iron work in Japan.


Before you close the mouth、 Enjoy the fragrant height without any subtlety when poured fragrant!


"Mushroom / Tea / Small spot of comfort interlude / Chinese Qing hot.
"Gaku ShakunagaGlass thin Cup of drinking too much.

Here you will、Provided with wooden bowls、
Riedel wine glasses taste more delicate "Gaku Shakunaga's too drinking & thin cups "According to me whats up!
Place a piece、Finely chopped mushrooms、Along with the budding、
Is very rich in taste and aroma to enjoy the dense high mushroom soup!


"Prime dry-.GED T-bone for Two 20 oz 3000 each beauty-top class Greater Omaha dry aged-bone (two branch).

Only on selected in the American Midwest grain fed
Top quality Angus beef T bone steak (20 oz:Around 600 g) 28 days dry easing and、
Cooked on charcoal and served!
And T bone、The best Sirloin steak with bone、Cut the fillets are attached to the inside at the same time.。
Because of T-shaped cross sections of bone shape known T bone steak。
To enjoy the flavor of good sirloin and filet soft、Meat is extremely gorgeous!
Here is、20size cm high、20Oz in weight of around 600 g dynamic!
The source is、With spicy black pepper brandy sauce, Demi-Glace to a、
Fresh homemade butter with 47% of the Hokkaido special concentrated cream suit.


The burning of the flesh、It is a perfect Medium rare (rare)!
By using infrared effect of bincho charcoal、From the surface、Zhong's look juicier、
Dry beef flavor out further!
Fat and lean to dryageing under the same oxygen and、
Originally meat growth bacteria helps enzymes, enzyme is hydrolyzed protein、Meat was moist and soft and、
Producing beef specific aroma and taste、Guests can enjoy a taste of aged meat deep!
Such aged meat、Salt sources rather than feel the flavor of the meat directly to restaurants and the best friendly feel.


Seaweed salt、Himalayan rock salt、Black salt、Four species of Dragon's eye (longan) salt salt is prepared for、
Happy with your choice。
The steak side dishes。
"Mountain with Su (SANZAR).、"Mashed potatoes with gravy sauce.、"Mushroom Saute.Also it is recommended!
Especially in Japan unusual fern plant in "mountain with Su (SANZAR)" is、
Enjoy the crisp texture and sticky and delicious.


Side dish
Pile sauteed Su (SANZAR)


Side dish
Mashed potatoes


Side dish
Sauteed mushrooms


"The Lychee sorbet rose.

In the great smoothie sorbet texture、Served with chips made of rose。
Tip bite would feel、Rich rose scent is spreading.、
The rich taste in addition to rich lychee sorbet!


"STRAWBERRIES (chocolate / Chile / marscarpone) grass he / chocolate / Spicy sautéed / Horse Cummins 卡 Peng caused 1.
"Gaku ShakunagaBlack-glaze plates (28 cm) "

To the Strawberry ice cream accented with black pepper and pepper、
Pistachio、Lemon custard、Olive oil、Balsamic vinegar、Along with the cherry flavor to enjoy cheese。
Fit me "Gaku Shakunaga black glaze with plate"!
Red and black、Green、Dessert white contrast shines beautifully.



This is part of a "ALEXANDER's PATISSERIE"The chocolate、
24By providing different flavors!
This time "Vanilla (from Tahiti)、Passion fruit (milk chocolate)、Coffee (Kahlua)"The three kinds of taste!


Sous chef way back when exactly have to choose withinJoe OffnerThe met!
It is both handsome chef chefs here are two.


At the end of the Vip Service ManagerKyle WuAnd the front desk staff and photo! (Xie Xie! )


Incorporating such as Japanese in Taipei、Delicate and refined
I didn't think meet the gastronomic Cuisine! (Inspiring! )
Aged meat craze that hit around the world!
In such、Elegant and fit the tongue of the Japanese Steakhouse was born here in Taipei! (Praise! )
Is one of the restaurant you want by all means recommended.

Address:235-2, da-Tun-hwa South Road, Taipei
Hours of operation:17:30-21:00(Fri, sat 22:00-
Seven days a week

235-2, da-Tun-hwa South Road, Taipei

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