"La florizone de Takeuchi" dinner lunches with guest from Kyoto and Nagoya French


Near Shirakawa Park Fushimi Street2013On January 17.In an open
French 'La Floraison de TAKEUCHI"。
30Years kept the stars 3 star Michelin France culinary scene of God 'Fernand Pointe"Worked for the owner/chef
In France Vienne "La pyramid"In practice, including、
France history at least won the Michelin three-star chef
And JoelRobuchonMr Tokyo Ebisu "Taillevent Robuchon"Learn more at、
After the homecoming、Nagoya Marriott associa hotel "MI Kuni Nagoya"、White wall "La Gran table de Kitamura"Through the、
2007 yearTo seeGrand famille Chez Matsuo Nagoya shop"For as the head chef、
5After experiencing the chef of the year、Brilliantly ran up the stairs to the independent open
Young talented chefMasaki TakeuchiMr. shop!


Shop、Clean and white, colours and、Relaxing in a chic atmosphere。
Is table seating 14 seats.、Counter will be 6 total 20 seats。
This time the「MENU BLOOM」 8,700 円Abundantly we were using seasonal ingredients carefully selected from the Japan-Europe
So we booked in advance the full course of the chef's Omakase course、Would you want to sit down and enjoy!

"La florizone de Takeuchi" Takeuchi chef arms were trained in the 'hamburger' in blossom


On this day、More Kyoto France restaurant "Gion MAVOChef "·Tsutomu NishimuraMr. and MadamYUMIIs it from the husband and wife、
Letting me work request、
It is a lunch meeting that gathered in Nagoya for various meetings and also serves as a meeting。
When you think which restaurant to introduce kyoto chefs to、
Still favorite of FrenchTakeuchiThe chef's shop is the first to be shortlisted.。
Just a counter seat normally live feeling、On this day、Because of Maine's meeting、
We have relaxing table seats reserved。
La florizone de TakeuchiThe、Unable to take reservations even on weekdays for、We recommend booking well in advance.


9In mid-May、In Kyoto we make right now before going to Taiwan trip "Gion MAVO"。
NishimuraThe full idea of ​​chef devised Kyoto uniqueFrench × Japanese teaWith great pairing cuttings, to being struck by、
They are told to enthusiastic feelings and dreams to the Japanese teaNishimuraWe were inspired by the single-minded attitude of the chef。
By creating a group in Facebook、Many times many times took nectar communications post wrote、
We were able to get an echo towards the very many! (Ureshiki)
Such a thingNishimura and his wifeCommunicate with budded in take a nice help rim。
And、Its your connection from the edge、Now、Expanding new!

"Attempt of Gion MAVO · Kyoto Gion unique! Is pairing the Japanese tea in French cuisine" Aya "plus"


Today's groom "raw sea urchin and water shield and gazpacho France ham and Sado productionOgi Biore "

Though the fall、I still feel the heat of the summer。
Happy day cold in and refined the appetizer is a start from。
On the left hand front glass、Raw sea urchin 蓴 vegetables、
And from finish to full clarity clear color tomatoes and paprika red soup
Finished in jelly and sorbet shape、Enjoy a different texture。
Thyrin、In the texture with a good throat、
The unusual ingredients in JapanSea asparagusYou can enjoy the crispy texture and salty texture of、
The smooth flavor of the sea urchin spreads smoothly.。

The back of the right hand、Cultivated in kotoura the Ogi Sado island of black fig "Ogi Biore"。
The Ogi violet、Cultivated in the Ogi district of Sado island
France nativeViollette of solliesIn the high sugar content of the breed name and black mission fig、
Is characterized by、Sugar content is more than the normal fig、Flavor concentrate、Because the skin is thin skin and eaten。
Around 10 whereas the sugar content of common fig、Violesolies's more than 20 Brix。
In more than 25 Brix you ripe for the,、
Varieties of popular now that the rush of orders from luxury France & Italy restaurant and patisserie。
Such a thingOgi BioreThe prosciutto of France、
Enjoy the matching of sweet and salty ♪


Homemade bread

Provides two more home-made bread。
Bread will be charged with homemade butter or olive oil in your favorite ♪


"Canadian lobster and source Oh roll scent of vanilla combination of Nagano Prefecture white peach"

A Canada of light burning body thick lobster with a rich sweet peach、
Coloring with edible chrysanthemum and jacober。
Crustaceans such as lobster soup was wrapping based on scent of vanilla cream sauce。
Fragrance、In the presence of the peach boasts a rich sweetness、
Lobster with fluffy, enters the body、
By caramel cream sauce of rich vanilla incense born sense of unity best ♪


"Hokkaido scallops and the point of a sword squid Himakajima production octopus ragout and source bisque"

So much is colored nice grilled big Hokkaido scallops and saute a little rare、
That habit with the taste, softness, fine tip squid sautéed with、
We were talking about and plenty of days island from Octopus ragout, rich shellfish in Bisque sauce will taste。
The colorful, astatium、Accented with Sun-dried tomatoes from Italy。
TakeuchiCooking chef、Any balance because of the seasoning with salt and sauce、
French, yet not too heavy、To blend in with the slip in the stomach、
Gourmet is the tongue of a complete diet despite the stomach tired of just returned from Taiwan on tour!
Still cooking、Quantity, not quality.


Takeuchi MasakiNice combination of two formed as the right-hand man in chef and the sous chef、
Without speaking a single word、Without wasted motion and alike
You please finish the best cuisine in the thoughts of one dish intimacy!
Now、Raising a young chef will often hear stories have been difficult in any shop、
A sous chef here、TakeuchiChef's passion and experience rich technical force、And respect the personality、Ask the master and posture。
A good teacher、Good staff and raised.、Snow make up with good shop、Also I think that it is handed down that technology。
In the Nagoya area often do、This is one of the shops you want to visit on a regular basis.


"Along with a condiment and grilled eggplant à la plan tea ginger in Nagasaki Prefecture pomfret new saury Shivu~esosu"

And a la plancha、In Spain, means the teppan-yaki。
Round to round face、The Butterfish was ochobo口 a charming appearance、
Soft white fat on a reasonable、Guests can enjoy a classy touch。
On this day、Finishing crisp crispy skin side only pomfret, Nagano Prefecture, Japan、The plump finish trickled。
Because the lighting condition of the fish really offers me every time an exquisite finish、Always looking forward to。
Beneath the Butterfish、Served with ginger condiment (spice)、Spicy grilled Eggplant pulp in matching!
Is using the new Brevoort built-in SIVE South、And the source of delicious and this autumn was、
During the bitter sweet richness and depth of flavor is、
It is a delicious source remains in clear stored without being tired of the protein of the white fish ♪


"Scent along with the fricassee of France Bulle go home Sharan duck cold roast three mushroom in high Ju Source"

Speaking of France duck、Charente (France:Challans) that is brought up in the town of roasted duck。
Most popular a poultry breeding, Macha is from generation to generation slaughter companies.、
Duck breeding itself receives guidance by Burgaud fodder and breeding method of designation of nearby farmers, breeding。
Macha duck、Aromatic duck with a soft texture, blood remained in the flesh more tasty highlights。
Using a duck that Madame Burgos、Soft cooked at a low temperature over a long time,、
Celery Root Puree、Aromatic duck with beetroot purée made from veal stock sauce。
Apricot sweet and sour scent of chanterelles、Finest Pebble (purple mushroom)、
As the name suggests、Nagano Prefecture, unleash the unique fragrant aroma and spicy aroma mushroom and、3With the kind of seasonal mushroom sauté。
The duck moist and beautifully finished in rose color、Enjoy smooth on the tongue.


Special Deseru "autumn taste sweet potato"

More top vanilla ice cream、Orange flavored with cardamom Compote、
Naruto red kidney University sweet potato sauce flavored with orange、
On the cardamom mousse with meringue、
Sweet potato cream、In the Mont-Blanc sauce with sweet potato chips, desserts、
Feel the taste of autumn dessert plate。
The University of potato with Naruto red kidney、During the sweetness、With a refreshing Orange flavor is wearing、
If you get along with the vanilla ice cream visit is bliss ♪
This time the、Seemed somehow changed the impression of dessert and always。


Double espresso


Small confections 'chocolate and Madeleine

Smooth chocolate bite-sized and Madeleine。


TakeuchiAround a chef and sous chefNishimura and his wifeWith photo!
Next on the horizon、Ended in the last hectic stores、
Think and ask。
TakeuchiChef、Sorry, please ask。Thank you very much!

La Floraison de TAKEUCHI
2-12-12 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture arc Sakae Masaaki Shirakawa Kioicho Park Bldg. 1F, TEL:052-218-6738
Hours of operation 12:00-13:30(L.O)、18:00-21:00(L.O)
Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、Once a month holiday is (occasionally)

2-12-12 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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