"KAWASAKI" vegetables and game we feel the nature in Shizuoka restaurants


Shizuoka-Shi Aoba-Dori along the、Characterized by antique block、
Yet new、Building previously stood in its place to blend in quietly with
"BROOKLYN SQUARE Brooklyn square building"There。
The collection of this building、Falconry is popular "Passage Falconer"Was involved
"Anfiniholmes INFINI HOMES"House was planned two years ago is。
Anfini homesThe、Designing and building blends in its place、
And to suggest that pique the interest of people watching at the same time、Attracts attention, and provide thorough, good stuff。
BROOKLYN SQUARE Brooklyn square buildingThe in the first floor、
Shop centered on European import brands "Giotto"Also there。
This time the、To visit French located in this building on the second floor.


Click hereBROOKLYN SQUARE Brooklyn square buildingThe 2nd floor2014 December
Fujinomiya City area "Restaurant bio-s"The chef had served over the yearsYoshinori Kawasaki.
Food self-sufficiency concept restaurants "KAWASAKI"Open!


Its that simple and chic、
Table 2 table 8 seatsCounter 11 seat.And enjoys close and chef。
While watching a live feeling in the open kitchen of cooking
Counter seats where you can enjoy a meal、One woman even casual atmosphere!


Owner-chef Kawasaki Yoshinori

Born in Hyogo Prefecture。After graduated from the music school in Tokyo、Started career in Akashi city of Hyogo Prefecture Japanese restaurant。
Since France food in eating out、And you want to learn French、Tokyo Yoyogi "Restrain Kinoshita"、
Omote-Sando "Restrampovalor"、Takadanobaba "Limited"、Marunouchi "Bloosriozami"At the training。

The Tokyo store、Have ingredients delivered organic farm of old shibakawa-Cho (present Fujinomiya-Shi) "Biopharm Eyelash when"。
Visit the farm to study、Surprised at the difference in taste and vegetables eating in Tokyo、
With dishes made with fresh ingredients and strong desire meet to be、
2007In the year immigrated to the town、Farm-direct restaurants "Restaurant bio-s"The loaded experience。

Taking advantage of the experience、
2014In December "KAWASAKI"Tokiwa-Cho, Shizuoka open own store、Where I am today。


In the shop here、The possession of hunting licensesKawasakiThe chef himself hunted game (wild birds and beasts meat) or、
It offers newly harvested vegetables dishes。

But in a woven bamboo lattice display splendid antlers、
It seems kind of captured the real deer antlers! (Terrible)

Now、Before you come to work in the restaurant、
Has become a routine to raise food in the fields of shibakawa in Fujinomiya-Shi partnership、
That morning about six o'clock already in 1 work has been。
Pheasant and duck、Or trap deer, such as、Shoot on shotgun、
Harvested vegetables in local farmers ' field days。
These carefully selected ingredients from French main menu ideas、
Realising the material a great recipe!


Cellars and insulated truck

Desire goodness of the ingredients you like to know how they、
In the restaurant location、Contains game cellars and vegetable cold storage warehouse。
Homemade ham and been trained now already it is almost finished。
At the time of the game、Because they might be hanging in the half-wild boar is a surprise (laughs)


"KAWASAKI"But lunch、And dinner à la carte also provides full course。
Like wine in the evening while、You can also enjoy à la carte dishes.。
On this day、Visit our husband and wife with a friend、Order the lunch menu [MENU B: 2800 Yen。
Maine venison is caught in the morning only and、
And this day only special offers "heart" or "liver"、It is very fun! (I)

Lunch Menu

MENU A: 1800 Yen
Hors d'oeuvres、Soup of the day、Main dish、Homemade bread
* Dessert at 500 yen、With a café

[MENU B: 2800 Yen
Hors d'oeuvres、Soup of the day、Vegetable dishes、Main dish、Dessert、Homemade bread、Cafe

[Curry Lunch (received the time constant): 1200 Yen
Hors d'oeuvres、Mainland deer Curry
* Dessert at 500 yen、With a café

Dinner Menu

[MENU Saison: 4800 Yen
Amuse、1 hors d'oeuvres、2 hors d'oeuvres、Main dish、Dessert、Homemade bread、Petit Fours、Cafe

[MENU Terroir: ¥ 6200
8Course dish vegetables

[MENU Degustation: 8000 Yen
11Consisting of plates、Only the chef course


"Homemade paté de campagne"

Including 1 dish、The Pate de campagne with local pigs、
Of pesticide-free vegetables grown in Fujinomiya city、Tomato、Served with fresh mushrooms。
Patty accompanied with vegetables vibrant colors even delight。
The palate is gently、Felt more than enough flavor of ingredients、That breaks the heart of deliciousness!

"Fujinomiya swine collection"Seafood so pig (koujutonn)

Only pigs raised on their own and sell、From production to sales provides products safe and secure。
Brand of Fuji seafood Kotobuki pigs (koujutonn) is in the analysis of meat quality、
Umami、Juicy、Are rated very good in lipid composition and。

The Pate de campagne pig here to create a、To take advantage of swine、
Simply decorated so enjoying the taste as much as possible without touching。

"Tenderness greens plantation tanizaki"Tomato CF thousand fruits、Orange 1000 fruits

In its seventh year "gentle vegetable farm tanizaki" so、
Has grown, pesticide-free vegetables standard focusing on too much not to market vegetables。
Test the soil's behavior、For each field、Formulated fertilizer suitable for each vegetable shape on its own,、
Organic vegetables even looks beautiful to、And is that what kodawara to taste。

CF thousand fruits cultivated here、Orange 1000 fruit sugar 8-10 degrees on a high、Ketchup is fewer better taste。
Fruit color is beautiful with a beautiful red and orange glazed fruit。
Compared to the traditional tomato carotene content is about 3 times and、Very high nutritional value.。

"ASOBICULTURE"Four-leaf (Sully) cucumber

The "ASOBICULTURE"、In the hands-on farm overlooking a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji、Farming experience、Harvesting experience 、Farms that direct sales is 。

And yotsuba (Sully) cucumber、Darker taste in cucumbers with old-fashioned IBO IBO、
Can play with a good crunchy freshness is characterized。

"Hasegawa agricultural"Mushroom

Home / Netherlands cultivation techniques and equipment、And Hasegawa farm located in Fuji, bleached in the mushroom cultivation。
To start full-scale production in Japan 20 years。
The support of the people for real、Hasegawa agricultural fans increased steadily mushrooms、
Widely used in hotels restaurants across the country, including。

This mushroom is raw and the best so far、
SIP kajireba、Deep aromas and flavors in the mouth extends floaty。


"Homemade bucket"

France and domestic flour blend、The tasteful finishing bucket、
So give us hot、Savory appetizer Pate de campagne better fit!


"Cold potage of butter nuts"

"Hyakusho-ya thrush"For using butternut、Is the soup flavor with a smooth finish。
At this time、Contributing at butternut soup.、
"Simplicity", says、In the most recent、More seems to enjoy the material!

Organic farming is at the foot of Mt. Fuji "farmers shop tsugumi.。
Pesticide-free、Instead of simply obsessed with chemical fertilizer、
Bean curd and rice bran、Fallen leaves、Chicken manure as compost、Support as much as possible with bamboo,、GIMP also hemp use laces。
As far as you can using the things of that nature、What is exhausted.、Has been farming on soil 還seru。

The butternut is grown at this farm、What is native to South America、
In the United States is one of the most popular pumpkin。
In recent years、Are becoming more popular in Japan、Multiplied by a variety of restaurants。

Form is in the shape of gourd-shaped、And a lot of species in the bulge under the
Peel is characterized by yellowish skin color in gloss。

Has become the origin of the name "butternut Street、
This pumpkin features、Located in the nut-like flavor with a soggy pulp。
Low fiber、When the soup smooth finish。


"Steamed seasonal vegetables"

With only salt and butter ingredients:、The Braising vegetables with water only in simple dishes。
Organic vegetable farms of contract farmers directly feet carry has adopted a、
In a simple Cook as long as you can、Say you want to enjoy the taste of the original material
KawasakiChef's feelings though 1 tray jammed。
To enjoy this dish it is ♪ would be said to come to this shop

"Tenderness greens plantation tanizaki"Eggplant、Burdock root、Leo thank you

Eggplant "Chikuyo(District so)"That large eggplants。
Flesh is dense than traditional long Eggplant、In addition to cooking for pickles and grilled Eggplant are also great。
Burdock root is varieties of salad daughter、Short roots grow from 35 cm 45 cm only be burdock.。
Good freshness on the skin、Both excellent aroma and taste、Burdock root in general food is of course、You can eat salad。
Leo thank you long sweet variety '甘tou beauty' is a green pepper。
15about cm and larger、In a thick soft fleshy、There is sweet so tasty and the green pepper。

"Yunosaya farm"Beans、Green peppers

"Yu pod farm" were at the foot of Mt. Fuji、Agricultural chemicals、Without the use of chemical fertilizers
About paddy cultivation in "vegetable femininity" has taken the maximum pull out method。
Vegetables grown only in sunlight and rain, and strong、
You can also significantly affect taste、Feel and taste of the vegetables。

Beans have been grown here is Okinawa vegetables、It is a crispy crunchy。
Peppers of the "perforated" that breed、Blinding bright dark green glossy、Taste fresh.。

"ASOBICULTURE"Purple carrot、Romano bean、Chinese cabbage
"Hyakusho-ya thrush"Butternut、Okra、Onions


"Honshu deer roast"

Early in the morning、Fuji 宮芝 River town with Chef Hunter from contact with、
Fawn caught in the trap (one year old or so) to pick up, it is brought to the。
The fawn was strangled soon、In the spring along the River near where caught, brought to the shop for outstanding freshness!
Fawn thigh to a reduced red wine sauce。

Difficult cooking game、And professional skills will be、
Jibie experiencedKawasakiUs unleashes the flavor of the original material once hung in the hands of the chef。

This time we received in female year taste stable is、
Male eating rice from a fall, because they 痩sekokete、It is the most delicious in summer。

Sausage of deer meat to garnish and "Yunosaya farm"The Red Moon (potato)。
Deer sausage、Simply seasoned with salt and pepper venison mince in addition made whipped cream。

Are there deer stock time constant、
So are there mainland deer slowly and carefully, softly finished special Curry。

At the foot of Mt. Fuji deer mainly harmful wildlife damage growing so。
And the deer inhabit the 18000 head、Greatly exceeds the standards of the Ministry of the environment has no effect on the vegetation and the、
KawasakiI have heard often turn out hunting member of local hunters and extermination of the chef。


"Honshu deer of the lever"

Usually it was me out as far as this day also lever of fawn that not out too much!
I think that it is a dish that is what it is possible to provide because they were the appropriate process by tightening morning ♪

Good game is in a natural environment without pollution、
And plenty to eat nutrient-rich food and、
For meat also greatly different in age、Even the same species variation is intense、
Need to cook it properly before、
I think very much or not than the restaurant that gives these ingredients in this way less!
KawasakiWant to enjoy the chef's other game dishes by all means.。

Morning clamping lever of the deer was just exquisite lighting in、
You feel a little bit sweet mustard sauce.、
Only fresh、I give、Cut the moment very surprised!
The difference with normal liver、No fishy smell、Guests can enjoy the richness and sweetness that I felt。
Because it contributed to a large、3People had to share each.


"Of Honshu deer hearts (heart)"

Of course delicious roast chicken thighs、The elasticity of the lever was also a poignant、
1 dish here is even more valuable gem、What is a fawn hearts (heart)!
Is never ever tasted like freshly caught fish were processed properly deer heart、
It will run most of the impact today in mind!

In the exquisite lighting was faint pink、
The thick sliced hearts、One without the fishy smell、Its taste is full transparency。
Comfortable light elastic muscle fibers when bitten.、PRI. and bite off the moment the exactly moment of bliss。

High protein low fat、Mineral-rich, healthy and good valuable ingredients.、
You are such a good heart、Something tense、Such sobering feeling.。
While feeling the importance of respect in you life、
Was eating will feel like touching the sacred ♪


"Rice of creme brulee"

Rice is a kind of ancient rice、Compared to a typical rice protein and vitamins.、
And contains plenty of anthocyanins in the blue-purple colorant。
Also useful for support of Gastroenterology and diabetes、In the Orient since ancient times from us has been prized。
In ancient times called the roots of the rice of Japan、Mixed with rice, and cook delicious and can be eaten。
Using such nutritional value of rice、Complemented by a healthy dessert。
Through the coating crispy bicuits、
Gently sweet、Enjoy the savory smooth creme Brulee。
This dessert、Finish the coming French press coffee also goes well.

Health effects of black rice
■ visual effect to improve the function ■ effect to prevent the effects ■ diabetes to keep the health of the stomach ■ beautifying effect ■ hair keep health effects



With a worldwide network to support small producers in Latin America, such as、
Shizuoka Suruga-ku "Creative coffee workshop Kurearu"From a stock of fresh coffee beans on a regular basis、
Grind the beans at the restaurant, provided with a French press。
The French press、To be able to extract coffee oil before leaving、
Coffee of material originally of you can enjoy the taste ♪


"Feather of pheasant"

KawasakiPheasant chef seafood actually was on display.、
Pheasant feathers、Fly fishing、Calligraphy brush、Samba costume decorations、As a display
Seems to have various usages。
Many take-home and ask、
I also I was a souvenir for the home of the display! (Happy)


KawasakiAround a chef commemorative photo!
The chef is standing in the kitchen、Who knows a cool appearance to grapple with the ingredients were impressive but、
When you talk about food and farmers who have been、Like a boy's innocence and told、
The gap also seems nice, not。
KawasakiChef、During the game I will come again!.

Restaurant KAWASAKI
Yubinbango420-0034 Shizuoka City Tokiwa-cho 1-chome 8-5 BROOKLYN SQUARE 2F
Hours of operation:12:00-14:00(LO13:30- 18:00To 22:30( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、3rd Monday

Shizuoka City Tokiwa-cho 1-chome, 8-5

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