"KIARA Resort & Spa Lake" French lunch at members-only resort hotel


On the shores of Lake Hamana、Mind and body-friendly "Gastronomic hotels"As the word" tangible "、
2010/11The resort has opened membership "KIARA Resort & Spa Lake Hamana"。
"Hamana Lake lakeside Plaza"And also"Magna resort co., Ltd."Being operated。
Here is there a membership resort hotel、
"RESTAURANT&CIEL BLEU BAR shell blue"At the lunch will be served、
In General as well as KIARA members of is available.


KIARA resortThe、Current、Beside the main building facilities
Bath and beauty、And fitness "Holistic Spa"New and expansion、
Chan to enjoy ultimate relaxation and gastronomic luxury as the resort life、
To provide better service and readying the、Next year will be completed.


Entrance hall

MembershipKIARA resortThe rooms are、Standard、Executive、Suite 3 types available、
All rooms will be feeling only 10 room private facilities。
2On the floor、Can be used for various kinds of meetings or a party "Banquet at Rivage"By providing、
KIARA seminar initiated regularly every month "Salon de KIARA"Also are held here。
The Salon de KIARA、In the event of small、
9May 13, (Sunday).The KIARA seminar、Using fruitCarving courses
10January 4, (Sunday).The、The fashionable women's popularGersalad class
And1122 (Sunday)The、Must be learned ago ChristmasBush denoelThe lesson it is!
(* Event detailsWEB sitePlease visit)



Flooding in the keynote and then clean white、Boasts high ceilings and spacious restaurant。
Often incorporating local ingredients、Aim local food producers and chefsShell blueIn French、
"Delicious and beautiful-good health and beauty dish" pursuit、
Phytochemicals (plant nutrients) using a variety of healthy lunches。
Lunch menu、
You can feel free to、In the women's popularGalette set of rice flour and whole wheat flour 1544 yen (tax included) ~And、
Using seasonal ingredients"Short course centered on fish or meat dishes" 3780 yen (tax included)
Enjoy bothSee full course Menu"5141 yen (tax included)Provides。
This time the、Fish and meat to enjoy each other
"Short course centered on fish or meat dishes" 3780 yen (tax included)In each order、
Meat dishes、Changing deer meat pork at an additional cost.


In the open kitchen、Until the cooking process alive just like
One of the men is just around the corner, overlooking the。
Have a brilliantly personalised cleaning of kitchen and the delicate presentation,、
Can ask the State attention to detail!


"With Lulu's fresh fish marinated vegetables and UMAMI bubble seaweed vinaigrette French caviar"

Tuna、Madoka、Trevally fish marinated kelp dashi foam、
Carrot and cucumber、Mesclun with sliced dried tomatoes will be。
Shine the glass shades of beauty and delicate presentation.


Homemade bread
Tomato & green tea


Homemade bread


Extra virgin olive oil
House Anadia


"KIARA special soup of the day"

Pumpkin Soup with milk foam、
At your choice、The diced pumpkin and crushed Walnut、Will be adding cinnamon powder。
Sweet sweet pumpkin、Flavor of the walnuts and cinnamon aroma goes well!


Leek and seafood broth pastis flavor

Fluffy boobs and corbina snapper was relit in texture and scallops、Mussels, shrimp
With fresh vegetables, such as okra
A creamy sauce of white wine-based。
Accent will be affixed to the end of the tomato-based sauces to your liking and will be added。


"Shizuoka Prefecture South Alps of venison Roti seasonal vegetables served with saucepowab lard" additional fee +800 yen

Iberico pork meat instead of deer meat at an additional cost。
And lot venison marinated in red wine、Along with the beet puree and vegetables
Poivrade spicy black pepper deer-friendly (no annex) at will。
A budding sources in accent。


KIARA special dessert

And coconut and passion fruit、Pitaya (Dragon fruit) ice to banana chips、
Color Tangerine zest in grenadine and will fit in with yogurt sauce。
Pineapple merenguestick、Along with berry fruit。
Is the image of Hawaii Acai Bowl, rebuild a special dessert!


Pleasant views of the Lake from the terrace and the autumn was invited to、
Here in the coffee and asked to!



Summer is over、Breezy wind、I feel the beginning of autumn。
Looking at views of the majestic Lake Hamana just natural、Forget even the passage of time.


Previous、"ospiTare L'Hospitalet by Brooklyn"In the
When I was responsible for the confectionary became good friendsForest Springs, HisakoChan、
For now, working as a sous chef here、I have been looking forward。
I met few years agoMoriizumiChan,、Very slender makeover! (Surprise)
The original、In Kansai area "Ana hotel"In was supposed to take care of seniorsMachida DoriUnder the chef at learning French、
Due to its experience、Filled with confidence and his、It seems increased women's power。
More than anything、See her hard work happy, happy!


Hamana lake view from the terrace

To view the cloudless, invigorating autumn、
Look dazzling spectacle of boats dashing near hamanako vast Oyster racks!


KIARA resort and Amadeus Hamana Lake lakeside Plaza, also look below。
The Hamana Lake lakeside Plaza、This year2015 yearTo30th anniversaryAre welcomed!


Laval KIARA chef way back whenMachida DoriAnd the chef
Promoted to sous chefForest Springs, HisakoWhats let photo neatly together!
MachidaSan、MoriizumiChan、Thank you very much!

KIARA Resort & Spa Lake Hamana
Location:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 months, Cho shimoo Marina 366-1

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 months, Cho shimoo Marina 366-1

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