"Syngenta, UNO 51" wine bar wine quality laminated dishes


Aramachi, Toyama City、Aramachi station tram from walking in the middle of parking building 2nd
Wine bottles will be on display in the glass side、
Phosphoresce and wine bar "51 Syngenta UNO"Mr.。
Became quite well-known among wine Shoppe、
Because it is open till late、Brethren chef and sommelier are frequently used。
An assortment of wine is of course、Or is adept at cooking game、
Use the home vegetable garden vegetables such as、This shop on your own can be seen many!


U of a simple build only shaped counter bar。
Moody atmosphere、Dramatically increasing the customer base ages、The plunge into the world of adult evening。
"Asano presents! Hot Toyama in quick turns, Night!"The fourth hotels、Click hereSyngenta UNOMr.!


French in Toyama "Limoges"Ms of the owner/chef has been trained in New YorkSATO KoichiSan。
Dealing with a wide range of clientele in the smart earned a fan、Of prominence as a popular restaurant、
OwnerSATOIs it for gifts of personality would be!


' Souverain 2012 / Chardonnay SOUVERIN / CHARDONNAY.

Sonoma、Over more than 60 years in the Alexander Valley、Outstanding quality wine on the venerable producer。
Even after becoming a subsidiary of fosters wine estate group、
At a reasonable price、Sent out to balance the wine。
Each wine with a characteristic sour taste、Equipped with a reasonable degree、
Citrus and Apple fruit、The flavor of toasted oak edge、The creamy、
75% Barrel fermented、Rich oak flavor and give the rich、Finish is fresh, very refreshing!


Composed of huge stone wine coolers like dinosaur eggs、And with considerable weight is Heavy。
Superior cold insulation、Enjoy wine at a temperature comfortable even when you are excellent!


"In the vegetable and" 900 yen

ChefSATO.、Previous、Located in Tokyo, Japan "Cote d'Or"The time we ate in the specialty
See what! What! Delicious vegetable? "Next、
Trial and trial、Hard work approaches its flavor dish。
Vegetables、Use your garden、Good freshness、There's sweetness and flavor、
While nicely crispy crunchy leave、Firmly and oozing crossed also taste、Very tasty and it is!


"Boudin Terrine" 850 Yen

There's catolepis in addition, chopped onions, melted pork fat NET、
To add parsley and the fit with whipped cream、Continue stirring and pig's blood mix、
Last to warm baked in a terrine with type、Put it in the fridge on round 1 "Boudin noir"。
Moist and smooth texture.、Its rich flavor、Must be accompanied by baguettes and crackers。
Perhaps、So aloud how food is generally tasty signs、
The next time、Stuff firmly to only enjoy meals here!
SATOSan、Thank you very much!

Syngenta UNO 51
Toyama Prefecture Toyama aramachi 5-4 Terashima Bldg 2F TEL:076-491-4051
Hours of operation:19:00-3:00Closed on Mondays:Monday

5-4 aramachi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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