Toyama French mariage "Chez Fujii" food and wine fun


Toyama nurtured by naturally abundant seafood and seasonal ingredients can taste "Fujii Chez Chez Fujii"Mr.。
Prior to、Now "Sunflower restaurant"But had been operating long in some places、
2011/11In the home and stores reopened in the Shi nunose。
After training, European restaurant, owner/chefFujii Tadayoshi.、
Sommelier honed skills at renowned restaurants in OsakaSUGIMURA ShotaIs it for 2 people、
Many of the ingredients of blessed with abundant seafood、Along with the chef finished in authentic French cuisine、
And countries selected by sommelier, wine is served.


Interior is elegant and is restless.、Be welcoming walls clean and soft colours are based on、
4Name seat and 2 seat table 24 seats two and has one private room for up to 8 people。

Owner-chefFujii TadayoshiMr. a、
In Tokyo "Kyobashi DOMPIERRE' , 'Ebisu taillebanlobion"And in 10 years、
Then went over to Belgium、Michelin one-star "Sangria de Hotel tropical" 、
And Michelin three-star restaurant "Chez Bruno"In the training and、
2004And independence in "Fujii Chez Chez Fujii"Open。

The lunch menu。
Leger 2000 yen
Appetizer, main dish, dessert and drinks
Consider 3000 Yen
Amuse, appetizer, soup, main dish and dessert sashimi and drinks
Degusta ion 5000 Yen
Dessert amuse, sauteed foie gras, soup, today's fresh fish dishes, beef fillet steak, today's specials

This time the、Leger 2000 yenWe have to order。


Appetizers "Norway salmon marinade-organic vegetables and Greece wind ~"

Panna cotta made with organic vegetables and soft white turnip with Norway salmon roll。
Little、Because the salt is strong、He wanted white wine from the day taste。
And no matter how many、Herb & dill、Dill flower、
Greece wind chilled gleck (stew)、Organic spinach puree。
Under the salmon、For olive oil beaten in Fran powers vinegar fresh、
Enjoy the texture accented with lace made with squid ink。


"Homemade bucket"

Even bread was dust moisture with the sense of taste is!


Main dish "Noto produced miraculous Meuniere-kakina source ~"

With the miraculous medal of the Noto Noto oysters, served with、
Good color Toyama grown without pesticide vegetable sauté、Asparasobergiu、
Shaved organic vegetables tossed in hot olive oil sauce。


Homemade bread

Follow the baguette、Our buns are delicious!


Main dish "sautéed chicken-lemon cream sauce ~"

Chicken and sauteed crispy skin surface、Japanese lemon peel flavoring、
The source will be in a lemon cream sauce。
Purée source、Anchovies in black olive、NAS Tatum & flowers。


"Orange verbally"

The white chocolate-made Chocolat anglers
Enjoy the texture, with finely crushed chocolate cookies。
Served with dried fruit and orange rind and sex。




Petits fours

ChefFujiiIs it than whats out of service! (Thank you)
With a healthy snack alternative to the guimauve raspberry Framboise、
Coconuts Garrett、Chocolate langdosha。
The place is under the、Crush cacao beans and Daoism。
To accompany the coffee was delicious!


Fat chef Fujii tadakichi-San and the sommelier SUGIMURA's photo
Thank you very much!

Chez, chez Fujii Fujii
Toyama Prefecture Toyama-Shi shi nunose Hon-Machi 5-9 TEL:076-421-5887
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30 18:00-21:00Closed on Mondays:Monday

5-9 honcho Shi nunose, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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