Thanking all in the name of "reconnaissance" gratitude, stomach-friendly dishes


Oi town of Nagoya virktawer Nagoya Higashi Betsuin 1 floor
Two years ago2013On March 15th.The French Open "Reconnaissance reconnaissance"Mr.。
In Oita Prefecture has been training French longAgata motoharuThe owner/chef、
Aiming at the Japanese taste of natural French、
Gentle on the stomach、Anyone can take advantage of a wide range of needs is telling。
There is a parking lot has been affiliated、Because it boasts a paid parking nearby、Please use!


Reconnaissance reconnaissanceAnd the、
Dahlia flower in France, seeGratitude"Means and、
And our customers、Put gratitude in all things related to the store that is named.


Shop、In subdued tones tones、Has been directing the moist and comfortable natural space。
Fit the rear sofa and table seating along the wall 12 seats、And the five-seat counter
Couples or groups、In addition to the、Has become a place for yourself too!


The menu is basic course、
6Changed some menu configuration,、And dinner is à la carte also available。
6Menu structure from the Moon is as follows。
This time the、Due to limited time on the job front、In short you canA course: 2500 YenIn order for lunch!

Lunch Menu
A ¥ 2500 B 4000 Yen 6000 Yen C D 8000 Yen
Dinner Menu
A 6000 Yen B ¥ 8000 C 10000 Yen D chef recommended course of 12000 yen (reservation one day in advance)
Menu Reconnaissance
Chef's recommended marriage course 18000 yen (reservation until 3 days ago)


"Herbal tea"

At the beginning of the course、Minami Chita 'Anchovy"And it's herbal
Warm up、Healing hearts、Relaxes the whole body、More fun with feelings not is provided with。
This time the、A refreshing smell Spearmint and lemon verbena.


"Bubbles of hamo frit tomato puree human g resources"

Season hit the pike conger。
Sprinkled semolina in the Conger, fried and fried eggplant
And will be in the bubble of the gentle sweetness of tomato puree and human g resources。
Japanese ginger and Onion Sprouts、Gold needle vegetables、Radish flowers and materials are sprinkled with the sum of the、
Is your appetizer and stomach-friendly taste!


Homemade bread, Focaccia with onion

Stand the sweetness of the onion、Provides us with a hot delicious fluffy Focaccia!


Appetizers "Southern Wakayama Prefecture susami Quaternary marinated bonito Ken"

Marinated and kenkencatsuo susami in Wakayama Nanki 漁reta、
Semi-dried tomatoes and pickles、Will and refreshing salad with chopped onions Provencal sauce。
Texture accented with fried onion
And accompanied the eggplant from the Quanzhou, eaten raw, Osaka、
The flavor of fresh Eggplant and foaming、And strong sweetness.

Susami Ken bonitoAnd the、
What did the blood without Jime immediately landed by Ken catching bonito on a、
Save on water-ice、What brought on the market in a short period of time from off-shore。
To release blood and、The bonito was kept on ice temperature、
May taste like clinging texture and refreshing while not riding a fat and tongue!


Home-made bread "bun"

Enjoy the sweet scent of the fragrant butter fluffy than I click for sweet bread、Topped even better source!


See source human g resources of sea bream with grilled Eggplant foam"

And the sautéed fillet of sea bream with plenty of bubbles of the grilled Eggplant with spicy sauce and human g resources。
Served with vegetables、Red pepper、Spinach、Enjoy the texture along with the bamboo Princess.


Mikawa chicken Roti

Mikawa red chicken、Raised in a good environment and、For the fed to extract hardwoods、
The smell of chicken little、Vitamins、Full of flavor, and contains rich minerals。
Mikawa chicken moist and soft finish,、Decking Kurokawa kinzanji miso sauce。
Served with vegetables、Corn、Turnip、Carrot、Enjoy with potatoes!

In the pottersM. TokudaWorks made in the Tokoname's soil and used instrument、
Surface texture is smooth、To this instrument by using long born the unique texture、
Over the years each to increase attraction、Seems that is aimed at long-loved your shop。

Here is、In overall Japanese elements are also well taken、
Though the French、Stomach into gently and smoothly、Dish brimming with taste!


"Mango pudding"

Confectionary made mango pudding with milk ice cream、
Mango、Passion fruit、Will pineapple with mango sauce plus intense!



As in the good sense of size coffee cup、Have a tenderness relieves pressure on the stomach until the end。
Full-bodied and bitter、Offers a good balance between acidity、Meal to the finish is the best!


Empty handAgataThe chef、Kindly go to greet each table。
Born in Oita PrefectureOf1979Year bornIn the 36-year-old greeted by my birthday this yearAgataMr. a、
Tsuji cooking food College after graduation from school、Restaurant experience in practice in France or Tokyo or Karuizawa、Last year has been independently。
In a very refreshing youth、While meeting with talk and hear、
In the end "Piece elbow provided space to enjoy delicious meal everyone"
And、Gave his talk about modalities of the own stores.

AgataYou can feel the kindness of chefs cooking on、I want to hear again!

Reconnaissance reconnaissance
Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, Ohi-Cho 1-24-Vick Tower Nagoya East another hospital 1F TEL:052-339-5678
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00-21:30Closed on Mondays:On Sunday and Monday

Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku Oi 1-24

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