"La florizone de Takeuchi" quite enthusiastic, full-course lunch


Shirakawa Park in Fushimi Street last year2013On January 17.In an open
French 'La Floraison de TAKEUCHI"Mr.。
30Years kept the stars 3 star Michelin France culinary scene of God 'Fernand Pointe"Worked for the owner/chef
In France Vienne "La pyramid"In practice, including、
France history at least won the Michelin three-star chef
And JoelRobuchonMr Tokyo Ebisu "Taillevent Robuchon"Learn more at、
After the homecoming、Nagoya Marriott associa hotel "MI Kuni Nagoya"、White wall "La Gran table de Kitamura"Through the、
2007 yearTo seeGrand famille Chez Matsuo Nagoya shop"For as the head chef、
5After experiencing the chef of the year、Young ran up the stairs to the independent open fine chefsTakeuchi MasakiMr. shop!


Shop、Clean and white, colours and、Relaxing in a chic atmosphere。
Is table seating 14 seats.、Counter will be 6 total 20 seats。
At the counter I love、Takeuchi chef started.、Staff I live feel of our culinary pleasure while、
This alsoMENU DÉJEUNER B 5400 YenI want to enjoy!

"La florizone de Takeuchi" Takeuchi chef arms were trained in the 'hamburger' in blossom


"Shateldon 750 ml" 1400 Yen

As the water of the Sun King who loved France King Louis 14th, renowned premium sparkling mineral water shateldon。
The taste was extremely refined and elegant bubbles、Guests can enjoy a meal with.


Amuse "tomato gazpacho squid."

Tomato and paprika、Using cucumber.、And while the
Taste fresh, thick gazpacho soup。
Chrysanthemum sauce, with tomatoes and squid。
Fresh squid is reasonably priced, full of flavor、A colorful Chrysanthemum aroma goes well!


Homemade bread

If you like, will be in a homemade butter or olive oil。


"France white asparagus"

Served with Seared Scallops、White asparagus from France
White asparagus with yuzu and orange sauce、And tastes with parsley oil。
With a refreshing citrus as captain left the texture white asparagus sweet and also exudes a wonderful combination!


Mr. Chef Takeuchi Masaki

TakeuchiThe earnest "directed at the chef's cuisine、
You can feel the posture itself all my passion into the Tray 1 Tray 1、
The hearts of many fans to blow。
To greatness without the waste of food in motion and concentration、Fall, you cannot feel them fall and、
Finished dishes out for all guests、Gap between the last show last mince nice natural smile also 堪rimasen (lol)
From the regular customer "When the Cook's face and totally different"And it is often said.


Oven-roasted Spanish mackerel

On the onion puree、The Spanish mackerel and finished、
Sweet sour sauce of capers, bamboo shoots and butterbur that Japanese taste sauce。
Grilled onion Nouveau is so sweet、Served with wild buds。
The Spanish mackerel、Have you ever not texture and flavor or plump and filled my agony!
Well with the sauce taste the bittersweet texture crisp bamboo shoots and butterbur is a rarity。
Not only beautiful、Drawer on the quality of the material.、Full of verve、A good balance between、And beams.TakeuchiThe chef is a genius!


"France roastedserved and comfy"

Confit breast roasted bird with cold oil was burning slowly and enjoy two。
Breast meat is juicier and moist texture that can be enjoyed、
Confit of skin is a soft finish stunning crunchiness and Guinea fowl and relaxed from the bone。
More than anything、Nice vivid color source、While leaving the crunchy taste、
Green peas and Fava Beans、Snap peas、Asparagus with Bacon française to finish.、
Put Bacon with milk foam。
A great spread bird flavor and fresh sweet and rich flavor is the main dish.


"Berry creme dange fromage blanc sorbet"

And creme dange (or creme Antje)、
In France Anju district local sweets、Made with whipped cream cheese, fluffy texture is a popular cake。
Rich while enjoying each other so gentle acidity of Berry sorbet、
While assigned to the crunchy texture of the glass with fruit and also the best!
Condensed flavor dessert!


"Basil sorbet"

Be carried、Takeuchi-San cheers out summer staple desserts!
Herbs, such as Mint and flowers under the instruments it looks beautiful、
It is indescribably lovely cool rendition using dry ice!
In a refreshing sorbet combined Apple and pineapple Basil、
Spread the rich scent of Basil、
Balance and freshness with acidity and fruit under the best results!


Drinks: coffee and petits fours 'smooth chocolate bite-sized and Madeleine

Every time、Every time、They give great impressionTakeuchiChef。
From this his food and staff with the team look forward to、You would want to visit to Nagoya!

La Floraison de TAKEUCHI
2-12-12 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture arc Sakae Masaaki Shirakawa Kioicho Park Bldg. 1F, TEL:052-218-6738
Hours of operation 12:00-13:30(L.O)、18:00-21:00(L.O)
Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、Once a month holiday is (occasionally)

2-12-12 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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