"Gang true original castles ' affordable lunch feel blessed season of sea and land


Richmond Hotel HamamatsuOf1 floorTo the French "Gang true original Castle"Mr.。
There in the hotel、Warm and friendly atmosphere、Modern & stylish's has become a restaurant full of luxury in space、
Incorporating the Italian taste、Restaurants offered creative French casual line.


Shop、Simple and modern design atmosphere in、And the table space。
By using the screen at the back、Also available as a single room (up to 18 persons)。
Used as a meeting place for many customers in gastronomy held regularly throughout the year、
A bin just in the wedding party, including、Reserve a Charter flight for each event is supported。
Lunch course、A course 1800 Yen、B course: ¥ 2,600、C course: 5000 YenAnd 3 courses available.。
This time the、Katayama Hiroaki Kunio (on the other hand paralysis in)Quality chef foods incorporated
Super! Lunch dealsB course: ¥ 2,600Let。
In addition、We have "LAVIEEN ROSE Laban rose"Is it the rose members for、Use the restaurant10%OFFWill be!


On this day、You bring the wine、Manager & sommelierMizuguchi Tomoaki (みずぐちちあき)And I'm on will serve。
This wine is2011 yearAnd in the age、Oli is not there、Us decant to open that smell。
In fact、More than the scent of blanking plugs、Time passes、After opening the soft elegant floral fragrance is nice!


"Chateau-Larose 2011 ' France Bordeaux

Wines of Saint Emilion district spread to the right bank of dortgne River、
Merlot clad in elegance, suppleness and axis、Has captivated the world in wine。
In the current family headGI-, meslinInheriting the、
Avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers、Homemade fertilizer has been used。
Eliminating herbicides and chemicals in pest control、Fruit is all hands, sorting work extremely carefully, such as、
Pour, spared no effort is making the best wines of the Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe Chateau。
Will the truth come from Larose Saint-Emilion limestone and clay soils、
Fruity,、Robe is a deep ruby red color.、Very elegant yet、
In a profound sense of mature wild rich black fruit aromas to create。
Delicate and elegant ornate flowers such as violets aromas、
Fine tannins、The Blues feel faint spice is a Bordeaux beautiful.


France restaurant in Nagoya started.、Hotels、He served as the head chef at the House restaurant、
The inauguration of President of gang true original Castle cuisineKatayama Hiroshi KuniyoshiWide range of dishes is sent out by the hand of the chef (pictured right)
Feeling the presence of the open kitchen overlooking、Wait for the food is one way to enjoy!


"Sakura shrimp with Grissini
Feel the flavor of the Laver of aroma and dry shrimp with plenty of、
In a good way、As Kappa's finest products snacks such as delicious it is!


Rye bread
With plenty of olive oil and fresh!


"Blessings sampler of seasonal Ocean Earth'

With mashed potatoes and broccoli marinated squid、Omelet with mushrooms in pancetta、Lotus stuff、Tomato confieyu、
White Kappa、Mountain halfbeak marinated jellyfish with plum sauce、Seared tuna with sesame seeds dried radish、
Ethnic stylePaprika mousse、Horse mackerel marinated in green beans、Shiso leaf buds、Chicken and shrimp patties、NAStatus m leaf。
Assorted appetizer in bite-size pieces on how ingredients carefully pressured hassle。
Beautiful colors、For little things、Guests can pamper themselves in a happy mood than at any time.


The next pasta、Over the Parmesan cheese will be you!
Stunning landing from a high position、As you'd expect、MizuguchiAnd it is (laughs)


"My" Ian "is a simple Napolitan make。"
And、KatayamaChef"Well then Ian"To call himMizuguchiIs it (laughs)
The acidity of the tomatoes that taste fresh and elegant Neapolitan。
This is always exactly better sense of size、Nothing more than painful for、Balance is great!


"Today fishing from natural fresh fish dishes Nagasaki Madoka Poole"
The body thickness Madoka、Use in Japanese"黄身酢"Image of the、Will give the scent of rock the Hall。
On the、Scattered with shrimp、Served with sauteed scallops under the、Vegetables、Turnip and boiled。
The source is、Herb oil and Basil beurre blanc by neatly!


American roast meats to savory grilled and served with wasabi-flavored cheese cream
A simple beef roast grilled、Source is the Marsala sauce gravy。
Pumpkin paste、On the leaves of the horseradish cream、Fried maitake mushrooms、Carrot、Along with potatoes。
2Who is more like beef fat is the、Delicious low fat red meat?!


Chef special dessert of the day
Good food fresh strawberries on seasonal sorbetAlmond nugaergras、Under theIs a piece of Strawberry jelly。
It's a reasonable course、In the desert does not compromise any show greatKatayamaChef menu configuration!
Is it more cost effective、Not able to chouji easily in Hamamatsu.。
And、In this luxurious space、MizuguchiIs it staff and it the height of everyone's consciousness and spirit of service。
That price more than、This very thing!


If I could、Every week you luck heSomething trueIs it (laughs)
KatayamaSan、MizuguchiSan、Your staff、Thank you a great time!


Laban rose group head chef who attended gastronomic feast will be held starting tomorrow。Dishes with seasonal ingredients、The champagne, too! But since our coming events you may not have the book、If you are interested in Musée please contact 四tsu池。

Laban rose group
Four great chef's feast
-Date | 4/14 (fire), 15 (water)
-Price | 15,000 yen (tax and service included)
-Receiving with | 18:30-(Opening reception | 19:00〜)
-Venue | Musée 四tsu池 Orsay
-Book | 053-474-1818
* Free drinks
[Champagne Wine non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks]

Gang true original Castle
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-1 Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu 1F TEL:053-450-5571
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00(Last order 14:00) 18:00To 22:00(Last order 21:00) Closed:On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 218-1

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