"La florizone de Takeuchi" at wedding anniversary 3rd anniversary to celebrate the full-course lunch


Shirakawa Park in Fushimi Street last year2013On January 17.In the opened "La Floraison de TAKEUCHI"Mr.。30Years kept the stars 3 star Michelin France culinary scene of God 'Fernand Pointe"The chef worked for France Vienne 'La pyramid"In practice, including、Ever won the Michelin three-star in the shortest、France's leading chefs、And JoelRobuchonMr Tokyo Ebisu "Taillevent Robuchon"Learn more at、After the homecoming、Nagoya Marriott associa hotel "MI Kuni Nagoya"、White wall "La Gran table de Kitamura"Through the、2007 yearTo seeGrand famille Chez Matsuo Nagoya shop"For as the head chef、5After experiencing the chef of the year、Young ran up the stairs to the independent open fine chefsTakeuchi MasakiMr. shop!


Shop、Clean and white, colours and、Relaxing in a chic atmosphere。Is table seating 14 seats.、Counter will be 6 total 20 seats。This time the、When I visited for dinner the other day、Nagoya restaurant favorites for us here to have been ranked in the rankings、Wedding anniversary 3rd anniversaryCelebrate、MENU DÉJEUNER B 5400 YenI want to enjoy!

"La florizone de Takeuchi" Takeuchi chef arms were trained in the 'hamburger' in blossom


"Jeu de Leysin 2014 Paul Giraud "

The Center is called the Grand Cru of the CognacGrand Champagne districtOfUgni-Blanc 100%In is built of fine sparkling grape juice。Hand-made Cognac famous producersPaul Giraud。Sweetened with fine foam juice、Sour、Good balance of flavor、Taste can be satisfied even non-alcoholic!


Amuse, "Fran of the scallops and clams and scallops Ceviche

The amuse、Appeared in the cold scallops two variations。The hot side、On the flan with scallops and clams on a cauliflower Velouté、Is wearing a fragrant nippy。Rain、To warm and fluffy veloute South over franc smooth texture bleeding stomach、Perfect balance of flavor combination! The Interior of hot and cold、Lightly marinated scallop ceviche served with red onions and bitter-sweet herbal amanansas and、Enjoy the feeling of food full of freshness.


Happy with your choice of homemade bread with homemade butter or olive oil。


Appetizers "Rillettes of crab with avocado、Product lobster new Calendrier、Endive and Apple Salad.

The height and beautiful appetizers、Down with plenty of crab with avocado and mix smooth Rillettes and Foundation、Lightly marinated shrimp。And、Sandwiched between the Endive, Apple、A refreshing yogurt sauce。The crunchy texture of fresh endives with apples、Rillettes of crab with avocado rich, mellow flavor-filled to mix and also delicious.、Adding valuable shrimp of the highest quality to it and some also enjoy the change of taste.


Mr. Chef Takeuchi Masaki

ChefTakeuchiAnd it's serious gaze directed at the food、You can feel the posture itself all my passion into the Tray 1 Tray 1、The hearts of many fans to blow。To greatness without the waste of food in motion and concentration、Fall, you cannot feel them fall and、Finished dishes out for all guests、Gap between the last show last mince nice natural smile also 堪rimasen (laughs) from a regular customerDifferent face when you are cooking withAnd so it is often said that!


Fish "sea bass sauteed Fava bean risotto"

Suzuki wearing thick skin face savory toasted and crisp、Inside is plump and finishing。Under the、Yuri big beans, spicy roots thick risotto tastes at the source of the chrysanthemum.


Meat dish "beef cheek with red wine Braised truffle meat sauce grilled seasonal vegetables"

The main dish is、Beef cheeks braised in red wine, meat and half over、Without losing the feeling of moist mouth melt has become a better finish。Well beef cheek is red wine Braised、Holo holo texture is called a、This is different from。Curvy、And soft、Moist。The husband and wife、Beef cheek meat stew was good but、Good awareness to overturn the 1 dish。You smell of truffles are elegant, rich red wine sauce、Balsamic vinegar and flavored with excellent stand! Seasonal root vegetables (carrots、Turnip、Black radish、Brussels sprouts, etc) of Grill will be served with purée of Jerusalem artichoke (Jerusalem artichoke).


Marriage anniversary, 3rd anniversary commemorative plates "Mandarin orange sherbet"

Wedding anniversary 3rd anniversaryThe Memorial in France, gave a message。On this day、3 couples were sat on the counter all day seemed to be、Counter happy aura in full bloom now。Is with you!


Along with Baba citrus yogurt sorbet

At the bottom a、There are plenty of dekopon and orange、The pink and white grapefruit、And served on a lemon-scented white wine jelly and yogurt sorbet。Guests can enjoy a refreshing citrus flavor and aroma、It is beautifully balanced desserts。At dinner the other day.、Not to mention the food here for the dessert、And had a hand in all、Overall nice。Feels hot soul food、It also speaks to the remarkable taste!


Dessert "Mille-Feuille of apples served with Calvados-flavored Vanilla"

The Mille-Feuille of wearing a sheet of jelly Apple Apple、Served with flavor was vanilla ice cream with Calvados liqueur。A mille-feuille with vanilla flavor are recommended.


Drinks: coffee and petits fours 'smooth chocolate bite-sized and Madeleine

For lunch starting late、We only produce shop obsession、TakeuchiThe chef"Happy anniversary!"And gave sight to greet。TakeuchiEnjoy chat time French restaurant in the Kansai area chefs are advised to introduce them。Best Memorial Day lunch a lovely unforgettable!TakeuchiSan、Will it also be suggested.

La Floraison de TAKEUCHI
2-12-12 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture arc Sakae Masaaki Shirakawa Kioicho Park Bldg. 1F, TEL:052-218-6738
Hours of operation 12:00-13:30(L.O)、18:00-21:00(L.O)
Closed on Mondays:Every Monday、Once a month holiday is (occasionally)

2-12-12 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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