"Now and forever renal" autumn long nights sipping quietly enjoy the à la carte dinner


Yet as mokuren sat quietly、Define a dignified、Great building with symbol tree can be viewed from the garden, trees and forever presence、Here owner and reborn through collaboration and a new chef café & restaurant "Now and forever renal"Mr.。Last year2013December 3rd (Tue)To re-open as a French restaurant。Chef will be here this timeOnoue, ShigeakiMr. a、After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、"Grandxiv Lake' In Italian "Lucci Cole"Is it the 務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、Provided mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine。The building was built a castle、A solemn atmosphere lit up the faces of the day also.


The fireplace has been installed、A warm fire on a cold day light will be。Store is wearing a tablecloth、Unlike the soft natural light of the day、Instantly with warm lighting and mellow space。 On this day、Madame meeting a celebrity setting has been、So you can shoot without worrying about arresting us couple、We have through not to back private room。On this day、Roommates in two à la carte to bring wine to take turns to 2 servings with appetizers、Fish、Asked in the flesh!


"Astoria cold wine 9.5 Pink "Italy Veneto glass ¥ 800

Let the first Cup in glass。Alcohol content9.5%And from that bottle large9.5Is named and is Italy's Veneto spumante。The bottle is white coating and has、A pale pink in color and enjoy to be poured。Here is、Wire parts in pink even Cork sole and pink decorated in、It is a pink color now and forever, 1 color! Anything、In you have a cork bottom pink Silicon、Great vent Plug and hard and for that。Still、Without the painful face one、Open the smiley Hall chargeIshikawaSan。A delicate pink color thin, fragile foam。Refreshing taste with fruity and also feel refreshing sparkling wine it is.


Amuse, "potato, potato and Bacon quiche

Tender sweet potato and potato contain and、Well with the saltiness of the cheese and Bacon、Is the Quiche women are very happy!


Appetizers and water Eggplant Terrine 2800 Yen

Marinated and high fresh Pacific saury、Alternating paved and eggplant Terrine、Taste is no longer the elegance of Japanese。Cucumber with will in accented Japanese ginger pickles!


"Michele Chiarlo & #8216; Plenilunio & # 8217s; 2007" in Piedmont, Italy

Michele Chiarlo is Barolo.、Has produced a special bottle of Barbaresco, Piedmont, and many other typical varieties。The etiquette of the full moon, impressive, fascinating 2007 Chardonnay。Shimmering in the bright straw gold color、Drift mineral notes and floral aromas with ripe fruit and dried fruit、Taste is thick and soft, rich。Chardonnay and Sauvignon·This full moon is made from Bran、Emits the elegant, polished impression.




Fish food source Noire gold bream roasted with 17 species of medicinal plants with 3,200 yen

Puritsu and a thick Golden snapper skin surface is crisp and finishing、Dry shrimp with noiseless on the subcutaneous、Savor the texture while enjoying the aroma of elasticity is。Served with vegetables、Chinese chive flowers、Scraping is 16、Do eggplants、Small radish、The airport reopened early cabbages taking plenty of、17A full-bodied noilly sauce using species.


Grilled green pepper of duck thigh meat source 3,600 Yen

10What kind of herb-marinated duck meat Grill, 寝kshit。You can enjoy foaming and gravy、Friendly match with roast figs marinated in Cointreau with Amaretto and turns into a complex flavor。Served with vegetables、Roasted taro、Square beans、Shiitake、Will pepper fried in a spicy sauce of green pepper.


Desserts "chocolate and potato、Biscuijocondo Terrine.

Dessert made to devise desserts with vegetables and Onoe chef tastes the told me to taste! Potato is pretty much constantly being、Instead, such as sweet potato weighs heavily and、Moist and smooth dessert.。Balance and lower biscuijocondo is good!


"Seven Spears special junmai malts '

The finish is not coffee、Kindly recommend Onoe's sake! (My joy) here, albeit with French、The creative French and Onoe, Japanese fusion、Sake goes very so put sake at all times。In the wine cellar with a 460 years of history、OMI Rosanjin also loved the bar is。Kitaoji Rosanjin (Oh anime's been dust)Known even after prolonged、Moreover by Rosanjin in the warehouse ("7 this must" of characters) it is stated。OMI from the North down and use the pesticide "玉栄"、Is sour in taste, dense, dry, unique taste of pure malts。While feeling the long nights of autumn、We will continue late silent night。But if you prefer a refreshing Interior day、Who want to taste the atmosphere moist and by all means come feet at night.。Ms. Onoe、I will come again!

Café & Restaurant now and forever renal
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2 TEL:053-428-7000
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday

8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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