Handa mountain "La Salve" of ensconced in the classic France cooking lunch


Handa mountain "La Salive La Salve"Mr. a、France's Tate Noir、"Taillevent"、Then return home and trained in the "Concorde Saint-Lazare", etc.、1997 yearThe shop was sanarudai up and reopen this solder mount。Using the traditional techniques of France cuisine、It was intended as heartwarming, easy to eat and Cook、As well as inshore seafood dishes、Game cooking、Built-in cooking、Rabbit dishes、Those not familiar with Hamamatsu、Further, the chefKoji SuzukiIs it their own home grown on plantations locally sourced its easy to eat, provided。Current、At thrive's appointment only and is。Lunch、Healthy lunch 1680 Yen、Paule lunch 2600 Yen、Chef twinky and course 5250 yen and tailored 3 courses。This time the、13Time and a halfAviation Airshow 2014To order Paule lunch ¥ 2,600 in short course in time.


Shop、Table seats 12 seats and has been room is restless in one room and counter seating and space to create.


Currently thrive in the、Distal iron cardsTo present and seeApple juice or tea"The US service the 1 cup of either。2Whats with Apple juice.


Amuse "carrot puree、Cheese canapés、Cucumber pickles.

Canapés of cheese is almost standard, and、A mouth-watering experience on crispy bread with a crispy Parmesan。Carrot puree、Enjoy the gentle sweetness of the carrot dish。Peel Peel cucumber pickles、As has been soaked with, leaving a sense of good taste.


Appetizers "Ratatouille with poached egg、Served with salmon marinated Ruby、Wild boar smoked ham、Smoked wild boar of kidney、Dried figs.

The vegetables were served on the、Edible Cactus shakishaki texture is fun, fresh and、It is somen pumpkin。Intersect it cooked Ratatouille with poached egg and a little thick。Marinated salmon is about feeling good greasing with Ruby grapefruit acidity and refreshing。The appetizers here is always fun、Smoked duck and wild boar ham.。This wild boar smoked ham, salty also taste great! Nice delicacy in kidney smoke trails。Well with figs, wild boar and nice!


Rice flour bread

The bread will be tailored to the food、All Suzuki is a good chef's homemade bread。France cooking pan is self-assessment only supporting characters、Referred to as plays a leading role to complement the most important。Delicious fresh bread always hot, with high-quality local ingredients are provided。Come enjoy with us along with homemade plum confiture.


Soup "cappuccino of mushrooms'Fluffy the soup thick fragrant mushroom flavor.


The main "pull, wild boar roast Mint sauce " 315 yen

Elastic and thick wild boar served with herbs and fresh mint sauce。Less wild herbs well below has been treated with?、Simply feel comfortable as like pigs。Potato、Bitter gourd、Along with broccoli.


Main source of duck roasted blue pepper

Have gotten several times at Salve blue pepper sauce。This source is love in our couple's Favorites。Good scents、Spicy and thick。Goes well with the roasted duck breast with vegetables and bread very well!


Dessert "Tarte Tatin、Marquise Chocolat、Vanilla ice cream、Kiwi fruit.

Finished to caramelize them moist with a thick body, Apple Tarte Tatin、Taste with vanilla ice cream and double! And the Marquise、It means "Duchess", in France, and then and feminine "Marquis (Marche).、So deep you can enjoy the rich chocolate.



Warm drinks、You served with Spiced sugar and beet sugar sugar 2。Cinnamon、Star anise、And served with crushed sugar clove GLA, making spice sugar、Very hot body! Always in the Omakase, which was in the course of the 5250 Yen、2,600The circular routes (the wild boar is charged)、Great performance! And、Things like when、Suzuki chef at your own pace the classical style carried without too much opportunities of course、Easily fits on the stomach gently。I make time and you want to visit again!

La Salive La Salve
1-18-28 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-434-9966(Appointment preferred)
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30 18:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays、No. 1 Monday

1-18-28 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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