Day and forever renal verdant courtyard dining experience pampering of wine.


Yet as mokuren sat quietly、Define a dignified、Symbol tree can be viewed from the garden "LENRI Trees"The building with the atmosphere of a castle full of presence、Owner of this restaurant and has been transformed by collaboration and a new chef。Café & Restaurant "Now and forever renal"Mr. a2013December 3rd (Tue)ToFrench restaurantAnd re-opening。Chef will be here this timeOnoue, ShigeakiMr. a、After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、"Grandxiv Lake' In Italian "Lucci Cole"Is it the 務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、Has been conducted as a colonial France restaurant around your garden through the fusion of East and West.


While watching the scenery ago your garden you can enjoy the four seasons、Enjoy a delicious meal enjoy blissful time。Now、We also book in advance、Happy chef Onoe's Omakase course lunch。Usually the menu、As shown below。

Lunch hospitality of the chef
And you can choose three from five hors d'oeuvres starters。Soup、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 2850 yen (tax excluded)
-Meat dishes、Bread、Coffee 1600 yen (tax excluded)
-Fish dishes、Bread、Coffee 1400 yen (tax excluded)
-Pasta、Bread、Coffee 1250 yen (tax excluded)、Seasonal diet of pasta、Bread、Coffee 1850 yen (tax excluded)
(The above 3 courses、+1000 yen by three hors d'oeuvres and desserts, you can add)

By Chef hospitality
-Hors d'oeuvres、Soup、Fish or meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 3800 yen (tax excluded)
-Hors d'oeuvres、Soup、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 5000 yen (tax excluded)
• Hors d'oeuvre dish 2、Soup、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 6500 yen (tax excluded)
Home featured colonial v wrench (each have combined to 5 plates each serving alcohol) soup、Dessert、Coffee 12000 yen (tax excluded)
* À la carte dishes also available、Booking of course depending on your budget or banquets。


On this day、Very good climate、Courtyard with elegant sparkling wine wanted、Visit to the courtyard terrace is based on、Summer breeze feeling I feel good、As what we humans are not、MosquitoBut the place originally occupied (lol)、So mosquito bites are easy-to-master、In a matter of minutes and not with three fine、It swelled up。By saying that、And in just a few minutes away、Next decided to have move to the counter with a courtyard view (lol)、When to use the terrace、Insect guardI try to bring.


"Astoria cold wine 9.5 Pink "Italy Veneto 4, 500 yen

Alcohol content9.5%And from that bottle large9.5Is named and is Italy's Veneto spumante。The bottle is white coating and has、A pale pink in color and enjoy to be poured。Here is、Wire parts in pink even Cork sole and pink decorated in、It is a pink color now and forever, 1 color! Anything、In you have a cork bottom pink Silicon、Great vent Plug and hard and for that。Still、Without the painful face one、Open the smiley Hall chargeIshikawaSan。A delicate pink color thin, fragile foam。スッキリとした味わいでありながらフルーティーさも感じることができプチ贅沢な時間の幕開けです「昼間から羨ましい限りです♪」And、石川さんのボヤキが入りながらも楽しいランチタイムをスタートさせましょう♪


Amuse foregracannard Sawtelle wine marinated with caramelized yuigahama from Sakura shrimp



Seafood chef's dish of the day ' raised on blue sea bream roasted summer vegetables, noilly sauce '

青鯛の皮面をカリッっと香ばしく仕上げ採れたて野菜と一緒に魚にも野菜にも相性の良いノイリーソースでトマトやズッキーニ、Okra、Green beans、Asparagus、Eggplant、ポロ葱スナップエンドウなどなど旬の野菜がたっぷりといただけます♪


"French bread"


おまかせの魚料理の後は、In leave it to Ms. Onoe, order meats、That's our favorite duck。Open the reds fit there、Carefully and slowly decanting.


'Koster-de-Nimes la-sommelier Chateau-de-camp je"France 6,000 yen

Show respect to the tell the World wine sommelierOf wine appreciation, the image of women。It is、La sommelierエレガントで上品かつ力強く濃密なシラー100%の赤ワインですカシスやブラックベリーのジャムのような濃厚な果実味とスパイシーな味わい程好い酸味が全体を引き締めてくれますしっかりと濃密ながら飲み心地が良く柔らかさを兼ね備えたシラー鴨肉との相性抜群です♪


おまかせ肉料理「フランス産鴨ポワレ トマトロースト たもぎ茸・ヒマラヤ茸・原木椎茸 バンブランソース」

じっくりじっくりと手間暇をかけて鴨肉をポワレその弾力と噛む毎に楽しめる風味は無類の鴨好きなわたし達には堪らない一品ローストして甘味を引き出しとろっとろに仕上がったトマトと風味豊かな茸たち。And above all,、尾上さんの料理はソースが絶品です!見事なまでのバランスに優れたソースは到底真似できない美味しさです♪


"Germany salt.

But I don't Cook、Want to pinch salt and gave out this Germany salt Onoe's husband say commences。日本酒ならまだしも赤に塩?と首をかしげるわたしを横目に満足気につまんでおりました(笑)天然石のようにキラキラと輝く塩の塊細かく削ると滑らかな口溶けと優しい味わいコクを感じる美味しい塩です♪


「紅茶 ウイスキー」


Café & Restaurant now and forever renal
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2 TEL:053-428-7000
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00Closed on Mondays:Thursday

8501 -2 Miyakoda-Cho Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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