See Wine&Cafe Natsume ' mariage 1, 1 pair with luxury that only taste food and wine


Quaint Toyohashi stationTram (Toyotetsu City line:Fare up front uniform adult ¥ 150 child ¥ 80)To transfer、From the front of the 11 thFront of the velodromeOn and off、Shops in which the eyes and nose "Wine&Cafe Natsume"Mr.。The owner is.、Cook is.、And with the Japan certified senior sommelier titleNatsume Haruo.2012/11In the open。At the hideaway restaurant has been open only at night。Luxury11 set at night2Name-8 (or two) of Charter reservation is limited。Without menu、As Natsume's Chef Omakase fish hors d'oeuvres、Vegetable dishes (matahasarada)、The main meat dish、Dessert、Coffee4,000JPY (tax included)Only the SEMICON。Beforehand、An like ingredients and cooking methods、Provide content that incorporates。And one of the pleasures is to have Natsume,who is a sommelier in each dish and choose wine that he has mariaged.。Restaurant rather than、At Saab are invited to the home of his thorough Buri extremely luxurious time share!


Enter the store before it becomes dark because the day of the summer is extended.。At the entrance、The figure of Natsume who greets me with a gentle look。The font of the store name "Natsume" is、He is an artist and designer.Shintaro ajiokaWas involved in Mr.Ta-gridUse。And、Mr. Ajioka is in charge of all the approach of the store front and the renovation of the store.、Natsume-san himself stands on the site and is hand-made.。On this day、I asked the Ajioka family to invite me.、I decided to go to Toyohashi as a married couple♪.


Originally, click here、The place where Natsume-san was run with his father was renovated.。Most of them are hand-crafted by Mr. Ajioka and Natsume.、It was peeled off the concrete in front of the shop is the most difficult。The total amount of rubble of the peeled concrete is 5 tons.、After finishing its work,、Natsume back from an injury and got sick one day less。However,、The space born by ajioka, ideas and creativity、From that in Natsume's own joy and love is amazing、Ajioka's work in、We in theBut this far!and is so proud that。The table and the chair of the tree、Mr. Ajioka says it is a cheap thing that I bought from a recycling shop.。The first time I saw the table or chair、Mr. NatsumeDo you use this?And、He was very worried (laughs) but、If such furniture hangs in Mr. Ajioka's hand、While retaining the qualities of the original material、It's a completely different work.。Scrape the wood、Enjoy the patchwork giving patching、Fix paint colors、By creating the wounds and coming up the antique、Furniture who have completed taste。The world created by Ajioka ism is here.。


The lighting is also considered as wall art wall hanging、Sprig wide made with paper and recycled paper is getting big。Same taste with bare light bulbs to decorate the table lamp shade。There's a light leaking from it.、It exudes the warmth of this shop.。


Place a rusty oil can upside down、Recycled lighting。The gentleness of the light that comes out of the gap、It will produce nostalgia and warmth somewhere, isn't it?。


Although the shops along the road、On the yard、White Oak and sasanqua、And planted shimatrineko、Serve to cut off the hustle and bustle of the outside world、In a very calm space。Moody background music to produce the space and、Natsume-san's quiet and slow、And while listening to the pleasant bass voice that is spoken indifferently、Ajioka y and his wifeAnd the second daughterMiyata AkariMr. is a luxurious dinner together around the Charter start!


With the flow of the semi-course、Please explain carefully the selection of wines to match the dishes♪


2011 TRIMBACH Rhiesling France Alsace 4,500 yen

RieslingThe、The King of Alsace winesAre called、It's the most interesting white birch in the world.。 TrimbachRiesling、In the style of a typical Alsace Riesling、Dry and rich in minerals! Including top-notch restaurants such as three-star restaurants in France、Wines loved all over the world。 Beautiful yellow with green edges。Great finesse and elegant aroma。the flavor of fruit like white peaches and、It's as refreshing as ripe grapefruit or lemon.、The nuances of minerals also appear.。 The balance between ripe feeling and acidity and mineral feeling is very good.、It has a long aftertaste.。Enjoy appetizers with a refreshing, fine, dry wine♪


Although French cooking techniques、Don't throw away that the Japanese and、Including elegant Japanese tableware owned by Natsume's great-grandfather、Looking for old Imari etc.、Or Showa vintage Noritake is also purchased、Ranging them the table。It's made with French bread、Extra virgin olive oilFrom the Middle East and of mixed spicesDuke。ThisDukeThe、Coriander and cumin seeds、Sesame seeds、Almond、Stir-fried walnuts with rock salt、Extra virgin olive oil bread dip、In the one stroking this spice to、You can enjoy feeling the palate with complex spice and flavor。No refills of bread!


The kitchen at the back of the store、I can see it through the glass.、1You can also enjoy carefully making dishes to breathe into a plate.。


Grilled Italian good Lake tap fishing mackerel

Time、Sage、Anchovy、Garlic、Using EX virgin olive oil、Can be made into freshly caught sashimiHorse mackerelto grilled herb bread crumbs。Fluffy softness shows the freshness.。And、country of origin of French wash type cheeseMunsterPut on、Paprika、Eggplant、Asparagus、Tomatoes、Oven-grilled with a slow time to cook。Moist and、Oven-roasted with the original sweetness and flavor of vegetables。The dumplings、13070 minutes at C、Asparagus and snack peas、Boiled with Sicilian sea salt、Warm with manstere in an oven at 230 degrees Celsius.。250The paprika baked in 14 minutes at C is marinated by adding Salzburg rock salt to the moisture contained inside.、How to change the temperature according to the moisture content of each vegetable。It's been a long time since I've had a plate where I can taste vegetables in this luxurious way♪


See 2012 Domaine du Nozay SINCERRE"France Loire 5500 Yen

One dish:FricasseeTo use theSancerreI was able to select the wine of。Romane Conti's ownerVilaineThe real sister of Mr. builtSancerre。There is a sense of transparency、The herb-ish scent of Sauvignon Blanc rises straight from the glass、When you include it in your mouth,、In addition to the fresh fruitiness from the aroma、Extremely high-quality and elegant acidity spreads。The aftertaste is thin and long.、With a delicate scent、It is wrapped in a refreshing acidity forever♪


"Fricassee Trigg caught in Mikawa Bay and clams

Original、In shellfishFricassee (that the France home cooked in white sauce)There is no dish with the name、It seems to have been recognized for about 30 years.。After frying the leeks with butter milked in Toyohashi、Add white wine and simmer salier (add flour)、It is finished in the sauce with Toyohashi's milk.。Before serving、It is heated sequentially asari and trigger、Finished with Salzburg rock salt and a little lemon juice。The side-by-side so-so-mame is boiled with Sicilian salt.、After heating lotus grass without water、It is seasoned with rock salt by sour oil.。I'm surprised.、The texture of the trigger and clam! And、A smooth fricasse sauce with a gentle taste that is stunningly intertwined with the material。And there's no reason why it doesn't go well with the wine you selected! It's not just the gorgeous look.、Even though it's simple、It is one dish that you can enjoy the wonderfulness of the dish and the blessing of the material♪.


"2005 Bourgogne Rourge Courtiers Selections" France Burgundy 5000 Yen

Up-and-coming importer、"Kurtier Selection" tie-up project by Nouvelle Selection and Kurtier in Burgundy。Even though he is Japanese, he lives in the village of Gevrey-Chambertin and says that he is Japanese. Lou Dumont's Mr. Nakata, who works on making wine thoroughly in every detail while holding a sincere awe for nature and humanbeings, teamed up with four hundred-fighting kurtiers from Burgundy.、各ドメーヌを回り特に気に入ったワインをボトルで買いルー・デュモン・クルティエ・セレクションとして発売しているワイン深みのある果実味とチェリーを思わせる風味そしてしなやかなフィニッシュのワイン。Click here、メーンの「静岡そだち」のローストに合わせていただきます♪


Roasted leg meat of Shizuoka and raised beef and potatoes

和牛は交雑種主体の渥美産を使わずに黒毛和牛のShizuoka growsUse。緑が生い茂る大自然の中でのびのびと飼育されて育つShizuoka grows湖西の小高い山間に位置する畜産農場のオーナーであるSugamoto ToruMr. loving Cup poured, grew up in the non stressShizuoka growsThe、上質な甘味としっかりとした脂ながらにあっさりとした柔らかい肉質が特徴夏目さん曰く食べ方はミディアム・レアがお勧めジャガイモは品種を問わずヒネ芋を使い、50℃30分加熱後約40分ほどかけて鉄鍋でローストしバターで香り付け。The source is、野菜の煮汁と焼いた鶏がらの出汁を煮詰めたものこちらも見た目の華やかさではなく夏目さんの料理に対する愛情を感じずにはいられない逸品♪


'Fruit soaked in honey"





Superb coffee beans up toRoughness of uneven groundに驚き、This fascination、食後にあっさりとRoasted green teaのようにコーヒーを楽しんでいただきたいと自らの手で中浅炒りの豆を砕いて粗挽きされているそうです。The coffee is、焙煎によっても淹れ方によっても味わいが異なるものですがこのように飲むやり方はわたしはしたことが無いため初体験です!



想像していた通りの香ばしい香りを漂わせるコーヒーは、Exactly whatRoasted green teaのよう!食後の満腹感をすぅっと撫で下ろすかのような喉越しです。The other day、味岡さんの主催された「Wild food Association"In the USDandelion coffeeThe suddenly remembered the gentle and fragrant taste.


美味しい料理とワインのマリアージュを楽しみながら味岡節が止まらぬ勢いの店内には笑いが絶えることなく響き渡ります貸切ならではの一体感の生まれる空間で贅を味わうとはまさにこのこと家族との大切な記念日や、Casual dating scene、Or spend pleasant time with friends I want to share with、"Wine&Cafe Natsume"Is it reserved?。Ajioka,、Madam、Akari's、Natsume、Also we can be together, looking forward to it!


wine&Cafe Natsume
Toyohashi, Higashi-tawara-machi 3-2 TEL:0532-61-0670
Closed on Mondays:Irregular opening hours:18:00~ * Appointment only

Toyohashi, higashida-Cho 3-2

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