3 don't enjoy the chef's Omakase dish famous funny village.


Chitose Mall town tucked quietly standing area 'Funny swings"Mr.。That seemed to be particularly signs shall not、Inorganic in hiragana small carved silver door"Funny swings"The retreat there menu was set up next to the door as the characters know of shops。Basic、No drink menu、Owner/chefOkamura, ShinyaHe has been serving the food stuck to the ingredients in the hospitality of the chef's choice、If you tell the budget beforehand、Staff within that range.


Shop、An adult in soothing tones in space、Looking forward to seeing the large L-shaped counter with thickness。Glass tables are in the back、There is to enjoy in the small cozy space made。On this day、After the Aru dinner party、Currently enrolled Iwata had attended Hamamatsu shinkin BankReal Ito TOMOYAMs. M's best being online。And heard the rumors from the previous、Also visit us several times、Always filled with it in because it was not shop、This time、You are lucky, you brought to Ito's regular。After enjoying a full course of delicious French dinner party、4Decided to be lighter in person!


Roberto hotaa mussels Spain CAVA

Roberto hotaa MurThe winery has produced top rated brewing facilities in the world, founded in 1987, and Cava。Especial-trade so-brut nature here is in the world most take reservations Spain Catalonia Costa Brava roses three-star restaurant "El Bulli El Bulli"The are known to House cavalaire。High performance at a reasonable price will ship after more than 20 months of、The grape varieties、Macabeo 40%、Tuller 40%、Parellada 20%。And firmly support the hearty fruit acid and minerals、This also seems to be sparkling refreshing taste is!


"Strawberries with homemade cream cheese canapés

Sometimes my stomach is full、Tender sweet desserts like Nice canapés。It is tailored by the chef made homemade cream cheese Strawberry 1。Served with Sun-dried tomatoes.


"Pecorino Romano and Sicilian early picked olives"

With sheep's milk cheeses and pecorino、There's a unique flavor and taste、Salty with features ideal for wine companion。Sicilian olive harvest、11Over that month to end all early picking。In the process leave the freshness of fruits、Delicious pickles type brings out the flavor of the oil contained in real!


This breathtaking pace and when eating Okamura owner's discretion、Order without at least good time with snacks several comes out。


White asparagus soup

Delicious soup are delicious! And、M's recommended!。And with sweet salt content of domestically produced white asparagus ingredients、The palate is dense。Is the full satisfaction of the senses and drink rather than eat soup。After this、Whats up chef's red wine、Unusual husband pictures I forgot (lol) it just、Certainly that was a fun, lively。A common hobby that tasty fun ended with the two of you have had that passed between the、So I drink alone, two people recommended this diet is not expected、Next good book is like a chef's dish。And、Can go together, and ITO, who doubles as a trip planning。Mr./Ms. Ito、M's、Come together again to try it ~ ♪

Funny swings
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chitose-machi 79 Taisho Bldg. 1F TEL:053-456-8883
Hours of operation:18:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chitose-machi 79

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