Think of real estate! FK2014 for rent monthly seminar


Yesterday、Held monthly seminars for companies related to real estate by FK2014。FK2014 and discusses development of the real estate business and continuing、A study of business management and employee training、Is an association aimed at sharing information for the real estate industry。


Greetings by the Tokai business network representative, first formed FK2014 and Shiro Horiuchi。


Next round 8 real estate group Chairman of Hitachi-guys and Hirano Osamu。While taking account of their real estate、Talk about the changes in the market even if they were。


This time as an instructor and call you recruit your company business management Division, Group Manager Okamura Masaki says。Okamura's to "change and select Properties、Changes in the market are going on right now "theme、Company elected、Also for explaining, illustrate the company hated for what company?、Based on tangible data explained about the changing needs of the consumer。


Here because it has recently become common property search site users and select Properties、Big bets are settled on the net。In addition more than access on Smartphones here recently rapidly becoming as。Under such conditions、Trying to register for many properties, browsing can be assumed to be the、Currently has grown to be during the quality more than quantity、Number of photos and more、By uploading videos to a higher institutional information is connected to contract completion rate up。It also says Okamura、Not only pictures in the future、Lighting、Been talk during an important slogan。Unwrap the weak points while the disc and then rose、It seems effective treatments be covered the well, and other benefits that。This is the same in any industry、How to produce a service or product?、Appearance is important to。For example、Little bit far from the train station to see a 15-minute walk from the train station、Bright shopping path.。Please try way butchers boast croquettes "and to explain the、Too far from the train station will show somewhat attractive to。I consider this as a case study、Demand in the real estate leasing in the future of not only the construction of network infrastructure of digital、Analog work, such as collecting information whereas in the neighborhood and lived with the foot is very important to be considered。


After the seminar the participants with viola, 1st floor portebonur Gallery is a social。Because it had been attended by real estate professionals while exchanging business cards with you all still talk we。Seminar and social gatherings can be in the same building is so useful!

Is received by Exchange of business cards、Are the following people for their。

Recruit your company Okamura, FAI、Akihisa Murakami nuts, I
Blue box Representative Director Yamamoto Yamauchi takatsugu's
Real investment advisers co., Ltd. CEO itoigawa, light and I
Inc. real estate President Atsushi Nakajima
Company housed President Koze Tadashi,
Company real times Japan President Chiba, big I
Shizuoka sekisuihaimu real estate co., Ltd. President Takuya Kato
Mr. Iguchi 2 Shizuoka sekisuihaimu real estate co., Ltd. marketing strategy Department Chief
Inc. ATRAC Chief Yuki Takayama
SkyPort, Inc. Rental Management Division shirano her


This party is not standing, was offered in a full-course style。Now、That might even have you noticed who always sees the WEB Magazine、We always use CANON 1DMarkIII... of battery in charge forget, I couldn't、Suddenly with a different camera, shoot the (sweat) but differ in expressiveness and weak colors ~。

First of all is the appetizer "marinated baby squid、Cercle with bamboo shoots with scallop.。

In the food-conscious spring、Now a seasonal ingredients arranged in the Center。Source the coal burned for 3 months, orange peel and parsley will fit with bread crumb sauce。


Soup "burdock soup、Royal sauce "

Senior staff were not called burdock soup based on ordinary Japanese steamed egg custard soup。It was popular in a very classy touch!




Fish "salmon Fuji MI-CUIT、Salpicon of vegetables、And saffron.

For Fuji salmon are farmed in the spoon trout farm without medications such as antibiotics and vaccines grown、Infinitely close to their natural state has a strong, wearing quality is best。Culinary rare finished in a technique called MI-CUIT Fuji salmon enter the fire only the skin。


Meat dishes "Grilled Beef Loin、Swords Poivre.

Beef from Hokkaido, good flavor, Grill、Special blend oil in low temperature with the heating cooking。Black pepper is the source、Flavored with green pepper sauce。


Desert ' patch ALE than seasonal specialty "

PEAR tart with red cheek out of sherbet。2 type of raspberry and a saffron-flavored Anne grace source's source。



Because the weekend long-awaited live "portetheater" is completed.、I visited with you prior to completion of、Hamamatsu is not ever the best space-completed! In a high-quality theater space image of the Blue Note and the cotton Club、Eat while listening to jazz or classical or liquor is exceptional! I look forward to because it will be held at the Porte Theater here was scheduled in the salon, starting next month and live!

Porte Bonheur portebonur
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21 Viola, 1.2 floor:053-413-0880(Please, contact private numbers)
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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