Pumpin' up the North ward in France Restaurant 'now and forever renal Bliss full-course dinner! Of the Board of


Yet as mokuren sat quietly、Define a dignified、Great building with symbol tree can be viewed from the garden, trees and forever presence、Here owner and reborn through collaboration and a new chef café & restaurant "Now and forever renal"Mr.。Last year 2013, December 3, at (Tuesday) as French restaurant reopened。Says chef will be here this time Onoe, Shigeaki、After finishing the training in Tajimi in Gifu Prefecture、I grandxiv Hamana Lake in Italian "luccicore" at the 務marete chef about ten years in the Italian and French came in、Fully utilizing the technology have been cultivated so far、Provided mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine。The building was built a castle、A solemn atmosphere lit up the faces of the day also.


The fireplace has been installed、A warm fire on a cold day light will be。Store is wearing a tablecloth、Unlike the soft natural light of the day、Instantly with warm lighting and mellow space。On this day、"One good Osteopathic hospital" And "Potato Osteopathic hospital"The Jinshan Ken Chang, Director, teacher," pumpin' up the Kita-ku! "A Committee established by、You invite you to dine in the now and forever,、"EVOLVE CHINA Dragon Ron"The chef sho Nakanishi will feast of Onoe's full-course dinner with family!


"Anniversario Conegliano and Prosecco and superior DOCG" Italy spumante

At the Astoria farm located in the foothills of the approximately 150 m above sea level、Spumante grew kind manufactured by sylvoz.。Light wheat color was green with a delicate foam yellow。Fruity with clear、Varied aromas、Sweet in taste harmonious and rich!


Amuse "Polo onion stewed in the ryujin Pork cutlet with curry and Ginger Sauce turmeric root.

In the nature of wealth Act mountain (tonnmakuyama)、Ryujin pigs raised without any inhibitions and without stress、No fishy smell so soft, pork-highlights。And finished in a Pork cutlet taste muscled and lean to、And served with Ginger Sauce。Along with the scallion tender braised in Curry spice turmeric root.


Appetizer 1 "concealed Sea Urchin turnip drawing scallop mousse spring dance.

Appetizer gleaming Onoe chef staff。Drawing named streets、On white、Red、Yellow、White、In a vivid color is black and thinly sliced, marinated turnip and beets line。Along with the original source was dressed with a refreshing aroma of yuzu。On top of that、Very smooth and a juicier mousse had Sea Urchin flavor plus scallops that resemble the butterflies were fluttering flower garden。Also look and feel、Fluffy out and even fragrant scent、And playful even enjoy awesome new is an appetizer!


"Marcel dies Alsace 2011" France white

Alsace、Local Bergheim Pinot Blanc、Riesling、Gewurztraminer is 70%、Pinot Noir、Pinot Gris、Muscat、Silvaner is 30%、The blended wine。But the bitterness remains characteristic soft acidity and taste during a brilliant condensation of complex flavor、Cut off the dazzling aromatic、Draws a sweet incense。Dies in the most reasonable wines and while it、Excellent balance equal to the price of other Domaines delicacy、Is a day without wine!


Appetizer 2 "slowly pickled sardines and wild plants in early spring in plum flavored.

Previous、Onoue, devised new and undervalued.、This is the 1 dish of the whole body.。Put the sardines for three days and put out while slowly to pickled、Without the feeling of being 酢漬ke by sardine、Bring out the delicate balance just finish techniques。During the sardine、Large leaf、Three native potato、Accents and myoga、Feel the broad area of the Japanese.、Bouillon like jelly, beautifully finished, still includes the face of French。On the side、Is holiday Thunder is a kind of leaf mustard、Tara、Has been too considerate of me wishes sugar syrup to suppress bitterness (egumi) of the Greens who feel the spring of butterbur from the frying。Without exaggeration say Onoe's specialties、With its delicate taste is the best dish is the intensely memorable.


Soup "that you take 1 night soup.

Bouillabaisse is brought out the flavor and take pains think condensed soup。Coupled with the sweetness of richness to hot onion、Just add the baguette, extravagant aromas.


"Baguette" outside crispy while no longer was dust texture homemade French bread。


Fish "sea bream Meanwhile Philoctetes with clam and Hamana Lake from seaweed risotto with herb sauce.

The other day、Onoue's "scales of the sea bream is a I love crispy! "And for allegedly、Fish dishes are offered right there! (I) feel stood on scales "tilefish Meanwhile Philoctetes" and around naming there is Onoe's charming and cute。Inside and finished with、Scales are stunning in crunchy texture、Well with the risotto with clam extract and seaweed flavored with luxury good、In recently just had fish dishes is the taste of hell!


"Chateau foil Lalande de Pomerol 2008 ' France Bordeaux

AOC Lalande·De·Pomerol 70 percent Merlot 30%、Cabernet·In France Bordeaux、With flavors of cherry and ripe red fruit taste of elegance。Red meat、Lamb meat、Duck confit、Duck、Prime Rib、Pheasant stuffed with grapes and the match has been。Good compatibility with the main meat of the day and Onoe's recommended 1 book!


Meat dishes "veal lamb saddle under roast cooked vegetable herb marinated Porto and Madeira wine sauce.

And please, smart, loves lamb、Roast Lamb with rave we married too! Begin with out her husband enters the field of lamb are pretty good at.、The texture on this rum、火入れ加減臭みのなさに感動していました!それもそのはず尾上さんがこの仔羊の鞍下肉を事前に自家菜園の様々なハーブとの組み合わせにより細心の注意を払って下処理をされた後最良の火入れと休ませ方を見計らっての絶妙なタイミングで生まれた料理なのです箸休め的な付け合せの菊芋や根パセリのほっこりとする美味しさと仔羊の弾力と旨味を噛み締める毎の味わいについついワインが進みます少々癖はあるもののその癖を最大限に活かし高い栄養価と豊富なミネラル分を持ちヘルシーな仔羊をこのように美味しく料理してくださるのは大変嬉しいですね♪





「ドメーヌ・ミシュロ ブルゴーニュ・ブラン 2009」フランス シャルドネ




フルコースを出し終えた尾上さんを交えて楽しい談義を過ごすことができました北区に院を2店舗構える昌賢さんが「北区がもっともっと盛り上がるように!」と企画してくれた今回の会熟練の業を織り成す尾上シェフと若手でこれからの未来を切り開いていかねばならない中西シェフとの対談も含めとても勉強になる有意義な時間を過ごせたのではないかと思いますリニューアルオープンされた連理さんはランチタイムもお勧めでしたが今回ディナータイムの緩やかな贅沢な時間を味わってみて夜の素晴しさも体感することができましたのでこちらも心底お勧めさせていただきますコース設定は下記のとおりです。Ken Chang、尾上さん美味しい料理とワインをご馳走様でした!そして中西くんファミリー、Thank you for hours of fun!

By Chef hospitality
-Hors d'oeuvres、Soup、Fish or meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 3800 yen (tax excluded)
-Hors d'oeuvres、Soup、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 5000 yen (tax excluded)
• Hors d'oeuvre dish 2、Soup、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、Bread、Coffee 6500 yen (tax excluded)
Home featured colonial v wrench (each have combined to 5 plates each serving alcohol) soup、Dessert、Coffee 12000 yen (tax excluded)
* À la carte dishes also available、Booking of course depending on your budget or banquets。

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