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Handa mountain "La Salve" of utilizing traditional techniques of France cuisine chef Omakase lunch



Handa mountain "La Salive La Salve"Mr. a、France's Tate Noir、"Taillevent"、Then return home and trained in the "Concorde Saint-Lazare", etc.、1997To reopen this solder mount at the shop was in the year sanarudai。Using the traditional techniques of France cuisine、It was intended as heartwarming, easy to eat and Cook、As well as inshore seafood dishes、Game cooking、Built-in cooking、Rabbit dishes、Those not familiar with Hamamatsu、Further, Chef Suzuki Koji's own home grown on plantations locally sourced its easy to eat, provided。Current、In Salve、Lunch is appointment only。Lunch、Maire lunch 1900 Yen、Paule lunch 2600 Yen、Tailored three-course chefs care courses and 5000 Yen。This time the、In the chef's Omakase course always 5000 Yen mainly want to duck, you order at time of booking.


Amuse with mousse of tomato and carrot puree

We will put on the bite size delicate puree spread the sweetness of the carrots and crispy texture of bread。To the bottom、With tender sweet and sour taste tasteful tomato mousse is refreshing。It makes fun of course combinations and fine amuse!


Thrive's homemade bread pan、Too soft I is characterized by clicking soft texture and sweet flavor.


Hors d'oeuvres "sauteed foie gras、Salad "

Classic menu here.。Foie gras and sauteed crispy surface、In the moist smooth、And salad that provides refreshing aftertaste。Wine served with figs sauce and marinated tomatoes are delicious accent.


Soup "homemade vegetable corn soup、With Aloe Vera.

In the vegetable garden is the chef、Not to mention the safety、And try the delicious vegetable production、Use only day corn is grown in the home garden。In the concentrated flavor and sweetness in your throat a good soup、Texture can be enjoyed with the Aloe Vera.


Fish dish "sautéed fillet of flounder and scallops with Ratatouille、Bell fondu source.

Halibut and scallops are plump and is finished in a whipped cream, leaving the texture、Offers refreshing acidity with Ratatouille lined ball fondu sauce (butter) and under the rich!


Meat dishes of duckling roast erguett student pepper source

Moist roast duckling bouncy beats、Came out in a beautiful rose color。To not interfere with the sweetness of the duck、From fragrant spiciness of the pepper sauce。Thrive's food、Stable and which dishes still in delicate sauce, delicious!


Dessert "Lemongrass and vanilla ice cream、Mint tapioca、Coffee tapioca shaved ice wind "

Chef in the playful... and gave us the dessert!、Even though French poker ice! (Laughs) but、This shaved ice、The VC Poker is opposed to ice! Smooth in the mouth often melts、However,、Not easily melt away、We are leaving the firm texture。Was more surprised、Is the scent of Lemongrass and fresh taste! This Lemongrass in it's homemade、It is used in abundance。Around the、Fig and melon fruit、Served with tapioca coffee and tapioca Mint accents。What food was very good.、Is done with the surprise at the end of the last fringe was shaved ice、Is the best!


'Herbal tea'

Poker ice herbs (lemon grass) are delicious too、Decided to get a home vegetable garden herb。Thrive's food、Always "digested after eating"、Is the course "is the feeling of fullness but not painful," remarked with honest feeling "happy smile".

La Salve La Salive
1-18-28 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-434-9966
Hours of operation:11:30-13:30 18:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays、No. 1 Monday

1-18-28 mountain Handa Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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