Marriage of food and rare wine of "Ragappu L'AGAPE" to pursue a classic style with careful work


France cuisine located on the corner of Aoba-Cho, fujieda Qingdao junior high street tenants 'Restaurant L’AGAPE"Just showed up flying the flag of France。Main street from fujieda station is approximately 5 minutes away by car is not、I feel like know shop。Click here to visit the partner's three times in this。My second time.。When you run a WEB Magazine、As much as stores introduce new ideals and we have、4Lade Monday launched a 4 months says lagap's page range 3 times。To the shops you want to visit once in about a month.。This time the、I heard four, want to introduce the O and his wife have always taken care!


This restaurant is open to the 9/2008。Owner-chef Mr. Takayuki Matsushita Tokyo.、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、I was told was trained in France。Interior is simple with 12 seats in the atmosphere、It is a small restaurant。With Chef Matsushita's parents get a little、1Both kitchen and Hall has been Palazzo。Cooking course。Choose from dishes like prefix style。Lunch and dinner is configured on the same menu.、Only lunch main 1 handy provides A course 1890 Yen。This time the、In the hope of Mr. O Maine 3 course menu c 4210 yen each ordered!

menu A (Maine one article) 1,890 yen
menu B (Maine 2 dishes) 2,840 yen
menu C (Maine 3 dishes) 4,210 yen
menu D (Maine 4 dishes) 5,630 yen
menu E (※ To be approximately) 8,000 yen,10,000Circle
Bread、Soup and coffee、Dessert


"Air D'Argent 2009" France white (bring wine:For 1 bottle of wine in carry-on fee 1000 yen)

One of the few white wine "Château Mouton Rothschild" we-Tai Château is the greatest in the world in one building。And Erdal Jun、Named after the fairy tale named "Silver wings"。Fine up to shining pearl gold color and gloss。Palate is round and smooth now、Filled with dense body is sleek and pomp。Not be outdone, Lagat p's foie gras Terrine with rich dishes、Is a white precious classy palate-pleasing。Exactly this with the marriage of wine and food、Is bliss for lunch start!


"Jelly foie gras and pork shoulder meat parsley.

France is one of the specialties of Burgundy jambon (ham) and Perche (parsley)。Foie gras、Pork shoulder、Cured ham、I have jelly, parsley。Salt finish and pulled pork shoulder meat, boiled his mouth day pre-embarkation quarantine、Richness of foie gras sauteed with ball、Exquisite taste! The material is dense, the sense of volumes of the leading、Also bring a sense of unity, there keep balance as neutralizing the parsley finely engraved, channeled large amounts of。Even Mr and Mrs O's favorite was、You like what you see、That only brought you all the way from Hamamatsu、Fridge 2 smile happy moments!


"Foie gras terrine"

The terrine, foie gras marinated in Cognac is made。Jams is attached without let。Faint in agony in the depth of the smooth melt on the tongue and palate。In preparing and cooking method、Taste a very careful job Buri。And after a long day alone、Tastes with plum confiture。This is true for foie gras is。1 dessert-like dish.


Salmon and shrimp mousse brioche package

Covers up salmon and shrimp mousse on brioche、Is toasted in a terrine with type。Butter with plenty of rich sense of the combination of brioche filled with、Surface and being scrupulously moist though、Together with grease fill much of the salmon and shrimp mousse melt the sauce is also good。Matsushita says Chef、フランス古典料理は美食を追求する執着や執念をとても感じられるようですそしてそれを無秩序に体を壊してまでも食べ続けてきたフランス人達”フランス人は生きるために食べるのではなく食べるために生きる”という諺(ことわざ)がありまさにその通りであると現代のフランス料理とは違い生命力みたいなものを感じてしまうそうですそんな松下さんの料理はまさにその古典的なスタイルを愛し追求しています料理への愛情を注ぐことに力を惜しまない方なのです♪





Homemade bread

2種の自家製パンが味わえ、This time the、くるみとレーズンのカンパーニュとパンドゥミ。And the "pandemic"、Unlike the bread hard systems enjoy the flavor of the crust (crust)、Is a bread crumb (contents) to taste of France。Here is、So flour and toasted French bread-flour,、During the surface crunchy texture and the filling is.、Sweet。滑らかなソースを吸収しやすくなっておりフレンチならではのパンです♪



Here is、If you like, we will give a pan。The slick and bruise、Was exasperating not mild flavor。O夫人はお持ち帰りしたい・・・と何度も口ずさんでいましたわたしも同感です(笑)





「クプラ オアジ・デリ・アン ジェリ 2009」イタリア 赤(持込ワイン:For 1 bottle of wine in carry-on fee 1000 yen)

イタリアでも幻 のワインとして崇め られ平均樹齢100年以上の古代品種ボルド100%で造る”クプラ”ヴェロネッリやエスプ レッソが幻のワインと謳うク ルニは年間生産本数6000本ですがクプラの年間生産本数はさらにその1/10以下で2樽のたった560本のみ!とても希少価値の高いワインなのです!(歓喜)ワイン造りにおける畑から醸造に至るまで一切妥協のない徹底した完璧主義を貫く生産者マルコ氏の姿勢が顕著に現れるワイン正式にリリースされたのは2006ヴィンテージからその後はマルコ氏が納得のいくヴィンテージしかリリースしないため今まで2006,2008そして今回の2009ヴィンテージしか世に出ていないのです!味わうにも恐れ多いですが美味しく楽しく呑まれてこそのワイン(笑)豊かな赤い果実のコンポートやハーブスパイスなど継ぎ目なく広げ密度の高い香りがエレガントで上質な背景を楽しませてくれます。This is、松下さんの提供する鴨のローストに合わないわけがありません!さすがのワインのセレクトを絶賛しているとO氏は一言”ベストを尽くせ!”と自分にいつも問いかけるのだそう本当に格好良い御方です!


"Roast of Tasmanian lamb loin (yen +700)"



"France Challans production suffocation duck roast and confit (yen +800)"

This restaurant is a couple we push menu。Painted breast honey duck with ETFE, roasted、Confit with two delicious taste of duck thigh meat, provide。And étouffée (suffocation)、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent.。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result the blood into the meat rotates。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。Is that first you bite from a roasted chicken breast、Moderate elasticity and chew, juice comes out overflow。And spread, rich with juice、Body and soft and moist and rich, smooth。The confit、The skin is crispy texture well、Please wear soft。Gem Supreme chanceller oneness in the source extracted from the bones.


Dessert assortment

Choose from written on the Blackboard for dessert。This time the、チョークを切らしたとのことで松下さんの手書きメニューが登場飾らない素直さがB型の彼らしいかも(笑)桃のコンポートレモンプリンブルーベリータルトと3種のデザートは、Each bit may I have come that as you have in your stomach、Let's all types。どれも本当に味わってほしいものばかりだからです!氷菓は黒板に書かれている中から2種類をチョイスします。This time the、Hazelnut、Spice、Caramel、酒粕、Yogurt、すももの6種の中からヨーグルトとキャラメルをセレクト桃のコンポートは桃が出始めたこの時期に白ワインとバニラビーンズで香りつけしシロップでコンポートにシロップにゼラチンを入れてジュレにして桃と共に夏の蒸し暑さを忘れる1品レモンプリンはこの上ない上品な酸味と香りブルベリータルトの甘さ優しい味わいとタルトのしっとり加減も好ましいです見た目はシンプル、However,、そのシンプルさの中に松下さんの愛情が込められたデザート、Is the best!



Coffee Crema covered surfaces are clean。Good Crema is more detailed、Stir well away、To mellow the flavor、Scent gives dignities in the mouth!


Galette Bretonne

Place butter in a France、Brittany regional confectionery。Will France、Butter is rich with salted butter cookies。Enjoy a crust with texture、しっとりとしたとても美味しいガレット昼からのレアワインと共に午後のひとときを贅沢に感じるランチとなりましたそれも常に美味しく提供してくれる松下さんの料理とO氏の頭脳明晰な解析力とイメージ力によってセレクトされたワインの初共演の賜物だからですね!本当にありがとうございました♪

ラガップ L’AGAPE
Fujieda-Shi Aoba-Cho 3-3-28 phone:054-637-0290
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Fujieda Aoba-cho 3-3-28

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