Activation of the "Octagon Brewing" Hamamatsu City to Brewpubs gave birth

Brewpubs was born in 2/22/2018 in the city of Hamamatsu Brewery Hotel "Octagon Brewing(Octagon brewing) "at the party!

Here is、Hamamatsu providing real estate related business and entertainment complex "aprecio" around round 8 real estate group、Activation of the town wishes its opening。8 of 8 real estate and said it was 'OCTAGON (Octagon)"means an octagonal Hirano, Keisuke's I want to shop edgy representatives from the shop!

A bright pastel green concrete walls in the store、 On the counter was set up 10 books designed 8 cylinder with tap handle、Include a seat at the table for about 40 seats。The restaurant at the back、The brewing space provided、Brewing House was comfortable diplombrowmai Star (eligible countries) have been getting in the Germany Munich technology great beer brewing engineering Chiba, I invited put、Develop your own craft beer in earnest! And freshly made home brew beer、Craft beers also offered several!

On this day、10Among the beer of your choice to look for、4Feel free to enjoy with a small glass of beer tasting set BEER FLIGHT (via flight) 1300 Yen ordered 2 sets and "cheese" 600 yen and、I enjoyed drinking!

♦ TAP1 "Hartside (Hartside).
Nutty malt flavor and a rich finish with、A mild taste。
♦ TAP2 "Oude-Kwaremont (Oude kvalemont).
Orange peel flavors、Is the softness of wheat.、Fruity taste。
♦ TAP4 "Lervig Aktiebryggeri-Lucky Jack.
Stavanger Norway。Enjoy the smell of citrus hops pale ale。
♦ TAP5 "Fullsal-Session EZ IPA.
USA Oregon。Using the local Oregon hop、Representing outstanding aroma。
♦ TAP7 "ISE sumiya beer-nekonihiki.
Numerous award-winning Japan's best craft bruwery in recent years challenge the popular New England-style IPA。Fruity aroma with gentle sweetness charms。
♦ TAP8 "Moa Brewing-Hoppy Kölsch.
Marlborough New Zealand。Flavors of passion fruit and pineapple、A refreshing bitterness and a dry taste。
♦ TAP9 "Dupont-Monk & # 8217s; s Stout.
Loose en Hainaut in Belgium。1950Reprint of the beer was building at the time of the year。Enjoy the flavours of malt and hop bitter cup。
♦ TAP10 "Zeffer-Red Apple Cider.
The father of New Zealand。Without the use of artificial sweeteners、Finished natural flavors to craft cider。

Cheese plate ¥ 600

Personally,、 Oregon beer TAP5 "Fullsal-Session EZ IPA" No. 1 was the favored、While tasting and tasting a variety、Lot of fun speaking based on impressions of each beer discourse、And the guests had come and happened to be sitting next to nature and conversation was born、I felt the atmosphere cozy and widening the circle!
Birth of a nicer town crowded shops are pleased!

OCTAGON BREWING (Octagon brewing)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 315-25
TEL:053-401-2007 from the official website、FB from 053-450-0812, Japan
Hours of operation:Day、Moon、Fire、Thu 18:00-23:00
Gold、Sat 17:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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