Daily in the sense of "Burbank" standing around feel free to enjoy craft beer!

Bars and delis tapas of cuisine of the senses、Enjoy craft beer provided by the daily "barbanco Burbank"To!

Open 3/2013 in shintomi-Cho, Toyama City、3Year to after 3/2016、Useful events and women's meeting on the second floor seats to increase、1As "char-grilled meat bars" in the concept differs from the floor with sofa seating where you can enjoy a meal renewal open!

From the tap for 8ports pour the beer was placed next to the counter、Daily provides a variety of craft beer、Person enjoy in standing style、Just like the authentic Spanish!

Open from 11 am in the morning、Since that is no idle time through sales、Jacuzzi will feel free to at any time!

Of the ownerS. TakanoChan to suggest beer of the day to hear Minami Shinshu State Breweries Ltd. ' Apple hop one rises "and" homemade ginger ale ", toasted!

Good acidity and Apple flavors、Moisten the throat with a refreshing beer fresh feeling!

Besides beer, balanced lineup nachuru wine for、What do funny at all! Sho-CHAN、Thank you very much!

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