Gather cool adults who see Boca Chika"Barcelona's hottest cocktail bar

Barcelona last night、Call instruction began late at night time!

Really got to take care during your stayRona YamashitaHere, interviewed at the invitation from the、Affiliate store adjacent to the Barcelona cool adults who gather high-class restaurant "Boca Grande" "Boca Chika" the popular cocktail bar!

To tell the truth here.、Before coming to Spain、Luxurious store design or designs on love and yearned for shops、Stylish arrangement of Rona knew it was there!

Shop and prohibited shooting with a DSLR camera、Only camera phone photography is allowed!

Dark Interior、Antique furnishings、Luxurious spread.、A Moody time guests are welcome!

Best cocktails while the applause to the terrible magician to demonstrate the magic table to entertain!

Suitable for decorating in Barcelona last night time!

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