"Akasaka dot &ble' jazz piano sounds, cool music, along with the wine!

Located in Akasaka, Tokyo Akasaka Street stone walls on the first floor of the designer's property of "Barbizon74"、Cool music and a drink Bar "dot &blue(Detained Blue) "was opened on the 7/12/2017!

Here is、Friends is active as a jazz pianist in Nagoya by, Shun Hing Construction Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Haruna Yuki (Yuuki Haruna)Shop-Kun!

Late last year when spring 名kunn and meal plan to hear from early half year。
Tokyo-Nagoya, back and forth and think very hard、Honor his spirit and vision, we have a courtesy call!

And the wall of the entrance sign of the store or shop、Everywhere now have dot design。
These are "human" and "tangible" likened to a dot (dot)、As a link between many visiting this space place、Also、Something please put ask is where rim to produce and design、
Even the name "dot & Blue (blue detained) "and is so named.

The cylindrical Atrium、Graham d piano was placed on the floor and echoes fine、Devotees don't be evening。
In the over the counter、The panels spread like Champagne foam dots。
Lighting is a refreshing blue-yellow、Green、Pink and purple、To view the changes in a variety of colors、Charter is available as a spectacular event venue!

First of all,、Spring with 名kunn toasted with Champagne "Frederic Maletrez'!

The white wine、We get a balanced fruitiness, mineral-rich Burgundy "Auxey-Duresses Blanc Morey-Blanc"!

In the shop、Discover a dandy gentleman resembling a 名kunn spring! And the name Papa of spring marks the 70-year-old thing! Opening Help while、Seems is enjoying a second life、My father very attractive!

Foreigners have to counter by guests and casually wander、Spring 名kunn speak fluent English too is、Can be expected to deploy a global reach from Nice!

Also、Positive youth refreshing help is staffed into the weekendWatanabe sliding (Shuu Watanabe)We are too!
He、By working in the liquor store is a wholesale wine to a restaurant or Bar、As an occasional sommelier、As various wine event planning and help staff a big success!
Utilizing their experience and knowledge to many people involved can enjoy delicious wine、Customer service has been uchideshi!

Red wine、The shutter Lagrange Bordeaux wine "Chateau Lagrange Les Fiefs de Lagrange.。
I enjoyed the cospawine flavor of black fruits and oaky delight rapt to deep ruby red color!

Wines with jazzy and enjoying the atmosphere、Spring 名kunn without hesitation and put hands on the piano、To me improvisation live!

"All the Things You Are" is a song title。
"You are everything to me" that perform in a romantic love song。

And was improvised live scene and adults who sing in a nice arrangement、You could enjoy the best in Akasaka night!

In the next month 8/5、It seems already held a "yukata jazz party"! However, we are interested in the ' dot & Blue "for you check out the WEB site!

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