Black Sheep Cafe art space and American cuisine is the smash!

Provo City's main street, was opened in the 7/4/2016 "Black Sheep Cafe"The、Offers American cuisine with a contemporary style、From locals to tourists very popular Cafe and restaurant.

Shop、And cosy with dark brown wood with refined design space、It is a sense and feel the art of stylish space!

Very cool huge chandelier image of black sheep!

The staff has to work hereJohnny A DinkelIs "Brigham Young University (BYU (Brigham Young University)"The student、Japan to have been major us hospitality in Japan!

Johnny had learned a language live in Gifu of Japan also seems to be、Good at speaking really fluently will be impressed!

This time the、May I suggest menu!
Will be aligned with wanted ones like American beer has been manufactured at the local Utah State。From the left、Mexico food and friendly "Epic brewery" for "825 State Stout" is creamy and bitter taste、Pop Squatters Brewery's "Hop Rising Double IPA.、Mango、The pineapple、The sweetness of the malt, orange or other citrus feels、Environmental initiatives an enthusiastic "Uinta Brewing" "WYLD SIMCOE SESSION ALE" is refreshing with uplifting peach sweet、The "Root Beer" Brigham's Brew painted a portrait of Brigham Young founded Salt Lake City.、Note a unique carbonated beverages with herbs and spices is a non-alcoholic! lol)

Salad "Black Sheep Salad ($ 9:About 980 JPY Japan yen) "in the、In the rich organic vegetables (Organic greens)、Prickly pear cactus、Pomegranate vinaigrette (cactus pear-pomegranate vinaigrette),Apple & Pecan (candied pecans),Cranberries (cranberries),Red onion (red onion),Is a good balance of acidity of the sweetness of the dried fruits and Spice (spice dusted cotija) and zakrobinegret salad! Apple & Pecan coated with a particularly sweet texture is accented in the best of taste、Provide high-quality Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids from Nice!

And、Best restaurant burgers "Black Sheep Burger ($ 14:About 1520 JPY Japan yen) ",、Green pepper (green chile),Cheddar cheese (cheddar cheese), (Red onion) red onion,Tomato (tomato),Lettuce (lettuce),(Chipotle Mayo) contains the chipotle mayo and、The vans you across the flatbread like PITA or naan bread hearty super Big Size!(((*° Д °-)-Giant French fries and so sweet to sweet potatoes, delicious!

Good news is that、Dessert was served creme Brulee! Bite to eat、Should be sweet creme Brulee so spicy! And to ask the staff、The thing with caramelized with habanero oil! Is a surprising sweet suites (laughs)

Getting food with beer in Utah, original and delicious American cuisine.、Lunchtime fun fun time Japan staff and now ♪ Thank you,Johnny.

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