and enjoy the otherworldly Taipei opened the door of the private that "members-only bar" VIP adult we gather


"W Taipei" Of "WOOBAR"In the later opened the champagne、
As well asXinyi areaThe "Taipei 101"To a building near the。
Introduction to Japanese owners of、4Headed by:、
Members only like limited referral system that can be visiting "Membership Bar"To have been doing。
Place name also and non-published。
Is photography allowed in the shop so、Let me introduce you only!


Dimly lit stairs enclosed by brick walls of the building rises.、
Generally not published、Sneaks bar called retreat。


In the faint light is lit inside、Where an authentic bar atmosphere、
While listening to the rankings、Enjoy time for yourself once in a while for a counter seat。
We、3People to sofa。


"White Lady"
White Lady husband be ordered in approximate probability。
Have the name of the "White Lady"、
A little strong, sharp taste、And、Gin street name sublime short cocktail。

I、Sidecar bar to order。
Since ancient times this cocktailCocktail bartender's ability to knowIt is said to、
And the cocktails I would ask go to any shop。
Instead of going to test your bartending skills that、The sidecar that suits want to know that the real intention is。
Very easy to drink.、Is cool, dry attack.、Nothing here can enjoy cocktails。
You can ask the height of the bartender of quality ♪


"Rise punch"

Just want to freshen up the drink and ordered、
Here the popular "Rise punch"Please put a cocktail that!
Gin base a pineapple、RAM juice、Honey、Lavender、Sheikh with shiso。
In the aroma shiso glass to sake poured like sake with cocktail、
Savor SIP and、Like the Japanese、Familiar perilla leaf aroma is spreading.、Refreshes the palate。
Is also easily attack strength、Enjoy a very fresh flavour and taste、
Women received is the delicious cocktail of looks good ♪


"Dry Martini"

The last husband、"Dry martini"。
Martini Gin base known as known as "King of cocktails.。
Proportion of gin and Vermouth will be decisive in the taste。
Martini here is、
Extra Dry MartiniI feel the power to the amount of heat passing through the throat with taste close to!
2When I finish the second cup cocktail、
The Japanese owner、"Do not decrease soon stomach?"And、
It is now and will be able to come Tsuredashi to supper of the deadline!
We head to Taipei Night5 next meeting ♪

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