While immersed in the resort mood in "WOOBAR" poolside "W Taipei" Champagne


Also famous as one of the tourist attractions Taiwan "Taipei 101To "around Xinyi area of
2011On February 14To be opened and、Particularly conspicuous shoot "W Taipei"。
"W (ダ ブ リ ュ ー)"That is the origin of the name、"Whatever / Whenever"In taking the initial、
Said you want when you want to come from mission。
MRTMunicipal EkiThe located directly above、Boasts excellent location!


Contemporary and stylish design。
Bar、Fitness Center、Spa、Is equipped with an outdoor heated pool and world class restaurants, such as、
Guests can enjoy a dazzling hotels Stay ♪


In TaipeiLounge "WOOBAR"The、British designer has been involved、
Interior based on red base exciting!
In the evening、Is lit up、Cool design
Extensive use of color bright purple color、A bewitching atmosphere.


Suspiciously proudly to gleaming poolside sofa。
About Taipei night I don't think another world exists here。


"Moet & Chandon (Moët & Chandon) "France Champagne

1743And was founded in、Champagne has been loved in the world。
The champagne was poured into a glass lit by light, pale blue、
But fascinated with the aroma of fruit and the smell of fresh flowers、With a soft taste、
An elegant palate boasts a superbly balanced and mellow sweetness。
Excellent night views in the field of view of 180 ° C、As Stardust a Taipei Night!


Sinyi district area to support the high-rise Tower County Palace in the darkness、
One night the Moon shows up brightly。
While enchanted wine and endless conversation Exchange、Proceed to 4 next meeting、
We will head to the membership of the Bar in the introduction of the Japanese owner!
Taipei night still continues to ♪

W Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal zhongxiao East 5-10 No.
TEL:+886 2 7703 8888

Location:Taipei municipal zhongxiao East Road 5-10 No. 10F
TEL:+886 2 7703 8888
Hours of operation:10:00~ 26:00
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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