If you enjoy the different dust CELLAR whiskey and wine here and recommend sneaks to the Taipei Bar


See 台北小巨蛋 (Taipei arena)"

Taipei City sports complex "台北小巨蛋 (Taipei arena)"。Has to be made in the plan two、Even bigger-Hokkaido University songshangUnder construction.。台北小巨蛋The、And use at sporting events such as basketball, ice skating、Is used also as a concert venue.


If you liked whiskey or wine in Taipei city here! And
Taiwan's famous blogger 'Eat Taiwan"Is it to who introduced"Different dust CELLAR"Mr.。
Japan speakZhang, MingAt the underground bar operated by Mr、Click here for sign on get down stairs into the basement entrance is。
Place、台北小巨蛋 (Taipei arena)Of which lies in front of
If the taxi台北小巨蛋 (Taipei arena)Get aim、If you walk awayMRT Songshan Xindian lineOfTaipei small busty IPAP stationThanA few minutes walking distance fromIs!


Down the stairs, and to infiltrate the underground
In moist and returns to the Moody lighting、There is a bar crowded with many people。
Seat spacing also are equipped with
Taking a seat at the table、VIP room、Box seats and the atmosphere they create.


Counter seating
Built on the side of the counter back and shop cabinets。
Stunning yet at evenly spaced intervals aligns bottle their whisky with a cocktail of spirits was established。
The number of、What! Approximately300Book!


To the patrons of a stock bottle、Show shelves and storage、Is as decorated as 1 display、As long as the beautiful。
In addition to the inside rear of、Is the glass-enclosed wine cellar.
Champagne or red wine、White wine is approximately600BookAlso it is stocked.


High Priest Kavaren for Taiwan-made whiskey KAVALAN NT $ 420 (Japan yen and then around 1,640 yen)

"Back when"And the、In the indigenous people of Ilan located in the snowy mountains of Northeastern Taiwan down to the East and the Lanyang plainHigh Priest Kavaren tribeOf that。
Kavaren whiskeyThe、At Taiwan Yilan (sansing)2008 yearTo the birth and、After the birth in just two years has won numerous awards throughout the world。
By using the water of the snowy mountains、In the manufacturing process from raw materials to manufacturing all within Taiwan that commitment
2010 yearThe were held in Scotland's whisky 'Burns Night"The tasting competition
The landslide victory in local stocks、Has proven its ability to be a real。
Give off a rich aroma fruity、Mango flavor was aged in oak barrels in the dense, delicious!
Whisky ever made in subtropical Taiwan's own taste so well!


Short cocktail of brandy-based 'sidecar'

Since ancient times this cocktailCocktail bartender's ability to knowIt is said to
I would ask go to any shop cocktail。
Served in a cocktail glass or champagne glass saucer type non-is my first (surprise)
A little 味気nakatta (laughs)
Here is minimum charge system
On weekdaysNT $ 300 (approximately 1,170 yen's Japan yen),Gold、The soilNT $ 450 (Japan yen and approximately 1,760 yen)And will be。
Not just as a bar drink、Because these are excellent food menu
While enjoying the rich breakfast drink、Come to soak the atmosphere in Taipei at night?!

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Different dust CELLAR
Nanjing East Road, Taipei City 4-21 B1 TEL No.:02-2712-9319、02-2712-9335
Hours of operation:Day-Thu 19:00Late-night 2:30、Fri, sat 19:00~ Late night 3:30(24/7)
Japan language menu with
Staff language:Chinese and English (the owner is Japan and speaks)

Nanjing East Road, Taipei City, 21st four

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