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Round eight real estateThe luxury condominium apartment series involved in "Art Forum,"The next toKJ squabbleOf Santeria and tucked away on the second floor, as yet、"In Hamamatsu as stalwarts of the jazz and this store is" is so established in famous jazz "HERMIT DOLPHIN hafermidtdorphin"Mr.。Jazz Center、Fusion or enjoy a 70s folk rock tune that JBL4344 sound、The jazz not only in Japan but also celebrates artists from abroad, has been held on a regular basis、Popular acclaim from the jazz lovers。The ownerDan KazuoMr. a、1998 yearThe shop is open since、Attracting many jazz.。Curry is now bar as well as a popular in the hidden menu offers lunch, and、Day and night, has been operating.


On this day "Gang true original Castle"Is he in had been present at the 12-year anniversary celebration was held after"Hamanako Royal Hotel"The friend ManagerOgawa DaisaburoMr. you teaser、2As a second House here.。Just、Dai-Chan is、Based attend temple's hamanako Royal Hotel is I'm in doubles as a meeting of the jazz event will be held, is wanted to foot carried。Event、10March 26, (Sunday).Held at "LEGEND OF JAZZ 243 TRIO"And entitled、Hamanako Royal Hotel is a legendary live Gung with us, 81-year-old former Jazz members are engaged it's so fun at the Royal Hall。If you are interested in、Contact us is try it!


Big counter in the spacious shop。On the shelf in front of me、Not to mention the drinks、Dan's favorite album collections of sort.、Jacket!。Established speakers you can enjoy pure sound comfortable、Is a space in the form of music-loving。A grand piano placed on floor corner、Although usually quiet there、Occasionally、The artist visits and、In rare cases like me playing in the mood、How to come across such a scene may be lucky!


"Oh my、It is an unusual combination.And Dan's、Major had been in wonder of the US and。Certainly、It is my first time to go together。Dai also share a night drinking and fairly long time no see I was may。In a reunion of the scarce slowly story, it was so much fun!


Show "fish escabeche、Liver paste with baguettes、Marinated salmon、Salami.

Enjoy a plate to taste various amounts。A full belly.、On alcohol will become increasingly catapult is a delicious appetizer!


Bowmore 12 year 840 yen and ardbeg 10 year 1050 yen

Both of us ordered the single malt。The Bowmore、Also called the "Queen of the IRA" dignified but not too smoky is characterized by、 It is dry, smoky and soft fruity feeling of delicious。The ardbeg、In the IRA's most smoky yet、. In the ultimate with a delicate taste self evidently、While enjoying the afterglow both delicious!!


They have brought from the shop before we moved。Played merrily, laugh freely and、Jazz scene is buzzing with activity and is well represented is quite pleasing ornaments!


As a scene from a longer nights of autumn、Try take a look at use?? Dan's、Big Chan feast we did!

HERMIT DOLPHIN hafermidtdorphin
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 326-25 KJ square 2F TEL:053-451-1807
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30( L.O.14:00- 19:30-23:30(L.O.23:00-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays

326 -25 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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