The new opening of 'Happy Days' came from the New York American BBQ


Fukuroi Station South residential、American flag fluttering。Is there as an American BBQ and American home cooking and confectionery shop2014 August 16 (SAT)To seeHappy Days-happy days"AsGarrett and his wifeAn open bar。Grew up a rich Florida is known as a tourist destination among the largest in the United StatesMark GarrettAnd、His wife is taking LASIX overseas experience utilizing the language skills still thrive on workAyakoAnd I'm (your name is wonderful:Lol)、Favorite American restaurant atmosphere、In the town of Fukuroi embraced in Japan has neither rim nor famous two achievements in the intently and、Hope you'll enjoy the taste of authentic small has been opened。The necessary kitchen equipment、And imported directly from the United States、Recipes are the subtle blending of spices、Unlimited authentic flavor to has been kodawara try。MarkThe、While usually open the English classroom、With Fukuroi is stacking up、A playful personality and friendly personality、And the admirableAyakoAnd it is also supported by、Are woven into the city of Fukuroi。He engaged in that Mr. and Mrs. happy days、Weekend gold、Soil、Is open only for 3 days、English and Japanese、Groupers are also flying to Portugal and Spain, fun, global shop。This time、Garrett and his wifeTo hear the rumor that being a fan of our WEB Magazine lade、I snuck (lol)


The warm wooden interior design & construction is "Warehouse fabrics people first-class architect Office"ofKurata cloth MikiWho has been involved、The brick walls and details、Of the ownerMarkIt also poured pretty instrumental in DIY。Reflecting the strength of feelings build up in his shop as well。The number of seats、Counter 6 seats、4Table seats for those two.、Can be used in the Group Ko's-table 6-sit 9 people.。2-There are also able to use three standing tables。Terrace seats、It is often used for meetings and small children to。On this day、Meet the scarce、Enjoy the Fukuroi night with some friends and his wife.


The menu is、BBQ pork ribs, sausage and chicken, where one plate becomes the main、1800 yen (adult)、11And children up to the age of 1000 yen、6Children up to the age of serving 650 Yen。The side dish、So choose from among six types, such as onion rings and coleslaw、Order to all kinds、It's fun to share!


Beer (Budweiser & Guinness) 500 yen

The only alcohol beer、Ichiban shibori、Budweiser、There are 3 types of Guinness。The attack against the gentle clean and taste bud、Creamy and full-bodied sweetness and flavor characterized by bud and contrasting black beer Guinness。2Will different types of beer.


Of the ownerMark GarrettSan。Has been a lecturer in English、Japan is not so good (lol), to those who want to study English in reverse、Tame in a shop I think。Garrett and his wife talking about words and、Staff with the Exchange、Even just listening to a worldwide customer base of studying to be one!


BBQ set menu "baby back rib (bone-meat rare roast side)、Sausage、Where Polk、Chicken "1800 Yen

3The main kind of BBQ cooking、2 kinds of side dish options.、Is a plate with a corn bread。Lamb meat、Have on hand、Do not be shy to get beans and good will (laughs) where pork Pull pool、Means "tearing" or "pluck"、Chunks of pork BBQ smokers of low-temperature over 5 times more slowly and Cook、Will be that the icebreaker。Served with special sweet BBQ sauce and mustard BBQ sauce at your choice!


Basket menu "where pork sandwich" 1000 yen

Basket menu、Select Maine such as Burger、Cornbread、Pickles、Plate set will come with coleslaw。Here is、RIP the tender loin baked with low temperature for a long time, sandwich。Across the Cole Slaw and pickles to eat Good!


Basket menu "American Burger" 800 yen (cheese + 100 yen、Bacon + 100 yen)

Hamburger garnished with onion rings and、It's American! The excitement in the feeling。A thick Patty on soft buns。Volume up further with extra toppings with cheese and bacon.


Basket menu "barbecue chicken sandwich" 1000 yen

The fragrant smell of smoked chicken, finely cut、Fit the original source, sandwich。We put Pickles in color!


"Side dish"

Cole Slaw、Mashed potatoes (Garrick、With gravy)、Baked beans (salty boiled beans)。Personally I liked Cole Slaw!


New York style cheese cake 350 yen (Strawberry 50)

With a smooth texture and rich, rich、It is sour and very good.、Freshen up the sense of attractive New York style cheesecake。Whats with the strawberry jams!


MarkSince I started and then lecturer in English、Muramatsu has been continuing students of home roasting coffee beans shop "Blister and Japanese restaurant"Is it the coffee brewed with coffee beans.。Current、And happy days, still regularly sent from stock, provided.


"Coffee" 300 yen

From Mark's American favorite American?? We have more dark coffee taste (laughs)Some friends and his wifeA nice kachiGarrett and his wifeGet out and meet you can、Very fun night! Mark&Ayako's、We're going to play again! See you again ~ ♪

Happy Days-happy days
Shizuoka Prefecture in Fukuroi, Shimizu-Cho 16-1 TEL:053-842-6733
Hours of operation:Friday 17.:00-23:00、Saturday 17.:00-23:00、Sunday 12 am:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:Moon、Fire、Water、Thursday

16 -1 Shimizu-Cho Fukuroi city, Shizuoka Prefecture

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