Run by sisters ' home-style instruction Bar not ' of a well-balanced lunch


Garnishes town streets of Hamamatsu City new stone building 1F2013/11To manage an open Twin Sisters、Kyoto-style cuisine of the restaurant "Home-style instruction Bar not"Mr.。To counter、Daily you you order、And one person can feel free to stop by the bar。Elder sisterJunko YamamotoLet's experience originally had been the bartender at Nagoya while also、It offers good hospitality Kyoto-style cuisine、Her sisterTomoko YamamotoMr. a、Is responsible for the customer service counter and Hall services、For mediums with the 2 sisters、Would be a nice shop feminine attention。Store design "ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"ofMr. Nakane YasuharuAndHusband and wife EmikoIs also responsible for、Recommended is because is the first visit!


Shop、8 counter seats、Table 4 x 2、Total 16 seats and a small shop.、Nice cozy space with a moist and dark。Such a thing、You instruction is not bar、They are also open for lunch、OL town and workers very popular place has become。Lunch menu is as follows.。On this day、2Order one at a time and taste both in person!

Daily you you lunch ¥ 850
-Small bowl, 4 products, today's main rice (free refills), miso soup, coffee or tea
Curry udon lunch ¥ 850
-Small bowl with rice in 4 parts, Curry udon, coffee or tea * plus 50 Yen。


'Small bowl 4 productsSmall bowl contents depends on the day。
( Korea wind amberjack Carpaccio, ganmodoki potherb mustard sauce and vegetables and seaweed marinated and dry shrimp with egg )

Daily you instruction to lunch、Curry udon lunch also comes with this appetizer 4。Due to the amount of curry Udon、Small amount is less than daily to provide。Also how small proportion somewhere in a taste of home and any helpful!


See daily specials you instruction lunch ' 850 Yen ( vegetable with beef Sukiyaki with )

Specials of the day、In Sukiyaki with beef and vegetables、Chinese cabbage and onion、Which is plenty of tender Braised tofu and vegetables、It is not highly seasoned、In a slightly sweet flavor、Gently 染miwatari tired body、Taste go rice!


Miso soup with rice

Daily you instruction seems more free's lunch of rice。Side dish there was small portions、Men are more pleasing?。The ingredients for miso soup、銀杏切ri radish is turned、Laminated miso relieved!


Curry udon lunch 850 Yen

Curry udon was a bit will take your timeAnd was told that、Sukiyaki sauce coming from、I come in about 5 minutes、Busy but it is okay。Udon noodles bunch、Average hardness。Curry、By type involving the noodles nice thick thick and mild spicy。White shirt with wings note is required! (Lol) the ingredients、Big Horn boiled and fried in、It is a hearty!


Coffee (coffee or tea:Cold also available)

850Despite yen and at a reasonable price、After dinner with coffee or tea drink。Tea cake is lovely and has got command sand。This satisfaction is great at this price!


Lunch time is、In subdued light and moist with store、And splendor of taken consideration to details、It seems like I forget the 忙shina of the work space。The next time、Line up at the counter of the night you you also let you enjoy!

Home-style instruction Bar not
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 312-8 TEL:053-452-2679
Closed on Mondays:On Sundays and public holidays opening hours:11:30-14:00(Month-gold) 17:30-23:30(Fri, sat 24:30-

312-8 sakana-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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