"GRILL BAR bar / 029" is meat dishes are Maine Grill dining x bar x Cafe


ZAZAThe central building 1F,2014/4/2(Water)In the opened "GRILL BAR Bal / 029"Mr.。Cow、Pig、Grilled chicken and feel free to enjoy more than 20 tapas " Grill dining * Vall x Cafe "The new style Grill and。The shop name029The、I thought "Meat"And wanted to read when and、On the meat, even though it "Zeronicuu"And to read?。However,、I'm sure in "029-Meat"And you will recognize that? So I think!


Shop、Spacious with a high ceiling spaciousness overflow、In an informal taste space、Casual atmosphere。This owner's ofDriftwood chandeliersImpressive。49 seat is a seat at the table.、A terrace perfect for this season with 28 seats and provides。The meat is bar Maine、300Circle-of more than 20 species from the reasonably priced tapas, including、Is a rich menu of。Wall shelves、Carefully selected wines from around the world more than 30 sequence.、The bottle is 1800 yen-and in、Feel free to glass 600 Yen ~But it is possible to enjoy!


For one person, easy-to-use counter、Has become a pleasant sight in the kitchen。Lunch、Butcher Curry Lunch 780 yen per week extra pasta lunch ¥ 880 / gravy very thick hamburger 980 yen / thick-cut steak lunch with all six (+150 yen with drink and soup buffet) is provided。As the Café、7Choose species from Dolce set is 500 yen-and affordable。On this day、Fukuroi popular Cafe "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"Is it of and owned by Nikko thisTakehara XING QuaternaryMs. along with lunch。"Hamamatsu、I'm also more new shops! 」Stream said、Is a decision not yet made to each other, your business lunch!


Set lunch 'salad'Lettuce、Red leaf lettuce、Paprika、A cherry tomato French dressing.、It is said Saturdays here。


"Gravy with ultra thick hamburger ' 980 yen

Smaller bales hamburger and French fries。Easy to understand and the analogy、Fresh chargrilledThe rice Patty a bit smaller size?。"And then cut in half lengthwise、In your desired doneness, burning at the plate.And staff who will tell you。


Cut vertically and、Meaty flesh caked comparatively solid and enjoyment。Reddish is less already burning and felt so、Personally,RefreshingThe will be compared with the reddish。As a flavorful sense firmly packed、Somehow American impression (laughs).


"Thick cut steak lunch' 1,380 Yen2to enjoy the 3 cm thick steak。Here was ordered by 興sann.


'Rice'Can I use rice or bucket。

In addition to、Weekly pasta lunch ¥ 880、They also include today's bagel plate ¥ 980。Drink and soup buffet is +150 yen、Seems to be self service counter。As the space at all feel free to drink with it is fun!。Now、After your meal at Cafe and coffee go!

GRILL BAR bar / 029
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 100-1 ZAZA central building 1F, TEL:050-5887-2990Closed on Mondays:Open every day
Hours of operation:[May-wood: 11:30-24:00 Fri, sat: 11:30翌-2:00 [Day] 11:30To 22:00
Lunch 11:30-14:00 Cafe 14:00-17:00 Dinner 17:00~ Last.

100 -1 sakana-Cho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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