4Tromba sindian opened January 23, "ITAYAMACHI BaR itayamatibal the adult city 角baru


To Tenjin-ya's site in the central area, which boasts a popular location in the good location of about 5 minutes walk from Hamamatsu Station2014On April 23 (water) Is open to "After YAMACHI Bar イ タ ヤ マ チ バ ル"Mr.。Here isSee kokoroodle、Corner bars for adults.Based on the concept、Though full of airy and lively for today's Barber m、And the casual rich space products and high-quality feel、Private room、BOX seat、Party room、Terrace seat etc.、Couple、Friends、Has become a notch on the settled groups, etc., where you can enjoy the space bar。On the façade、Tuck the glass circular film tension、Décor ideas can overlap depending on the angle、Leaking from the Interior lights also produce glitz。Here is、To shingle town set up shop "TRUMPET ト ロ ン バ"Is it the Xindian and、Women's Association and the parties、Entertainment、Available to the various parties, etc.。This design planning、Store exterior design、T.、Shop display、Various types of sign design、Video production is a、The other dayintroduced in ladeAnd、He even hereDesignerdEL sp design Kawai, Norihiro (kawaisadafumi)Mr! Actually,、8Tromba was opened two years ago in shingle town store's design was also in Kawai-Kun、When you have passed、Also newly commissioned making edge produced a shop is!


It said the adult Cafe、Despite the black and white dark dear、And forget some playful space。The glittering ceiling of 200 circle mobile、Wind and temperature、While feeling the movement inside at the time of、The entire space is for giving "fluctuation" of light and shadow。Wall became a 150 inch big screen、Creating landscapes in the projection mapping, etc.。During the day、Providing a lunchbuffet and colorful Mediterranean dishes、In the evening、As a dining bar with two faces have pleasing seems。Menu details as shown below.。

Lunch BuffetAdults 1,580 yen Junior (elementary school students) ¥ 1,200 children (4 years old to 6 years old) 700 yen Kids (less than 3 years) 0 yen
120-Free food & drink-。
Freshly baked pizza (0 yen) in order to table you have the。(Margherita、3Cheese pizza、Pizza with ham and anchovies)
Kids vanilla ice 0 yen Suites la mode one 250 yen
Pre-lunch links wine or beer, including 200 yen ~
Lunch plan3,000 yen 150 minutes (alcoholic drink)

DinnerTapas and around 300 yen ~ around 1,000 staff and a rich assortment of


Per person in counter bar installed so feel free to enjoy cocktails and wines。There's powerful wall height glass shelving、Lit up, plus gorgeous!


From private rooms designed on the walls around the floor、Street enjoying the city appearance of the person or a quiet night of lights、Spend a relaxing time in the sofa seat.


And full of airy terrace、Is fenced with trees, so this season is enjoyed Cup on the outside.


On this day、Matsui sisters and four people at the dinner。Cheers is also a celebration of the newly betrothed sister and vegetables Minako-Chan (right)。But sisters.、Her mouth slurped it is (laughs)


"Bottle of sparkling wine (Spain、Italy、Portugal) "each 2480 yen (House glass wine is 400 Yen)

Please clean and dry eyes、Grandlivenza Jaume Serra (Spain)。Built by the same champagne as an authentic bottle secondary fermentation in the Cava。Bright gold color、Has a refreshing aroma of fresh fruit aroma like toasted、Is a fresh taste of dry sparkling wine。The sparkling wine2This eyeFrom200Circle argumentA large service!


"Color pickles and olives" 350 yenCucumber、Daikon radish、Turnip、Carrot、Guests can enjoy a cauliflower and olives。As is a good acidity and sweetness.


"Bagna cauda miso vegetable stick dip to the" 880 yen

Is a Japanese taste like meat miso thick not feel Bagna Cauda。Maybe there is a little bit more thick and easy-to-involving a vegetable sticks.


"French fries" 600 yen (with skin、Straight、French、Spiral)

The popular choice potato、Fresh tomato ketchup、Homemade Basil Mayo、Cheese in Demi-glass sauce、Avocado、Spicy curry sauce、But good spicy Chili、Eggs filled with tartar sauce、After all you can choose two favorite things 8 kinds of sauces and spicy cod roe and mayonnaise。This time the、But a good selection of two kinds of spicy chili and homemade Basil Mayo。Nicely spicy Chili、Kawai-Kun was responsible for design here is addictive (laughs)、I so recommend the spicy curry sauce.


Cheese plate ¥ 780Smoked、Parmesan cheese、Camembert cheese、Marble four assorted。


"Boiled sausage platter with Pommery & Dijon mustard sauce" 500 yen

Is juicier sausages sausages like husband like order (lol) herbal assorted wherever you go!


"Casual bottle (left)" 1800 yen (select 2000 yen)

The chef bottle wine is 200 yen discount。Trapeze Austin Chardonnay 2013 (Argentina)。1883Boasting a history from the year、Trapiche! Mr. Robert Parker、Wine Spectator magazine is paying attention、In what range is a world-respected Winery。Is this "Austin" means "flower" in the language of the Inca Empire、Fresh floral、And guests can daily enjoy an ideal wine、100% Chardonnay dry。And the fruity aromas such as Apple or pineapple、Is characterized by fresh acidity.


'Pizza Margherita' 680 Yen

Is a type of thin crispy tortilla-like caricalipizza。Cherry tomato、Mozzarella cheese、Margherita with fresh basil!


Tomato sauce simmered Mediterranean vegetables and beans 500 yen

With a caponata of tomato sauce、The beans are in a wide variety and is a healthy and popular woman.


With spicy Cajun Chicken in savory Chicken in domestic 1280 Yen

For the main dish、Order here, invited me to name my favorite Cajun spice。Chicken bone, a volutmiy is a juicy! It is quite dark so pretty solidly locked spice taste。On alcohol、Good dish out little by little.。What is reasonable really is、And hand placed over the price, value for money。Indeed、Tromba?! Our new store、Including the customer ever tromba,、In addition、Atmosphere a little adult lines of people so you can attract。Will surely give headlines the itaya-machi a quiet night.

After YAMACHI Bar イ タ ヤ マ チ バ ル
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 612-1 F TEL:053-525-7435Closed on Mondays:Every Monday
Hours of operation:Lunch buffet 11:00-16:00(Last door 14:00) Dinner 17:00-24:00(Last order 23:00-

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 612

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