YAIZU station information multicuisine dining "Sakae-Cho YAIZU idzumiya' newly opened!


Port city、YAIZU city "fish t-shirt" 、"Skipjack striped shirt" that sells clothing store established. "Izumi as" I's son YAIZU station international cuisine of the restaurant "Sakae-Cho YAIZU idzumiya"Was newly opened in the 7/1/2013。On weekdays、Any weekend、Knowing the rumors have blossomed on the YAIZU station day and night、Ma-Chan birthday party venue is decided here.


11 o'clock on a weekday and no even to this day、Shop showed great success Buri full。Shop floor unadorned exposed high ceilings and timber to good use and、Define taste retro clock, antique-style lighting、Is also warm、Has become a cozy gathering of young people.


2Next meeting m. wise, sanshiki led、At least neat、Okada-Kun、Kansei-CHAN、Joined by a US couple。4Were six seater table forcibly stuffed GuaGua、It is good for invest such flexibility also in the shop!


"MAS Bertrand / Cava Brut jinkou, reserva Varma "

First is the toast with Cava。Spain is the foam of the Penedès region。Like followed by the sweet aroma of the fruits getting ripe in flavor、As the temperature rises、More felt the whiff of fruit nectar。Cava and is rich of scents。The bubble itself is also Cava so delicate and far is、I think an elegant cava, fruit and mineral rich comfortable spread in the mouth with an adequate thickness.


Alcohol appetizer "anchovy potato salad" on glad Po adult is potato salad!


No soft onion Ginger Sauce for chicken 480 Yen was chicken with spring onion and Ginger Sauce will neatly!


Fun's sake than sorry、Then got 1 bottle white wine。After they drank the chamisul soju in Korea with a beer、CAVAS wine... completely champon is determined to (laughs)


"White liver mousse of chicken (Brulee style)" 480 Yen

And chicken liver mousse、Brulee style, then caramelize the surface。Another dish with honey、Must be accompanied by baguette liver mousse and honey.。It is on the wine is best、So obtained high reputation as a girls drink Cafe specification appetizer menu!


"Oldie but red sausage fried" 450 Yen

Nostalgia for my strong reaction shown red sausage in order (lol) surely nostalgic taste。And to please and wants for served with mustard、Contributed to Dijon mustard。Red sausages like children.、Combined with mustard overflows acidity、Adult's thumb is a makeover!


This is Terao Yuichi Takeshi's owner and chef.。Bright handily、We produce food and light。Very low waist charming madness! I can't shop of this kind is not popular.


"Cheese Brulee style.

This is no 1 on the menu goes with wine as well as gave me a shopkeeper.。You caramelize the smooth cheese also。Good with alcohol to drunk and the owner is (laughs)


Appetizers are good、Wine is making progress.、Next order with red wine。Strong alcohol will, wisdom,、Was not at its usual pace (laughs)


"Grace Pinot Noir" 5000 Yen

Traditional varieties of Japan、Eager to tackle the Koshu vineyards、Central wine (Grace wines)。In a vivid red、Aroma is somewhat modest red fruits (Raspberry、Raspberry) the nuances of apricot aromas and barrels and iodine incense。The palate is、It is strongly acid attack、While a straight impression、Charming, modest tannins are subtle and mellow。And feel the nuances of plum finish、Wine perfect for snacks!


"Meat and tomato sauce pasta 1200 Yen

To finish I ordered pasta。So after the BBQ Party food is not、1Dish with everyone happily share fun little by little.。Delicious pasta often habitual tender Braised beef tendons with the youthful acidity of the tomato soup.。Of the light, reasonably priced snack meal menu is also extensive、I think that the shop where you can enjoy a good balance between。Fun wedding party's continued until midnight、Dissolve each。Like every time our couples、At least Chin's have stayed at home.、Lots of stories, living at the beginning third parties、If outside covered with morning sun greeted was。Let rest about two hours to NAP、Wake up sleep to be in (laughs)

Sakae-Cho YAIZU idzumiya
Shizuoka Ken, Yaizu-shi Sakae-machi 1-2-12 TEL:054-626-2500
Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:00-24:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Shizuoka Ken, Yaizu-shi Sakae-machi 1-2-12

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