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CHINA KITCHEN Midori Park enjoy casual Chinese weekly world lunch



Yuto Highway along the West Italian area of 7/24/2011 to OPEN the Chinese Jade Garden I。There are good-value lunch menu day、Is a large thriving Buri is a wait during the week though。And a casual Chinese restaurant at night drinking soju, feel free to use what has been。Lunch main dishes、It is recommended with rice, soup, salad, pickles and dim sum two and almond Green Garden lunch 1130 Yen。Night is 3500 yen-for it is where you will find courses by reservation。


Shop、In a space with clean and white、4 counter seats、In table 14 seats、Lunch is a pretty popular。Neighbor's cooking class "LAU LAU kitchen Studio"On to a lunch with the owner, she、Weekly lunch 880 Yen because there are 3 kinds in each order!


"Topped with sauce soup"

Is a nifty little thick with plenty of shrimp and ingredients to vegetable bean。The noodles are thin straight noodles。


"Pork and cloud ear mushroom and eggs with hot sauce"

Bitter gourd and summer has come! What is the image! Goya earnestness and accents、Improves the texture of the cloud ear mushroom egg with spicy hot condition、Has a mild。Your taste is a higher grade。


"Shrimp and vegetable Saute

Shrimp and spinach、Green onions、Pumpkin、Paprika and color lightly and salt fried。


Great sense of volume and set 'salad' Lotus root chips and sweet potato.


Set the "rice" this is normal size。Noodles for less with rice。


Is a nifty set of soup thickened green egg drop soup。


Set 'Sasa'


Finish the dessert almond tofu 150 yen

Now、That partner is at LAU's mulling working PC check、Along with Yoshimi's delicious food of story and exciting in the story, such as homemade jams。Today dark when that 10-year-old Yoshimi's son's birthday's、Yoshimi's own mother、Homemade cake, made loving Cup。Is the best happy birthday cake for MOM's!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku West Italian area town 61-11 TEL:053-458-2534
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-21:30 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, West I-field town 61-11

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Kettle carefully waiting for freshly cooked even food "Kama-meshi Tora and" at lunch meeting Low in sugar with a sweet "homemade jams of golota and strawberry
Kettle carefully waiting for freshly cooked even food "Kama-meshi Tora and" at lunch meeting
Low in sugar with a sweet "homemade jams of golota and strawberry


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