Chinese dishes 100 Chinese vegetables with plenty of hearty lunch!


Hamamatsu is speaking Chinese Bush Clover Hill、8/2016 of the year in round 10 years "Chinese 100 Ka.。 Uenishi town "Chinese IBE" and this is、 In Chinese cuisine, Hamamatsu was previously、Brother disciples were transferred to Kyoto is now quiet Hana - perhaps - from the(*́Д ' *)Bruno))
Similar to IBE's also hundreds of chefs Matsushita-Kun and his wife became (momo) husband has been Palazzo shops、It is representative of the shop staff and become a frightening sense of volume!

Shop is always busy for、After 1 spin during off-peak times during lunch hours and disturb you at the counter seat。On weekdays is definitely recommended menu "special"! Cilantro salad and daikon rice cakes、Come to the almond tofu dessert set deals!

The "special" of the day、"Pork loin baked Ginger Sauce"! Still, pile on a platter at a respectable size of、As well as plenty of vegetables as long as I'm happy! For always eating too much in、10Home of the only Pack what I'd、That leftover takeout! It is really great!

Her husband、"Chop suey sauce noodles.。Also with vegetables and、Noodles、Loose Frizz bunch flat strokes slightly tinged with yellow noodles in there has lots of volume!

The next year、And Matsushita and his wife's eldest daughter graduated from high school as early as the、While attending University will also help you shop and say、Very ideal for friends family! And then catch each other while、Is really two fine so still face last weekend! I recommend 100 Hana if you the morning vegetable rice.








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