"Silks Place Yilan" Chainese "Red Lantern" Eat Nigiri sushi of Cherry Duck specialties!


"Silks Place YilanChinese restaurant "
"Red Lantern"Now、
Executive ChefJeffery LinCreated by
Taiwan famous 1 original specialties"Cherry peach duck 握寿司 (cherryvaredack sushi)"、
So that half the total sales of hotel's popular menu!
yilanSpeaking of "Cherry peach duck (cherryvaredack)"、
Cherry peach duck (cherryvaredack)Speaking of "Red Lantern"As referred to
Would I like specialties.


"Cherry Valley Duck – The Big Five Dishes (cherryvaredack 5 dish course)
2688 TWD (Japan Yen:9680 JPY)

Yilan specialOfCherry peach duck (cherryvaredack)!
See the beautiful amber-colored complexion chivalrously in shapeCherry peach duck (cherryvaredack)Using、
The most delicious piece of skin's for sushi、The rest of the crepe fabricLight Scallion CrepeIn you rolled、
Going further in other areas would finish another dish!
But I ate Peking duck a variety、Nigiri Sushi is a first-time experience! (Surprise! )
Executive ChefJeffery LinWill great food!


In which quick cut!


Foaming and flooding gravy!


This exhaustive Cook!


Each enters the blade of the kitchen knife、Turned to storm comes out and gravy!
Meat was moist and the aroma of Misty!
Just watching, there are taxis (lol)


Cherry peach duck (cherryvaredack)The most delicious skin quickly keep fillings、
We will put on a spoon!


Sweet miso, Szechuan original with a lick of paint!


Put the cheese in the vinegared rice burners!


If you light all is finished!


"Roasted Duck Nigiri"

To caramelize them moisturized andRoast cherry Dack Nigiri Sushi
Collaboration between Chinese and Western、Inspiration springs from the sushi in Japan and was invented
Jeffery LinCompletion of the chef's original creations!
Enjoy Calipari texture the surface of roast cherry Dack、
Gravy from being filled with foaming and juicier, but taste、I feel sweet。
Sushi with sushi vinegar with cider vinegar imported from Japan were charged、
The original sweet miso, Szechuan sauce to hot cheese finished thick entanglement、
Has produced an amazing harmony.


Next in line、Crepe fabricLight Scallion CrepeIn you rolled.、
Here's is sticking to the fabric、
Taiwan most delicious ScallionBe referred to asYilan specialty productsOfLight ScallionDough has been kneaded、
Has a colorful, beautiful colours!


As the original sweet miso, Szechuan!


Served with roast cherry Dack!


Wrap topped with fried Scallion!


"First is the first bite was kneaded Samsung leekLight Scallion CrepeThe aroma after、
Is skin juicier by the third enjoy!"And
Jeffery LinChef 1tsu1tsu will wrap carefully!


"Sliced Duck Meat and Skin Wrapped in a Light Scallion Crepe"

Light ScallionCrepe dough was kneadedLight Scallion CrepeThe、Also I enjoy the fresh smell of dust and scallion、
Samsung onions brought out the sweetness by FRY and roast cherry Dack
In very well with sweet miso, Szechuan sauce original、Finished in a deep flavor.


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
The Marketing Communications Asst.ManagerAnnie LinAlong with the、
The front desk staffJack ChangTo have interpreters while dinner is、
Because it is balanced with、lade-Of the many initiatives we have talk。
Although there is a language barrier、Would listen to sincerely address and try to understandSilks Place YilanFor you guys。
Thank you that you have such a precious time.


Taiwan tea


Sweet and sour apple cider vinegar juice


Fresh watermelon juice


Executive ChefJeffery LinUs and cooking instructions carefully each ♪ (Xie Xie!)


"Marinated Tomato in Plum Sauce" 300 TWD
(Sweet and sour pickled tomatoes) JPY 1080 p


"Marinated Sweet Chinese Water Chestnut" 320 TWD
(Sweet and sour pickled Kwai) about 1150 Yen


"Boiled Vegetable Served with Scallion in Duck Oil" 320 TWD
(Lotus vegetable duck sauce) about 1150 Yen


"Deep –fried King Oyster Mushroom with Salty Egg" 350 TWD
(Mushroom salted egg fly) about 1260 Yen


Baked Scallion Duck Cake
(Duck meat with onion baked rice)


"Ma-Po Tofu with Duck Oil" 350 TWD
(Mabo tofu duck oil) approximately 1260 Yen


"Two duck legs"

On the menu、Cherry duckCourse of this exhaustive。
Part of the foot is purunnpurunn of collagen quality and flavor of fresh meat、
The recommended food sensation of taste.


"Duck Lettuce Wrap with Shredded Duck"

Shredded.Cherry duckWith our wrapped in lettuce stir fried dish。
The moist texture of the lettuce、Crunchy texture of apples cut into strips and sprouts
Be entertained with the flavor of the duck meat.


"Braised Duck Meat Ball":2,090Yen)

And the lion head is of Chinese-style meatballs。
Rumbling and turned large meat balls、
It is delicious with moist and cooked crowded soft finish with Chinese cabbage ♪


"Double-Boiled Duck Bone Soup with Chinese Cabbage"

Cherry duckOf using broth bones from the soup、
Cooked, made approximately 10 hours。
Plus cabbage sweet mellow taste、The finish is nice and tender taste.


Silks Place YilanOf which served as a General ManagerJoseph Chiang-is
So who goes to greet、
Executive ChefJeffery LinPhoto around!
Thank you for the delicious ♪ (Xie Xie!)

Red Lantern
6th floor of the hotel
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00、17:30-21:00

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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