Eat the taste of Xiao Long Bao Xiao Long Bao's famous "DIN Tai Fung" authentic Taiwan and Japan compared with lunch


"JR Central Towers"The、Jr Nagoya Takashimaya、Nagoya Marriott associa hotel、
Restaurant city towers Plaza、It is made up from Nagoya Station building。
On this day、Business meeting an around Nagoya Station.、
Just、For the lunch meeting was、
JR Central TowersOf turns to the towers Plaza in restaurant city!


In the New York Times 'Top 10 restaurant in the world"Well chosen
Shanghainese dumpling dishes in restaurant chains "Ding Tai feng dingtaifung"。
1996In sea out Starbucks store Shinjuku Takashimaya 10F (currently 12th floor) to open and、
The Nagoya store、As well as the opening of the Takashimaya Department store towers2000/3In the open。
Started to taste the Taipei head office "xiaolongbao (steamed buns).、
From the young to the elderly、Boasts a hugely popular on a wide range of people, regardless of age。
In addition、The taste was recognized by the world、
All over Japan、China, Singapore, Indonesia and America
Become a global brand today, spread in more than 10 countries 110。
For the coming Taipei trip starting next week、Have switched to Taiwan that there、
3In the Taipei tripDIN Tai FungThe would let us compare Japan with Xiao Long Bao Ding Tai Fung!


Design and clean Interior provides 78 seats、
11 at the Nagoya store:00-17:00In between the、With dumpling (4)Lunch set menuIt is recommended。

Shrimp Fried Rice set 1664 pie
Crab fried rice set 1880 Yen
Shrimp noodles set circles the 1772
Sour soup / noodles set 1556 Yen


A classy scent is jasmine green tea authentic。
Here are set in the table、Because the self service and all you can drink、Refills are available.


Lunch Special Xiao long Pao (4 pieces)

At lunch in the shandmacle come with、4The number of Xiao Long Bao。
That seemed to be transparent soup、It's just thin skin that。
Long steam is constantly、Is provided in hot state。
Xiao Long Bao on a Lotus、Served with ginger Julienne in a little、I let the vinegar and soy sauce!
DIN Tai FungNow、5g skin、16wrapping up bean g、The number of folds is 18 and the manual is being、
I was told can provide the same taste!


Skin is soft poking with chopsticks and soup in flooding、And SIP SIP、Enjoy the flavor condensed soup。
Mouth of the melt from the good skin、Spreading the flavor of the beef tenderloin trickled、
So with gentle ingredients:、Easy-to-feel the flavor is nothing more than with vinegar sauce.。
The Xiao Long Bao in Taiwan:、And unfortunately it wasn't steaming hot、The thickness of the skin remains in the mouth as I felt so、
Xiao Long Bao here was absolutely delicious!
Fresh ginger accents include、You can freshen up and、4Pieces was that while in the stomach (laughs)


"Shrimp fried rice.

Fried rice is salty、Egg flavor in the elegant, simple and rich、
The jig、Shrimp with egg and green onion only is simple、There is the texture of the shrimp better satisfaction。
That is the same as the menu in Taiwan have also、
In addition to the flipbook of a key ingredient in the secret of the taste of the fried rice、With the flavor of the base、Completely is a victory of the Nagoya store (lol)
Soup、Comes with whipped cream 【seaweed and like Chinese.


"Acid on hot sour soup / noodles.

Hot tart image was、
Gentle acidity、Is black pepper spicy.、
Meat fried with shredded bamboo shoots or potato starch flavor without missing、
Fungus、Delicious flavor, such as classy, green onion with plenty of soy sauce flavored ramen。
Noodles、In a medium fine straight noodles、There is no perfect hardness。
The soup is thick for、It is also good taste, even when hot!
The challenge in TaiwanDIN Tai FungNow、Had a very good image.、
So far this year compared to try、Into a pretty good impression of memory could be an alternative.

Ding Tai feng Nagoya shop
Address:Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Nakamura-Ku meieki 1-1-4 JR Central Towers 12F
Hours of operation:11:00-23:00

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