Speaking of Chinese Chinese food momoka eat lots of vegetables in Hamamatsu here!


Speaking of Chinese Bush Clover Hill、Of the year2015 August,ToRound 9 yearsMarks 'Chinese hundred flowers"Mr.。
Uenishi town 'Chinese cuisine IBE"With the、
In Chinese cuisine, Hamamatsu was previously、NowKyotoThe transferred "Jing Hua - fault?-"Examples are his brother disciples。
Click here alsoIBEIs it similar to chefMatsushitaIt is a shop that is served by two momo-chan of kun and wife、
On weekdays and weekends when I'm busy with reservations, I can see the part-timers moving in the hall.。
Mr. Hyakuka of reasonable and full volume、It's a shop on the side of the masses.。
It's always a big success.、Because there are a lot of waiting at the same time as opening、It's best to make a reservation.。
Parking、Two or three cars in front of the store、There are several cars prepared in the back which entered the side road next to the shop♪.


Shop、7 spacious counter seats、Table 12 seats、3 tables in the back room。
Owner and chef in the kitchenMatsushitaKun's quick wok-don、It is usual pleasure to look at it from the counter seat at the end.。
I've been with you for about six months.、
every day、Be aware of your health、I'm jogging to relieve stress.MatsushitaCum、It seems that the body has tightened considerably!
I hear you haven't changed your weight.、It's different from what it used to be.、The face becomes sharp.、Muscular。
The body is squeezed and the shaft is in order.、Free movementMatsushitaCum cooking scene is a must see!


' Pork with black pepper sauce' 900 yen
The spicy spicyness of black pepper is for sale.、
Spring cabbage in a delicious salmon now、PAL、Bok Choy、Spinach、Eggplant、Mushrooms、Carrot、Pumpkin、And
This is a lot of seasonal vegetables.、It is a perfect dish for both rice and sake♪


"Tan Tan noodle ' 800 yen
Than ever before、It seems to have increased a little pungent、The hotness that comes later seems to become a habit again♪.


In addition to the spicy pepper spiciness and sesame flavor、Rich umami overflowing with the aroma of salmon and garlic。
Noodles、with loose shredded noodles with a slightly yellowish medium-thick flat.、It is entangled in a thick soup.。
It contains plenty of meat rags with a firm undertaste.、You can also enjoy♪ the texture


"Paris Paris dumplings (10) ' 650 Yen
Crispy dumplings shaped like a disk、This is a popular menu!
Juicy dumplings with crispy feathers and plenty of vegetables、Once you eat it, you'll get sick♪


MomokaAs for Mr. Paris ion、Even though Hamamatsu"Sprouts"does not follow。
Still、We who are not good at the dumpling only meaty、The skin is crispy with lots of vegetables.、I love this dumpling that is medium-juicy♪.


"Rice (small) 200 yen
For rice、There's always soup with plenty of eggs.。
I'd like to eat Gutsy and Chinese food.、It is a recommended shop for those who want to eat a lot of vegetables if possible.。
MatsushitaMr、PeachChan、I will come again?!

Chinese hundred flowers
Address:2-40-5 TEL, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu:053-476-9110 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation (Tue-sat) 11:30-14:00、17:30To 22:00 (Sun.) 11:30-14:00、17:30-21:00( L.O )

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