Mandarin Oriental Tokyo in Cantonese sense sky view yakuzen lunch


Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower 37FIn the hotel
"MANDARIN ORIENTAL TOKYO Mandarin Oriental Tokyo"In Cantonese"SENSE sense"Mr.。
The towering big city 'Tokyo sky tree"While enjoying the panoramic views、
As one of the few people inheriting the authentic Cantonese food in Japan
Under evaluationDeng Desheng (thank you especially and)Produced by the hand of the master chef
Modern and authentic Cantonese cuisine.


The Interior expresses modern China、Decorated with rich wall custom tile with Lotus motifs、
The chic, modern restaurant、Using a moisturized in magenta color accent、
Relaxed dining in the elegant and stylish。
From the table of viewsLocationDesigned to enjoy、Enjoy the luxury.


Sense, it'sLunch menuThe
"Peach and Tulip wood MAHOGANY" 3800 Yen、"Hagoromo Dim sum restaurant SILKY OAK" 4800 Yen、Of yakuzen lunch "shakuyaku-kanzo-Howard restaurant PEONY" 5800 Yen、
Traditional Cantonese cuisine, "Guangdong chuan Tong will TRADITIONAL CANTONESE MENU" 8800 Yen、
Chef's "main culinary selection will CHEF's TASTING MENU" 15800 Yen、
Vegetarian courses ' vegetarian luncheon VEGETARIAN MENU "7800 Yen in5Courses availableHas been。


The view from the window

In fact、写真よりも遥かに迫力があり小さく映る車や人の動きもまた模型を観ているようでユニークです♪


This time the、身体の中から健康にするという薬膳ランチの"Peony CAWA restaurant PEONY 5,800 yenI ordered!


"Alsace gheverztraminal Hügel"



東京スカイツリーは約333mの高さで知られるAbout twice Tokyo Tower of 634 m
自立式建築物としてはアラブ首長国連邦に所在する『ブルジュ・ハリファ』に次ぎWorld No. 2
Higher than Tokyo Tower position350m at no. 1 Observatory(Observation deck, restaurant, café and shop)
No. 1 observation deck further 100 m on450second Observatory at the m cars(展望台・空中回廊)があります
Ground together in a variety of storesTokyo solamachiPlanetariumAquariumAnd even crowded!


"Chinese salad of colorful root vegetables and seafood

フレッシュオニオンをたっぷりと使用し、Happy with spicy black pepper with homemade dressing.


Staff got the uniforms、Indigo blue pantsuit is impressive!


Steamed dumplings of Chef recommendations three types

Dim sum in Hong Kong S.A.R.-healthy ingredients, mainly steamed dumpling with three daily homemade are。
The dumpling skins、Thick as a yaki-Niku、Also I dust also feeling clean、
The beautiful jade steamed dumplings、And with plenty of vegetables vegetables、
The yellow dumpling、Mushroom flavor to taste with plenty of、
White、And in radish whipped cream、
3Because the seed with ingredients: an elegant species and even without anything as delicious!


"Original Dou、XO sauce.
There are both highly flavoured and full-bodied、Delicious、And serve as an accent in the cooking will be more delicious.


With spinach jade soup crab meat

Is effective in the prevention of anemia and hypertension in iron, magnesium and vitamins, includes many、
Using a highly nutritious vegetables in spinach、Colorful soup with glossy finish。
In addition to luxurious crab meat、Answer there's food!、Is thick as a yaki-Niku、Enjoying the delicious soup!


"Coco star Okinawa directly from grouper steamed with real sources"
Request from Okinawa、Low fat high protein star grouper,
In the typical recipes of Cantonese cuisineSteamed Qing (Ching)The steamed.。
Highly effective nourishing tonic、Along with wolfberry in China also called longevity food source will be。
Enjoy the taste and texture of grouper and product!


"Sauteed spinach

Iron, calcium, beta carotene, and vitamin B1
Anti aging ingredients with plenty of spinach are sauteed in a little oil in thermal power。
When it comes to fried spinach、Carpe diem in Taiwan eat crisp texture and delicious!


With the 'simple clear broth quickly boiled sliced beef and bean sprouts"
Power of Qi supplement.、Called the physical recovery of beef and、
Has good、Rice-noodles made from rice and warm up in the "hot" food will be in the soup。
Beef is very tender.、Make soup in a classy touch to the stomach gently I can't believe my。
On the way、Narrow it down to lime、While enjoying a refreshing scent、Make the changes in taste and fun!


Add scented warm Apple syrup steamed with ginger and Peel

It has antioxidant properties、Finished in a warm dessert apples are rich in polyphenols prevent aging。
Flavor of the thermal effect of the ginger and Peel (orange peel)、Beauty health-conscious Specialty suites.。
On this day、Lees also、Hot desert in kinta ginger effect further, I was sweating (lol)
Click here for dessert、Can we chill so sweet and delicious!


Original blend tea

In a refreshing aroma most getting lumps original blend tea taste like to you can enjoy。
On the course menu、デザートの後に中国小菓子と書かれてありましたが忘れられてしまったようです(笑)
Now with a nice lunch time soothing both mind and body.


Mandarin Oriental Tokyo accommodation above all articles click here!

SENSE sense
東京都中央区日本橋室町2-1-1-37F TEL:0120-806-823 (9:00-21:00-
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30(On weekdays)
Dim sum 11:00-15:00(Weekends and holidays)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00
E mail
Online reservation (OpenTable via)

東京都中央区日本橋室町2-1-1 TEL:03-3270-8800(Representative)、03-3270-8950(Reservations)

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