In Taipei, really great procession 'subscript lucky in Hong Kong S.A.R. Michelin one star earned Dim sum!


Of the world's first Chinese restaurantMichelin 3 starsWon 'Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong S.A.R."The Cantonese cuisine restaurant"Dragon Deluxe Hotels(Roncahin)"The Chief Dim sum wasWheat Katsura mediumAnd independent、2009 yearIn the sameHong KongThe Dim sum specialty stores open "Attendance good luck (Tim howan)"。Hong KongThe shop opened in Mong Kok of Kowloon peninsula, Central Japan、Enjoy a taste of first-class hotels at popular prices and become famous、By its ability、As early as one year afterMichelin one starsAnd win、Blessed with many visitors every day"The cheapest in the world one-star restaurant"Has been billed as the。Now、5 branches in Hong Kong S.A.R.、4 locations in Singapore、One store in the PhilippinesContinue to expand and、FinallyTaiwanEven2014On July 26.To seeAttendance good luck (Tim howan)"Starbucks has been placed。The Grand opening、2014On August 28,.Next、Day and night、I've heard rumors and long lines that make sense。The cheapest one-star restaurantsShops that has been described as aTaiwan branchAnd the、What would you like what do you immediately visit。


Place、South of Taipei station exit 8Would be preferred。Rumors、Can see from that line at a glance、A Taipei station and conveniently located place。Established a waiting area in the entrance area of the store、Heaters are located for guests to wait in the cold。Along the way are lined up、Staff sent was asked for the name and number of。The rotation、That can be seen as somewhat early、As long as people wait to see、1We prepared for about an hour wait。


While lined up in advance so that menu、In some places equipped Board of photo。In addition、And we Japanese know、Staff who promptly, because it brought Japan Japanese menu、It is possible to order with confidence。To be surprisedNT $ 98-138 (Japan yen and approximately 380 Yen to 540 yen)Hits and cheap menu of the。Sense of family would。


While waiting for the staff, I'm from handed order sheets so、We will fill the order number on the menu I want to eat。This time the、Shop for the first time that there、Can be ordered from the chef's menu.。


On this day、Common cold in Taiwan、Temperature 10 ℃Enough of waiting in the cold。On the way、Tea service is.、"Wow! Warm tea!"And、ぬか喜びするとお茶は冷たいプーアル茶でした(苦笑)流石に身体を冷やしたくなかったのでお茶のサービスを諦め旦那様がセブンイレブンのコーヒーを買いに走ってくれました。Able to survive in the hot coffee on cold (lol)


To enter the shop by waiting an hour or so you can、Was guided into a crowded store。Shop、Become a kitchen booth walls are decorated with shandmacle、Underscoring its increased work restlessly in、醸し出す雰囲気はフードコートです


It was placed on each tableChef recommendedMenu of


店内サービスで配られる飲み物は不思議とお水ではなくPlain hot waterIt was。


"酥皮 焗叉 燒包 (pork Anne pineapple bread) three" NT $ 118 (about 460 yen in the Japanese Yen)


It is one of the Kanban menuBaked pastry bunThe、毎週末の2日間で3,000Matterオーダーされたという人気商品です。On the menu、パイナップルパンと表示されていますが、Open, broke through the surface of the dome-shaped sweet bread, such as crispy cookie dough、Sweet barbecued pork omelette of bean paste into in。Honest thoughts on personal and evaluated、Too sweet and elusive as a meal 1。本当に一押しメニューがこちらなのでしょうか一抹の不安を抱きながら、Internet photos of Hong Kong S.A.R. search... a bit more dough thickness and、Crunchy fluffy looks like (laughs)


"鮮蝦 菠菜 餃 (vegetable-filled steamed shrimp dumplings) three" NT $ 98 (about 380 yen in the Japanese Yen)

Shine through the thin, bright green。Contains spinach sauteed in garlic with shrimp、Also I dust texture。


"Pliocene shrimp rotting skin wound (water shrimp cigar up)" NT $ 138 (Japan yen approximately 540 yen)

Yuba is than a crispy crunch、Too thick and too much sucking up oil and is a little heavy。


' 咖 mairu cattle in Plast noodles (beef shoulder pork Curry udon) "NT $ 138 (Japan yen approximately 540 yen)

Choose from this Chef's dish。Dish Curry cooked cubes of beef Udon noodles boiled with vegetables (carrots and potatoes).。With life chewy udon in Japan、Boiled vegetables、Leave the texture is fine and will be、Taiwan Boyle receives the usual impression of crunchy not hospital food。Essential in curry sauce and spices is a no、Light seasoning of extra milk。Once you have what looks like a、By pouring more school lunch in Japan ate Curry Curry、It is felt lonely without the smell of cilantro (coriander)。


"Preserved flavor glutinous rice (steamed rice sausage) NT $ 108 (Yen Japan approximately 420 yen)

Pan tasteAnd the、With Chinese sausage found in the markets of Hong Kong S.A.R.、Glutinous riceAnd the、Sticky riceGlutinous riceIn that it is。Preserved tasteToGlutinous riceTogether with rice (or steamed) in rice、Hong Kong、And favorite of the Chinese national people's。Glutinous riceAnd it is said、Rice was texture, such as the click is my favorite、And here anytime for helpful with。Overall impression、Great hustle and bustle of the night less than hand every day、Such as the quality of the kitchen staff have fallen so far?。My name is only my personal impression, and、Hong Kong inMichelin one starsAnd praise is tantamount to a branch of the shop that promises only questions remain。Whether or not worthy of taste in a big queue and waiting until。Because the taste is different from each person、So far 申shi上gemasenn。All decisions will leave。Foods to enjoy、Because of think time will enrich the heart in our life、Now a little 口寂shi and lingering bitter memories。Quiet、Would you like to go back to the hotel。

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Attendance good luck (Tim howan)
Address:Taipei Chiang Kai-shek, zhongxiao West Road further 36 No. 1 House TEL:02-2370-7078
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(L.O21:30-

Taipei Chiang Kai-shek, zhongxiao West Road further 36 No. 1 House

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